Mustang Trekking Package

Mustang Trekking Package With Best Price For 2024/2025

Nepal is the place where there is extraordinary secret. The place where there are differed attractions comprises of plain, slopes and Himalayan. In an hour of the voyage the three geological scenes can be experienced. In the event that you will encounter the well kept mystery of Himalayan culture and needs to get close with the grand Himalayas then Upper Mustang Trek is the best action to direct. Welcome Nepal Treks has sorted out more than 100 endeavors in upper bronco locale. Use your vacation in Nepal.

The land arranged higher than Kagbeni in adjoining the Tibet outskirt of China lies the magnificent and spiritualist Upper Mustang. Nepal Government had confined permit to the guests prior however the unique pass and set number of guests can access this puzzling area. The gaps on the slopes and the grouped town of Tibetan would give you the bone chilling stimulating sensation. The renowned National Geography Channel excessively included the narrative related, making it impossible to the spiritualist attractions of the Upper Mustang. The town lies behind the mountains and it would intrigue locate for the voyagers to see the snow topped mountains on the southern part instead of the typical northern side. The constantly streaming Kaligandaki waterway has turned into the observer to the way of life of the general population of this piece of Nepal. The most profound canyon to the driest and windiest spots make your trek to Upper Mustang the courageous and noteworthy one. The Dhaulagiri and Neelgiri Mountain's frigid are the wellspring of the Kaligandaki River. The last trekking purpose of this trekking is Lomanthang Pass. This is the leave purpose of Nepal towards China. The voyage could be one-two punch and the treats at Jomsom, Kagbeni, Muktinath, Lomanthang Pass and the Clustered Tibetan towns, Thakali people group alongside the superb perspectives of mountains would give you worth of each penny spent on the visit.

Come join the accomplished group of Welcome Nepal Treks for the trek of your life to the Nepal's most kept mystery arrive up in the Himalaya.

Mustang Trekking Package Highlights

  • Beautiful Kagbeni Village
  • Muktinath Temple
  • Kaligandaki River Gorge
  • The City of the Wall- Lo Manthang
  • Luri Gumpa
  • Experiencing the Tiji Festival
  • Encounter the desert of Nepal

Mustang Trekking Package Route

Mustang is a remote subkingdom in the Himalayan region of north eastern Nepal. Mustang is a Tibetan word which means plain of aspiration. Mustang comprises of a Buddhism inspired place with a number of monasteries and religious places with chortens. Not only this, Mustang provides you an opportunity to experience one of the popular festivals in Nepal which is Tiji Festival.

The trekking route to Mustang starts from Jomsom. The best way to reach to Pokhara from Kathamndu is via a flight. However, some travelers also choose bus and bike to Pokhara. With a 6-8 hours ride from Pokhara to Jomsom, your trekking to Mustang begins.Jomsom is the gateway of Mustang Trekking at an elevation of 2,800 meters that stretches over the river bank of Kali Gandaki.

Then, the trek goes to Chele and to Syangmoche at an elevation of 3050m and 3476m respectively. The glorious journey to the Upper Mustang covers the places Ghami, Charang and Lo Manthang. The forbidden city of Mustang is Lo Manthang which lied hidden in the mountainous northern Himalayas. The walled village of Lo Manthang is the ancient home to the King Lo of the Himalayas and is the hub of many rich festivals in the Himalayan Region.

The Upper Mustang Trekking Route goes on to the Chhoser Cave, Dhakmar, Ghiling, and Chusang and finally back to Jomsom. During the route, you will get familiar with the desert land of Nepal. Also known as the desert of Nepal, Mustang is one of the most unique and must visit places in Nepal. You will never get bored of watching the exquisite beauty of the forbidden kingdom of Upper Mustang.

Best Way to Reach Mustang

Mustang is one of the most beautiful districts in the Himalayan Region of Nepal. More the beauty, harder the journey it is. There are a number of ways to reach Mustang. However, the most popular way to reach Mustang is indeed via a flight to Pokhara from Kathmandu followed by a drive to Jomsom.

Similarly, you can even take a bike or a jeep from Kathmandu to Jomsom directly. It all depends on your choice and the weather you are traveling there. It takes around 7-8 hours to reach Jomsom from Pokhara. Jomsom is the starting point of the Upper Mustang Trekking. After that, you have to hike like 6-7 hours everyday looking at the exquisite desert landscapes that brings out a smile on your face everytime. Even after coming back from the trip, you will not forget the fun and happiness you experienced on the trip. There is no such thing as Best Way to Reach Mustang or something like that. It all depends on your choice, budget, and time of the journey. If it’s during monsoon season, going via a bike is not a good move. If you are time-bound, going to Mustang via a flight followed by a drive is a better choice. Welcome Nepal Treks provides you proper suggestions to plan your trip accordingly so that you have ultimate fun in the trip and you will never regret your choice of traveling to Mustang.

Permits required for Mustang Trekking Packages

Mustang Trekking Packages are all about exploring the Upper Mustang which is the restricted area of Nepal. You can’t enter there without permit. Also, you can’t travel to Upper Mustang alone. You need to have a partner or need to travel in a group so that you won’t have any problem later on. The permits required for Mustang Trekking are Upper Mustang Restricted Area Permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit. The Upper Mustang Restricted Area Permit costs around US$ 500 each person for 10 days with US$ 50 for an extra day. Meanwhile, the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit costs around NPR 2260 for foreigners and NPR 226 for SAARC Nationals. No matter how much cost the permits for Mustang Trekking are, you will have fun that surpasses every cost in the world.

Best Time for Mustang Trekking | Best Season for Mustang Trekking Package

Upper Mustang is the rain-shadow area of Nepal which makes it a great trek to do in monsoon. However, winter is not a suggested time to travel to Upper Mustang as the temperatures can drop to extreme low causing a lot of problems to the travelers who are traveling to Mustang in the winter. As per the reviews of most travelers who have been to Upper Mustang, early March to late November is the best time for Mustang Trekking. June to September is also an amazing time to travel to Upper Mustang. All in all, when most of the treks are not accessible in the monsoon season, Upper Mustang Trek stands there in front of the travelers as the only long trek that is the most popular to do in the rainy season. So, whenever you are planning a trip to the Upper Mustang, make sure you don’t travel there in the winter season.

Why Mustang Trekking Package?

Mustang is one of Nepal’s remote districts that has cold and damp air. Located in the rain-shadow area of Nepal influenced by the Tibetan and Nepalese culture, you are all in for a totally different experience. There are various reasons Mustang Trekking should be on your traveling choices list which are:-

Exploring the old mysterious caves and palaces

The civilization of Mustang goes back to 3,000 years. There are a number of caves in Mustang which are carved out in the hills. Nobody knows who carved on those caves. Jhong Cave in Chhoser is a perfect example of wonderfully built buildings in Mustang. It has around 150 rooms and is five-storeyed. Lo Manthang Durbar is a famous palace in Mustang which is a spectacle for the travelers who travel not just because of natural exposure but also for historical importance.

The amazing heart-shaped Dhumba Lake

Dhumba Lake is the hub of Mustang’s cultural, religious and natural faith. Just a hour walk from Jomsom, you get to visit the heart-warming Dhumba Lake. It is also believed that the pious liquid of Dhumba Lake is offered to the Messenger of Peace- Gautam Buddha.

Visiting Mustang Eco Museum

Located just beside the Jomsom Airport, the Mustang Eco Museum is the central hub for knowing about every artefacts regarding the Upper Mustang Region. The historical importance of Tibetan culture in Mustang along with the life-story of the famous Japanese monk Ekai Kawaguchi is perfectly showcased in the Eco Museum located in Mustang. The pictures of Mustang’s famous tribes and photographs of the astounding geology of Mustang make the museum even more visit-worthy.

Exploring the famous statues and books of Nepal’s Heroes

The importance of museum in Mustang is soo great. Along with it, you will find a library with books related to Bon and Nguhuym religions. You can explore the amazing statues of Buddha, Manjushree, Padmasambham, Avalokiteshwor, Maitreya, Dipankar, and Bajrakilaya Kuber.

Mustang Trekking is all about exploration of the amazing landscapes of Mustang along with the historical and cultural ideologies that are still alive in the hearts and minds of all the Nepalese people. It also showcases the respect and importance Nepalese people have for the Tibetan culture.

Animals found in Annapurna Conservation Area

Upper Mustang also lies in the Annapurna Conservation Area which is the home to a variety of wild animals and birds. There are some amazing species of wildlife which you don’t get to see often. The animals found in the Annapurna Conservation Area include:

  • Snow Leopard
  • Musk Deer
  • Red Panda
  • Gaurs
  • Tibetan argails
  • Great Tibetan Brown Bear
  • Gray Wolf
  • Lynx
  • Leopard Cat
  • Himalayan Brown Bear
  • Plumaged Pheasants

All in all, when you are on the trip to Upper Mustang, it means you are also exploring the gorgeous wildlife of Annapurna Conservation Area. It is a perfect natural treat for you to forget all the worries and make your time worth it.

Best Mustang Trekking Package in Nepal | Best Selling Treks to Upper Mustang

Mustang is one of the two districts popularly named as the districts beyond the Himalayas. The rain-shadow area of Nepal has landscapes, wildlife, weather, and overall climate different than that of other trekking destinations in Nepal. So, the treks to Upper Mustang are really popular. There are a number of incredible Mustang Treks in Nepal which are also the bestselling. The Upper Mustang Treks are similar with the exploration of the places. The only difference is the itinerary and the places where you are going to stay.

Some of the bestselling treks to Upper Mustang brought to you by Welcome Nepal Treks are:

  • Lo Manthang Trekking
  • 7 Days Upper Mustang Trek
  • 10 Days Upper Mustang Trekking from Pokhara
  • 11 Days Upper Mustang Trek
  • 12 Days Trek to Upper Mustang
  • 14 Days Upper Mustang Trek
  • 17 Days Upper Mustang Trek

Hotel and Accommodation in Mustang Trekking Package

Mustang lying in the mysterious Himalayan region near to the Kaligandaki Gorge is a natural wonder of Nepal. Being a mountainous district and also being the rain-shadow area, the land there is arid and dry. The hotels and accommodation you find in Mustang may not be the deluxe as you find in the cities of Nepal. But, during the trip to Mustang,you will love the service provided to you by the hotels in Mustang. You will also find teahouses in Mustang started by the local people who charge you very less than the big hotels and resorts. A question that is trending is “Do I get Luxury Hotel in Mustang?”. The answer is yes. You will find a number of good hotels that are not too expensive and also some deluxe hotels which provide you the best of the services and charge you accordingly. Some of the hotels in Mustang Trekking include: Hotel Moksha in Jomsom, Royal Mustang Resort in Lomanthang, Hotel Yak Donald in Kagbeni, and Lo Chosser Guest House in Choser Village.

The resorts and hotels offer you standard and deluxe rooms with good beds. You will also get room service. There is also the facility of heating during the cold season. You will also get Wifi and the services of hot water and cold water. Most of the rooms you live in are filled with the picturesque views of the walled city and the gorgeous mountains. The experience of living in the hotels will be great and memorable for your entire life. All in all, the Mustang Trek Hotels and Accommodation are amazing and provide you all the facilities which you want during a trip.

Food and Drinking Water in Mustang Trekking Package

Mustang Trekking Package is all about exploring the rain-shadow region of Nepal that has desert-like landscapes and that gives you a whole new different vibe of traveling. The food you get in the trekking is similar like that of the other treks. The most popular food includes dal-bhaat (rice with lentil soup and vegetables). In addition to this, bread, roti, tea, omlettes, and sausages are other popular food you get to eat in the Mustang Trek. About the drinking water in Upper Mustang Trekking, you will get purified drinking water during the trek. While you are in hotels, you can have filtered drinking water or packaged drinking water on mineral water bottles. It is suggested to take water purification tablets with youself, so that you can put the tablets on the water and make it drinkable.

Upper Mustang Trek Packing List | what to take for a trip to the forbidden kingdom of Upper Mustang?

Mustang Trek is one of the most amazing trekking experiences to the rain-shadow forbidden area of Nepal. While you are on a trek to the amazing landscapes, you need to follow many things and have a packing list set out before embarking on the journey, to be exact. For the forbidden kingdom of Upper Mustang, here is a list of things you should take with you so that your trekking journey becomes memorable for all the good reasons.

  • Thermal Layer
  • T-shirts and Shorts
  • 3-4 pairs of trousers
  • Trekking shirt
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Feather Jacket
  • Waterproof jacket along with waterproof trouser
  • Hiking Boots ( Make sure they are not new as they might give shoe-bites)
  • Sunhat and Sunglasses
  • Woolen Hat
  • Windproof gloves along with some nice inner gloves
  • Duffel bag
  • Sports shoes and sandals
  • Trekking poles
  • First aid kit
  • Extra camera batteries and torch
  • Rain cover and Bag cover

All in all, there are other things too which you can take in your trekking journey to Upper Mustang. However, what you need to care about is that the trekking list is quite changeable according to the season and time of traveling.

Mustang Trek Difficulty | How difficult is Upper Mustang Trekking?

Upper Mustang Trek as most travelers know is a trek that has been open for trekking since 1992. Before that, it was restricted to go due to some big strategical problems. Even today, you can’t go to Upper Mustang Regioin alone.

Most travelers have trending questions in their minds which is “What is the difficulty level of Upper Mustang?”, “How difficult is Mustang Trekking?” and other questions. Let’s dive deep into how difficult Upper Mustang Trekking really is.

About the Upper Mustang Trekking difficulty level, it is a moderately difficult trek. It is a trek that comes between the easy treks and strenuous treks. It is not easy like Ghandruk Trekking or difficult like Everest Base Camp Trek. Upper Mustang Trek is easily achievable if you have little experience about trekking to the Himalayas. All in all, Upper Mustang Trekking is a great trek to go on and people from all age groups with minimum trekking experience can complete it.

Where to book your next Mustang Trekking Package and why?

Mustang Trekking as already mentioned is a totally different trekking experience in Nepal. While most treks in Nepal are all about exploring the lush trails watching the snow-capped Himalayas? Upper Mustang Trekking is about exploring the dry and arid region of Mustang and the amazing culture and history of Nepal which is very much influenced by Tibet.

A perfect trek which can also be done in the monsoon season, Mustang Trekking, the gateway to the rain-shadow area of Nepal is a must-have trekking experience. You can book your next trek to Mustang via Welcome Nepal Treks. You won’t regret even a bit for this decision.

Welcome Nepal Treks provides discounts on the group and private tours following all the safety guidelines and measures listed down by the government. With experienced guides and porters with a customizable itinerary according to the travelers, your experience just keeps getting better and better. All in all, your travel experience with the Welcome Nepal Treks becomes one of the greatest life experiences you will ever have.

Mustang Trekking Package Cost and Price| How much is Mustang Trekking Package?

Upper Mustang Trekking is one of the most popular trekking choices for people who are time-bound and want to do trekking during the typical monsoon season. Exploring the arid drylands of the Himalayas influenced by the rich Tibetan culture, you are all in for the best nature exploration. The average Mustang Trekking costs around US$ 1000 - US$ 2000 depending on the itinerary and where you will be staying.

Some of the popular Mustang Trekking Packages brought to you by Welcome Nepal Treks along with the cost are:

  • 17 Days Lo Manthang Trekking Cost : US$ 1750
  • 7 Days Short Lower Mustang Trek Cost: US$ 1000
  • 11 Days Upper Mustang Trek Cost: US$ 1600
  • 12 Days Upper Mustang Trek from Pokhara Cost: US$ 1700
  • 14 Days Upper Mustang Trek Cost: US$ 1900
  • 17 Days Upper Mustang Trek Cost: US$ 2500

Tipping during the Mustang Trekking package

Tipping is basically giving the service providers some gifts or any extra amount of money to appreciate their hardwork. Just like every other treks, tipping during the Mustang Trekking is also completely optional and totally as per your wish. If you think you get the best service and want to appreciate by giving the money, you can definitely do that. There is no thing such as giving a fixed amount of money. You can give that as per your wish and limit.

Mustang Trekking Package FAQs

1. Is Mustang trekking open for 2024/2025/2026?

Just like every other treks in Nepal, Mustang Trekking was also closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we are already in 2024. Just like time changes, Mustang Trekking is now well and truly open for trekkers to come and have fun of a lifetime. You can book any trip to Upper Mustang via Welcome Nepal Treks and make your life memorable with one more special event.

2. What to expect during a trek to the Mustang Region?

Expect the glorious monasteries and houses with a historical and cultural touch along with the rich wildlife of the Annapurna Conservation Area. Get ready to explore the Kali Gandaki River Valley and the Lo Manthang- the hidden kingdom of Mustang. Not only this, you will also be experiencing the amazing living of the people in the Himalayan Region.

3. Do you need travel insurance for Mustang Trekking?

All the visitors who travel to Nepal are suggested to have travel insurance. It covers the emergency medical treatment including COVID-19 and a service to return traveler to the home country for many reasons. You are not forced legally to get a travel insurance for any trip in Nepal. But, being insured beforehand is a great thing. In case any mishaps happen, the insurance will cover your expenses which is really great.

4. Which currency is best to spend in Mustang Trekking?

The best currency to spend in Mustang Trekking is Nepali Rupees. You can use your country’s currency too. But, it is not handy. You have to look at the exchange rate every single day, and calculate the expenses according to it which is by no means a prolific thing to do.

5. Are there any money exchanges on the trekking trail to Mustang?

About the money exchanges on the Mustang Trekking, you will find a lot of money exchanges in Kathmandu and Pokhara. However, once you embark on the real trekking trip you will not find any money exchanges. So, it’s better to exchange the required amount of money before going on the trip.

6. Can I go to Upper Mustang alone without a guide?

Going to Upper Mustang without a guide is completely prohibited by the Nepal Government because of various safety reasons. So, if you are planning to go to the Upper Mustang it’s with the group along with a certified trekking guide. As for the question, you can’t go to Upper Mustang alone without a guide.


All in all, Upper Mustang Trekking is the ultimate traveling experience to the rain-shadow area of Nepal where you get to explore the culture and traditions of the Himalayan Region, the wonders of Mother Nature, and also the ultimate living style of the people in the Himalayas. If you want to experience what it’s like living in the Himalayas far from many modern technologies still loving their life, then you should definitely make a plan to come to the glorious Upper Mustang. The journey to Upper Mustang is everything you want in a trip.