Mustang Tour Package With Best Price, Cost For 2024/2025

Mustang Tour Package is one of the most popular tour packages in Nepal loved by most travelers around the world. Mustang being one of the most destined tourist areas of Nepal has everything to wow you with. Be it the most elegant landscapes, wonderful settlements, mountain vibes, and the essence of Tibetan and Nepalese culture mixed up with one another, Mustang is indeed an experience of a lifetime.

Mustang is the fifth largest district of Nepal, and one of the most loved tourist destinations of Nepal. People from all over the world travel to Mustang for a wonderful experience. Not only this, hundreds of Nepalese movies are shot in Mustang every year. With the popularity of Mustang rising high everywhere, the love for Mustang is only going to soar up. And what’s the best way to explore the beautiful district of Mustang without missing out on any specialty of it? Well, Mustang Tour Package can be the best travel option that allows you to explore the wonderful traditional and cultural riches of Mustang along with its alluring landscapes.

Welcome Nepal Treks brings you the best Mustang Tour Package that gives you an opportunity of a lifetime to appreciate the most stunning Himalayas, deserts landscapes, mountainous settlements, and traditional Tibetan and Nepalese lifestyle. Not only this, the Mustang Tour is the best way to witness unique Nepal that has spiritual monasteries, cultural practices with mysterious caves that are indeed the books of history.

Mustang Tour Package from Kathmandu | Mustang Trip

Talking about Mustang Trip from Kathmandu, your trip starts from sightseeing at Kathmandu Valley. The distance to travel each day for the Mustang Tour depends on the itinerary and also on the number of days you will be traveling. If you are going on a short Mustang Trip, you get to reach Tatopani on the first day from Tatopani via a drive/ the next day, you are all in for an exploration at the Muktinath Temple, one of the most religious destinations of Nepal. With the popularity as one of the most magnificent temples at an alluring natural viewpoint, the Short Mustang Trip from Kathmandu is one of the most popular family trips present out of many tours. You will be droven back to Jomsom and finally to Pokhara. The Mustang Short Tour ends on a high. With the itinerary of just 4 days, the Mustang Short Tour brought to you by Welcome Nepal Treks is one of the favorite Short Tour Packages from Nepal.

Best Mustang Tour Packages | Best Trips to Mustang from Kathmandu and Pokhara

Mustang Tour is the perfect opportunity to explore the most exquisite landscapes along with the cultural and natural richness of the desert like land. When you go to Mustang, you are all in for a totally different exploration. Having been influenced by Nepal and Tibet both, the whole of Mustang is the perfect representation of Tibetan and Nepalese cultures. Some people in Mustang still speak Tibetan. It is an opportunity of a lifetime, to explore another country’s culture and language while exploring your own country via Mustang Tour Package.

With the idea of giving ease to all the travelers who are planning for a trip to Mustang, Welcome Nepal Treks have brought you some of the best Mustang Tour Packages that provide you a lifetime opportunity to explore some of the most magnificent landscapes, natural beauty, cultural diversity and authenticity. Keeping the needs and wishes of travelers in mind, Welcome Nepal Treks brings you various forms of tour packages to Mustang which you can choose according to your ease. If you can go on a long trip, there are 10 Days Upper Mustang Tour and 12 Days Upper Mustang Trip. However, if you only have around 7 days for traveling, you get 3, 4 Days Mustang Trip. It provides you flexibility and a wide range of choices to pick one and enjoy your time.

Following are the best Mustang Tour Packages brought to you by Welcome Nepal Treks.

  • 4 Days Mustang Tour from Kathmandu
  • 5 Days Mustang Tour from Kathmandu
  • 3 Days Mustang Tour from Pokhara
  • 7 Days Upper Mustang Driving Tour
  • Upper Mustang Jeep Tour 10 Days 4WD Driving Tour of Mustang
  • Upper Mustang Jeep Driving Tour : 12 Days Mustang Tour by 4WD

Mustang Jeep Tour - A Lifetime Adventure

Mustang as already mentioned is a district that is in the mountainous region of Nepal. With rugged trails, uneven topography, and deserty landscapes, Mustang gives you a whole different vibe which you can\t get anywhere than Mustang. Some people travel via travel buses and also walk a lot during the trail to Mustang. The Mustang Jeep Tour provides you the best way of enjoying your time traveling to Mustang to a whole new level. You get to go on a drive to Kalapani and Tsorang. Then, you can hike to Ghar Gompa, and drive to the walled city of Lo Manthang. Overall, the jeep tour to Mustang is a must-have experience. The bumpy roads along with the weather differences can add fun or adventure to your trip.

Mustang Tour Package Cost and Price for Nepali | Mustang Trip Cost

The trip cost to Mustang just like every other trip comes with a cost. The cost depends on the number of people traveling in a group, the hotels you are staying in, and the food you choose to have there. Welcome Nepal Treks brings forth you the best lodges and hotels at a very reasonable price. It directly helps in uplifting your mood and luxury. With great services comes great prices.

A 3 or 4 Days Mustang Trip costs depends on the number of members in a group. If your group has a total people of 7 people, the cost per person becomes Rs. 18,000 followed by 6 members’ group with Rs. 20,000 per person, 5 members’ group with Rs. 22,000 per person, and last but not the least, if your group has 4 members, the cost per person comes down to Rs. 25,000. Despite the cost and charges, Welcome Nepal Treks provides you heavy discounts and various ways to customize the trip so that our experience of traveling can help you take great decisions and never miss out on good things in life.

About the longer trips to Upper Mustang of 10-12 days come at a price of US$ 2200- US$ 2400.

Hotels and Accommodation in Mustang Tour Package

Mustang Tour Package is one of the most popular tour packages to go in Nepal. Having been loved by a mass of travelers, the hotels and accommodations in Mustang have been in good condition. You will get your ideal choice of hotels and accommodation with facilities of good beds, restrooms, rooms, and great room service. Some hotels do have 24-hour Wifi facilities in case you are planning to update something on social media. Along with this, you will get the facility of electricity by which you can charge your phones, cameras, laptops, lights, or other important devices. In addition to this, the hotels are not that much expensive. They come under a good price range.

Meals and Food Items in Mustang Tour Package

When you are on your journey to Mustang, you may get curious about the food items you will get to eat over there. Good food means you will be having great energy to continue the journey. The most popular food item you will get to have in any of the tours to Mustang is dal-bhaat. It is the most popular food item in Nepal. In addition to this, you can have bread, toast, rotis, noodles, biscuits, tea, and coffee for breakfast. Omelets can be another favorite food during the Mustang Tour. But, nothing can beat dal-bhaat.

Drinking Water in the Mustang Tour

Mustang Tour being one of the most iconic tours in Nepal brings you an experience of a lifetime. One of the most important things you need to take care of and know is the facility of drinking water. Mustang is a district that has desert landscapes. Some people don’t know the fact that you can actually get a good facility of drinking water over there. While you are in hotels of Mustang, you can drink filtered and boiled water depending on the facility of the hotel. However, while you are in the middle of a hike, you should carry your own water bottle. You may find community taps during the walk. However, it is not advised to drink water directly. You can either use water purification tablets in the water or can drink them. It would minimize the chances of you suffering from water-borne diseases. All in all, the drinking water in the Mustang Tour Package is not much of a big deal if you are prepared enough.

Mustang Tour Package Packing List for 2024/2025

Preparation is a must before you do anything or go anywhere on a trip. Proper preparation helps you to tackle anything that comes on your way when you are on a tour. It minimizes the chances of being troubled by the problem down to a very minimum. Same as every other tour, there are certain things that should be on your packing list and you should bring them when you embark on a journey to Mustang in 2024/2025.

Following is the packing list for Mustang Tour Package so that you can complete your journey to Mustang on a high.

  • Sunhat and Sunscreen cream
  • Thermal trousers
  • T-shirts
  • Fleece Jackets
  • Woolen Jackets
  • Comfortable trekking shoes
  • Waterproof backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Headscarf
  • Regular socks
  • Tissue Papers
  • Chargers and Extra Batteries\
  • Bandana or Headscarf
  • Hiking Shorts and T-shirts

Note: Make sure you take breathable, wind, and waterproof clothes if possible.

Laundry Services in the Mustang Tour Package

Whenever you are on a tour to any of the districts in Nepal, you may be worried about the laundry services. Well, while you are on the Mustang Tour, you will get laundry services in the hotels you are staying in. You can give your dirty clothes to the hotel staff, and they will give you your clothes after cleaning. However, giving dirty clothes in a place where you are staying while having to travel the next day is not a good decision. So, it is advised to carry your dirty clothes and items in a plastic bag and find an area at least 400-500 m away from the source where you can clean all of those with bio-degradable soap. About the drying process, you can dry the clothes once you reach your next staying destination. It can be any hotel or teahouse depending on the itinerary and travel plan.

Best Time for Mustang Tour | Best Season for Mustang Tour Package

Nepal is a country that lies in South Asia that has many things that can wow you. You will fall in love with the amazing natural beauty and the exquisite culture and history this lovely country has in its store for you. Visiting Nepal at any time of the year is possible. However, the best experience comes with the best time for the tour. It basically means the time when the climate is at its absolute best to make way for the travelers to enjoy the trip at a whole next level.

The best time for a Mustang Tour is generally the time between June-September. It is the time when the days are warmer and you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. It is usually not advised to go to Mustang during the winter as the weather can become way too cold which can create problems for maximum travelers. Not only can this, from June-September the clouds are clearer and you get the best view of the desert landscapes which Mustang is famous for.

Mustang Tour Package Highlights

One of the most popular family tour packages in Nepal at the moment is indeed the Mustang Tour Package. Giving you a whole different taste of tour with the opportunity to explore one of the districts beyond the mountains, the Mustang Tour Package has a lot than you think there is. Following are the best parts about the Mustang Tour Package that would make you feel like going in the trip right now.

  • Explore the magnificent desert landscapes
  • Blend of Tibetan and Nepalese cultures
  • Make your mind peaceful by visiting spiritual monasteries
  • Adore the heartwarming views of the stunning Himalayas
  • Enjoy the jeep journey of exploring Mustang- a totally different experience
  • Interact with the local people and dive deep into their lifestyles

All in all, Mustang Tour Package is the perfect opportunity to explore the wonderful district in the Himalayan Region which may not be known to the people of the world. Most of the popular travel destinations in Nepal are trekking areas. Mustang Tour stands as one of the most iconic tour packages providing you a different experience overall that you will never forget. Life is a journey of adventure and exploration. Make your next vacation your best one by booking a trip to Mustang. The Mustang Tour Package brought to you by Welcome Nepal Treks is the answer to all your boredom and worry. You will only adore the wonderful experience you have on this trip to Mustang that makes your heart and mind full.