Nepal Motorbike Tour Package

Nepal Motorbike Tour Package with Route and Cost for 2024

The motorbike is indeed one of science’s most amazing innovations. People love to ride motorbikes and they have sort of a deep emotional connection with their motorbikes. Some travelers love riding motorbikes even to places that are pretty hard to go via a motorbike. It’s the passion and the love for motorbikes that radiates the energy to go on long motorbike journeys. Nepal as everyone knows is a country popular as a spot for trekking. However, there are also routes where you can take out your bike and go on a long motorbike tour.

Nepal Motorbike Tours are slowly becoming popular tour packages with the motorbike craze rising over the roof. The Nepal Motorbike Tour has been a #1 pick, especially for people who are more into bike riding and who love to travel on bikes. About the motorbikes to take on the motorbike trip, you can take out your own bike. There are also various motorbike rental shops via which you can rent the bike and take it out on the journey. It is a wonderful way to explore nature with adventure, bike-riding, and fun with friends all together coming out in a single motorbike tour.

Nepal Motorbike Tour- A New Possibility

Nepal is the land of the Himalayas and doesn’t only have the possibility of trekking. The prospects are immense. Nepal is a great country where the motorbike tour is slowly rising through the ranks and popularity. There are many awesome bike ride destinations from easy difficulty to strenuous difficulty. Depending on your preference and route, you can choose the best motorbike tour for you and have an amazing experience that you will remember forever and ever. Some of the best motorbike tour destinations in Nepal are:-

  • Upper Mustang Motor Bike Tour
  • Rara Lake Motorbike Tour
  • Jomsom Muktinath Motor Bike Tour
  • Kathmandu Sightseeing Motorbike Tour
  • Motorbike Ride to Bhaktapur and Nagarkot
  • Motorcycle Ride to Kulekhani

Best Places for Bike Rides in Nepal | Best Motorcycle Routes in Nepal

Bike Riding is another awesome way of exploring the beautiful country that has so many great bike routes to travel along. You will have a lot of fun and adventure while going on the motorbike ride. Most bike riders love to go on bike rides with the destination being a great natural retreat.

Rara Lake Motorbike Tour

Rara Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in Nepal. Located in the Rara National Park, it is one of the most amazing places to visit in Nepal. One of the most popular bike routes in Nepal, Rara Lake Motorbike Tour has been one of the top picks for Nepal Tour Packages. You would get on an adventurous bike riding journey exploring the wonderful landscapes of the western part of Nepal with the backdrop of hills and mountains. The best way to explore Karnali Region with the destination being Rara Lake, the Rara Lake Motorbike Tour starts from Kathmandu from where you would be going for multiple days of rides exploring Bhairahawa, Lumbini, Kohalpur, Manma, and finally to Rara Lake. The Rara Lake Motorcycle Tour is a perfect bike tour as you will be riding on the plain, hilly, and mountainous region all in a single bike tour. All in all, the Rara Lake Motorbike Journey is a top-notch experience you need to have at least once in your life that makes it one of the top motorcycle routes in Nepal.

Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour

Consisting of two-thirds of Mustang District, Upper Mustang originally known as the kingdom of Lo lies in the northern part of Mustang. Being one of the protected regions of Nepal, going to Upper Mustang is like exploring the Nepalese culture along with Tibetan culture mixed into one single culture. Regarding the place being restricted, the reason behind the restriction is to promote the organic culture along with the traditional lifestyle. Upper Mustang Trek is a popular trekking journey to the Himalayas, You get to witness desert landscapes in the driest of regions giving you a totally different traveling vibe. Imagine getting to explore the Kingdom of Lo on a motorbike, it is indeed heavenly. The Upper Mustang Bike Tour starts from Kathmandu. You get to ride to Pokhara followed by Tatopani and Beni. You also get to visit Muktinath Temple during the journey. The ride continues from Kagbeni to Ghami and finally to Lo Manthang. All in all, the Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour is a mind-blowing travel experience that you definitely need to have if you are a hardcore motorbike rider.

Jomsom Muktinath Motorbike Tour

Jomsom Muktinath Motorbike Journey is another motorbike adventure to Mustang that has so much to give to travelers and riders from around the globe. You will get the best off-road experience riding in the lower Mustang region. The ride to Jomsom-Muktinath is a breath of fresh air and brings you enormous joy while riding your bike on the Jomsom-Muktinath Tour. Not only about the desert landscapes, but the bike journey to Jomsom-Muktinath also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the lush green forest, flora and fauna, and terraced farming lands. Visiting monasteries and getting your mind peaceful during the bike journey is another good way to pump yourself up for the incredible Jomsom-Muktinath Motorbike Tour.

Kulekhani Motorbike Tour

The scenic motorcycle tour to Kulekhani is all about exploring the forests, landscapes, and the wonderful Kulekhani area that also has a dam. One of the best short bike ride journeys from Kathmandu, Kulekhani Motorbike Tour is an easy bike ride from Kathmandu to Makwanpur District. You will also be visiting the ancient and historical temples on the way. The Bike Ride to Kulekhani is a good weekend outing plan if you are in Kathmandu. The best way of exploring Kulekhani would be via a bike ride. You get on your bike and start riding. Staying for a night in a hotel in Kulekhani and exploring the Kulekhani Dam and wonderful rural villages there is a perfect way to get escaped from the reality and get flying high.

Ghorepani Poonhill Bike Tour

One of the most popular trekking areas in Nepal is the Ghorepani-PoonHill Trek. It has been loved by most travelers who have gone there for trekking. Ghorepani-PoonHill Area is a magnificent area that gives you so much to explore while still being closer to the Himalayas. What if you get to explore Ghorepani-PoonHill in a way you never imagined is possible? Well, Ghorepani-PoonHill Bike Tour is another incredible way of exploring the wonderful tourist destination that has been loved by travelers from all around the world. The best way to celebrate your holiday is the Ghorepani PoonHill Bike Tour is a great bike tour package in Nepal that you need to go at least once in your life.

Bike Ride Destinations near Kathmandu | Best Short Bike Rides from Kathmadnu

Kathmandu is the city most travelers known as the city of temples and historical heritages. Kathmandu is indeed the city that holds many pages of Nepal’s history in the form of old temples, buildings, and monuments. Sightseeing around Kathmandu on a motorbike is a good way of exploring the city. You have a wonderful time exploring Kathmandu on a motorbike. One thing is for sure, the sightseeing around Kathmandu in a car and on a motorbike would be totally different.

What about the ride destinations which are out of Kathmandu but really close to it? Well, the bike ride destinations near Kathmandu are amazingly popular. The best bike ride destinations near Kathmandu are:

  • Kathmandu-Bhaktapur Motorbike Tour
  • Kathmandu Nagarkot Motorbike Tour
  • Kulekhani Motorbike Tour from Kathmandu
  • Muglin-Narayangadh Motorbike Ride
  • Motorbike Sightseeing around Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur
  • Swayambhu Sightseeing on Motorbike

The short bike ride around Kathmandu is the best way to get refreshed and forget all the stress. You can go to many amazing places via a short bike ride around Kathmandu. Going to Shivapuri National Park on a motorbike and having a chilled drink after reaching there would be a perfect way to get into a motorbike tour around Kathmandu. Another popular place to reach on a bike that is so dear to many people is Single Tree Hill which is closer to Swayambhunath. Having said that, the Motorbike Ride to the lower area of Swayambhunath Stupa and climbing up the stairs is another great motorbike ride journey in Kathmandu that most people will surely love. The fun, adventure, and sightseeing of the wonderful city of Kathmandu is a really special experience to have which you can’t equate with any other happiness as it is totally different.

Motorbike Rent in Pokhara and Kathmandu | How to rent motorbike in Nepal?

Motorbike Ride Tour is one of the most popular tour packages at the moment and has been loved by so many travelers from all around the world. Most travelers who are planning to go on a motorbike tour do have the question “How can we go on a motorbike tour if we don’t own a bike?” Well, there is no need to worry. There are numerous motorbike rental shops and rental places in Pokhara and Kathmandu from where you can choose the bike of your choice. The rent charges depend on the bike's specifications and the distance you would be traveling plus the number of days you want to rent the bike for.

The bike rental process is easy and good to go. All you need to do is just fill up a form and check the motorcycles that are available for rent. Before getting ready for the rental process, you can look at the rental shops and check out various offers. The bike rental rate may also depend on the bike availability, the season, and the place where you are taking the motorbike to. You get a great range of motorcycles to choose from for rent. You can choose the motorbike that best fits your criteria and wish.

Popular Motorcycles available for rent in Nepal

Most international travelers who are willing to do a bike ride in Nepal do need a great range of motorbikes that they can ride and make a great memory. However, they can’t bring their bike back from their own country. There is no need to worry regarding this as you can get a diverse range of motorbikes to choose from for rent which you can take on the bike-riding journey around Nepal and have a time of their life. So, what are the types of motorbikes available for rent in Pokhara, Kathmandu, and the whole of Nepal?

Some of the most popular motorbikes that are available for rent in Nepal are:

  • Royal Enfield Classic
  • Royal Enfield Himalayan
  • Hero XPulse 2004V
  • Yamaha FZS
  • Hero Xpulse 200cc

For off-road and routes in the Hilly and Himalayan Region, all these bikes mentioned are amazing. However, there is a great twist in the tale. You can do sightseeing around Kathmandu and Bhaktapur on a scooter. Scooters are also available for rent. Honda Aviator and Honda Dio are two of the most popular scooters available for rent in Kathmandu.

How to prepare for Motorbike Tour in Nepal?

Motorbike Tour is a great commitment as there can come many complications during the ride. So, you should prepare for the motorbike tour in such a way that you can deal with the complications easily which makes your bike trip a memorable experience for all the good reasons. Different places have different ways of preparing for the ride tours as you will be going on a totally different land with different topography and also the routes might be a little different. You also need to spend a quality amount of time preparing for the Motorbike Tour in Nepal.

So, How to prepare for Motorbike Tour in Nepal? There are various things you need to follow strictly such that you can prepare for the Nepal Motorbike Tour and can complete it in the most convenient way possible.

The foremost preparation for any motorbike tour would be to know about the bike route beforehand. You can actually plan your itinerary accordingly. Knowing about road conditions, climate, and other important rules about a particular place before embarking on the bike ride journey is essential.

Another great thing to prepare for would be getting your bike gear and dressing accordingly. Wearing a comfortable t-shirt, jacket, riding pants, ankle boots, and quality helmet would be the best dress-up for the bike tour which also has incredible benefits.

If you are from Nepal and want to go on a motorbike tour in Nepal, you need to have your bike serviced properly. If you are looking to rent a bike, you don’t need to worry about the motorbikes as they are maintained in good condition. All you need to do is to rent the bike that fits your wish and needs perfectly. Always look for any vulnerabilities in your motorbike. Otherwise, it may cause complications during the bike trip journey. Having said that, if you are an international traveler coming for a motorbike tour, look for the motorbike options for rent and choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

Another really important thing to prepare for a motorbike tour in Nepal is to know about motorbike repair yourself. If you know how to repair your bike all by yourself, it will give you an extra edge during the motorbike tour. Imagine getting stuck on a highway where there are no motorcycle repair shops near, it will be your time to show off your repairing skills. It saves a lot of time and money. Knowing about motorbike repair also helps you after you return back from the motorbike trip.

Best Part about Motorbike Tours in Nepal | Why Nepal Motorbike Tours?

Nepal Motorbike Tours are the best bike tours because Nepal is a country that has diverse landscapes. You can travel from the high Himalayas to lower hills and finally to plain lowlands all in a single day. It gives you a bike riding experience in diverse topography all in a single day. With the bike trails mostly off-road in Nepal, it brings more adventure to the table making your bike-riding experience in Nepal a great one. There are different bike ride destinations in Nepal with different difficulties. So, a bike rider can choose his area of preference, go on the trip, and finally complete the bike-riding trip with the least complications. That’s why Nepal Motorbike Tours are some of the best tourist destinations in Nepal.


All in all, Nepal is known to the whole world as the land of trekking. However, Nepal provides much more than that. You can go to an immense number of bike routes riding your bike and making memories of a lifetime. With the Nepal Motorbike Tour Packages brought to you by Welcome Nepal Treks, you are all in for an adventurous retreat. Bike Ride on Nepal bike routes in Nepal is a different experience overall that soars up your happiness level. With the increasing love for bike rides, 2022/23 is destined to become a bike riding season to savor for ages. Come over to the land of the Himalayas and explore the lovely country of Nepal on a motorbike which is guaranteed to become one of your very best life experiences.