Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal

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Trip Information
  • Trip Duration 1 Days
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Destination Nepal
  • Start/End Kathmandu/Kathmandu
  • Trip Type By Flight
  • Transport By Plane
  • Best Season Sep to Dec and Mar-May

Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal Cost for 2024 

For those who are restricted by time or other considerations from going trekking, there are mountain flights that offer a panoramic encounter with the highest peaks on earth. The plane departs from Kathmandu and flies alongside the Himalaya to give you eye-level views of the snow peaks and then brings you back in one hour. Cruising close to the awesome massifs of rock and ice, the flight presents a mind-boggling sight. As the aircraft takes off and heads towards the east, you don’t have to wait too long to find out what's in store for you. First to your far left, you see Gosaithan, also called Shisha Pangma, standing at the majestic height of 8,013m. Immediately to the right of Gosaithan, there appears Dorje Lhakpa (6,966m), a mountain that looks like the number 8 lying down and covered with snow. To the right of Dorje Lhakpa is Phurbi-Chyachu, which looms over the Kathmandu Valley.

As the plane glides along, the mountains come closer and closer. Next on the vision is Choba-Bhamare, the smallest one of the lot at 5,933 m but singularly stubborn as it has never been climbed. Then appears the mountain the mountain that is not only prominent in sight but also in spirituality Gauri-Shanker. Lord shiva (Shanker) and his consort Gauri are said to protect this mountain, at the proud height of 7,134m, and the summit had a history of unsuccessful attempts till 1979. Gauri-Shanker is sharp and very conspicuous during th amountain flight. As the plane moves towards the land of rising sun, the eastern Himalaya, a succession of glorious mountains follow. Melungtse, a plateau-like mountain, stretches up to 7,023m. Chugimago at 6,297 m is still a virgin, waiting to be climbed. At 6,956m, Numbur mountain resembles a breast, the maternal source in the sky providing pure milk Sherpas of the Solukhumbu. Next is Karyolung, an intensely white mountain that at 6,511 m gleams with the rising sun. Cho-Oyu is the sixth highest mountain in the world. Reaching a height of 8,201 m, it appears stunningly beautiful from the aircraft.

Mount Everest Flight Tour is one of the best popular tour packages for travelers who can’t spend weeks trekking but want to experience what it’s like soaring above the Himalayas. The flight tour to Mount Everest is a perfect opportunity for travelers to be close to the world’s highest peak. Flying from Kathmandu to Everest in an hour is what the trip is all about. You will get to experience the exquisite sight of all the wonderful mountains that are under and around the plane route.

Major Highlights

Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal Highlights

  • A wonderful exploration of Nepal’s gorgeous Himalayas
  • Scenic flight from Kathmandu to the Everest Region
  • Explore the most magnificent view of the highest peak- Mount Everest
  • Panoramic Encounter with the world’s most aesthetic mountain peaks
  • Get the vibe of experiencing the alpine climate in just one hour

Itinerary Overview of Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour in Nepal

The Everest Sightseeing Tour begins as soon as you get to the airport and board the flight. Firstly, you will be picked up from the hotel and dropped off at the airport. The drive from the hotel to the airport is around 20 minutes. After a 20-minute drive, you get to the airport and get on the mountain flight. Now, it’s time for the wonderful exploration of the magnificent mountains of Nepal. The flight path of the plane provides you with the best angle by which you see Shisha Pangma, Dorje Lakpa, and Phurba-Chyachu at their finest. The plane glides and all the mountains in the Everest region come closer and closer to your eyes and the memories you made on the Everest Sightseeing Tour would be unforgettable. After the 45 minutes mountain flight from Kathmandu, it’s now time to land. You land at the airport and you get dropped off to the hotel.

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Trip begins early in the morning drive 20 mutinies to the airport from your Hotel and 45 minutes to 1 hour Wonderful Himalayan Mount flight and drive back to hotel after mountain flight.

    Trip Map
    Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal map
    What's Included
    • 1 HRS Flight (full refundable in case of no flight)
    • Certificate
    • Guaranteed Window seat
    • Entry/Admission - Mount Everest
    • Pick up from Kathmandu Hotel to Airport and drop off  from airport to Hotel.
    What's not Included
    • Tips Personel Expenses
    Useful Information

    Best Time to Go for Mount Everest Flight Tour

    Being a 1-hour flight, you can go on the Mount Everest Flight Tour at any time of the year but the weather should be clear with no rainfall. Normally, no flights take place if the weather is not clear or there are any chances of rainfall or lightning. So, the best time to go for a Mount Everest Flight Tour is not fixed. Whenever the weather is clearer giving you the opportunity to explore the Himalayas around, that’s the best time to go for Mount Everest Flight Tour.

    Mount Everest Flight Tour for whom?

    Mount Everest Trekking is the world’s most popular trekking destination. People from all over the world come to Nepal just to experience what it’s like trekking to the world’s highest peak. But, not everyone has the physicality to walk for weeks and weeks out through the rugged and slippery trails. Similarly, some people don’t have a long vacations when they can go on a long trekking journey to Everest. For travelers who are time-bound and don’t have the physicality to trek for weeks, Mount Everest Flight Tour is the best option. However, it doesn’t mean that if you can do trekking, you can’t go on the flight tour. The Everest Flight Tour is open to all customers. All you need to have is that energy and interest to check out Everest from a very close distance. It can be one of the best memories which you will adore for the rest of your life.

    Why Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour? | Everest Sightseeing Tour Cost

    Everest as most people recognize is the world’s most famous natural travel destination Being so much popular, people want different ways to explore the natural riches of Everest. Some travelers summit Everest, some travelers go on Everest Trekking, whereas some travelers go on an Everest Flight Tour. There are no fixed rules about which trip you should choose. You can choose any tour package as per your wish.

    The Mount Everest Flight Tour is the best one-day tour you can find while in Nepal. It gives you the adventure vibes intensified by some of the most lustrous sights of the snow-capped mountain peaks which are indeed the identity of Nepal. Mount Everest Flight Tour is so popular because it is an alternative choice for travelers who want to explore Everest but don’t have enough time. The Everest Flight Tour can be an addition to any of the trekking packages. For instance, if you have just come back from a long 12-14 days Annapurna Trekking Package, you can book a flight tour to Everest and can enjoy a day around Everest.

    Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour Cost with Welcome Nepal Treks is around $130 for a single traveler which is an inclusive price. The fun you will have on the trip will be unparalleled to any amount of money.

    All in all, Mount Everest Flight Tour is one of the best one-day tour options for all travelers around the globe and if you get the opportunity to experience that, you should never back out of it.

    What makes Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal so special?

    Mount Everest Sightseeing Tour is one of the best Nepal tour packages that provide you with a wonderful opportunity to explore the Everest Region like never before. One of the best substitutes for the Everest Base Camp Trek for people who can’t commit to walking for multiple days, the Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour is a great tour option out there. Having said that, the Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour is a one-day tour that makes your dream of seeing Everest from the best and closest angle possible.

    As most travelers have the dream of exploring Everest from a really close view possible. Not every traveler can go on multiple days of trekking in the Everest Region due to physicality and also due to the time-bound condition. So, what can be the best option in this case? Probably, the best substitute for the Everest Base Camp Trek for people who are time-bound and can’t really go hiking for multiple days, Everest Sightseeing Tour is the best Nepal Tour option. In addition to this, you would get to see the most magnificent sight of the alpine lands and natural grasslands along with the wonderful settlements. Flying over the Himalayas through the cloud in what is expected to be the best family tour package, Everest Sightseeing Tour indeed is one of the best Nepal Tour Packages to have been gracing the world of traveling.

    Sightseeing around Everest would give you an idea of how life in the Himalayas is. One Day Nepal Everest Flight Tour is a tour for few hours, you don’t have to worry about the climate and weather for a week or so. If the weather of the day when you will be flying is clear, then it is perfectly fine for the sightseeing tour. That’s why Everest Sightseeing Tour has been one of the #1 options for Nepal Tour Packages.

    Transportation on the Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal

    What is the mode of transportation that I will be using on the Everest Sightseeing Flight? The question might be confusing for most travelers as the flight has been mentioned. So, it is obvious that you would be using the flight. During the Everest Sightseeing Flight, you would be traveling to the airport from the hotel you are staying in a private car or a private hiace depending on the number of travelers in the group. You don’t have to use public vehicles in any way. As the name suggests, in the Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight, you would be flying on a plane. The total flight time would be around 45 minutes to 1 hour. Back after the flight, you would be returning back to the hotel from the airport in a private car or a private hiace just like the one you went to the airport to.

    Weather and Climate during the Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal

    The Everest Region is one of Nepal’s coldest areas to be traveling to in the winter season. However, in the other seasons, there is no extreme cold and you would not find it difficult to travel to. About the Everest Sightseeing Flight, the temperature wouldn’t even be an issue. The only thing would be the weather for the day when you would be taking a flight to. If the weather is clear with no clouds, the sightseeing tour would be an experience of a lifetime. However, you don’t need to worry too much about the weather and climate.

    The weather and climatic conditions for the Everest Sightseeing by Plane are checked and then only the flight tour can be taken on or not would be decided. The best time for the Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight would be during September and October. It is the time when monsoon has already bid farewell and the weather is too clear gets highlighted by the backdrop of the mountains that smile at you endearingly.

    Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight Cost and Price for Nepali | Mountain Flight Price in Nepal for 2023

    The Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight Cost for Group and Private Tour is a little different. Everest Group Sightseeing Tour Cost for 1-1 pax is US$ 250. The Mount Everest Sightseeing Cost for 2-5 and 6-15 pax is around US$ 245 and US$ 240 respectively. Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight Cost for Nepali is also the same as for international tourists. The only difference would be while paying some charges and costs in case there is a distinction regarding the charges to be taken for internal and international tourists. Otherwise, the Everest Sightseeing Cost and Price would be the same for Nepalese tourists too.

    The Mountain Flight Price in Nepal as mentioned includes charges for the 1 hour flight, entry charges to the Mount Everest, certificate, pickup from hotel in Kathmandu to airport and back to hotel from airport without the tips and personal expenses. If you are going on the Nepal Everest Sightseeing Flight, you have to carry money for personal expenses and tips. The one hour flight charge is fully refundable in case of no flight because of any emergency or weather issues.

    Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal in November and December

    November and December is the time when winter is slowly approaching the wonderland. Everest Region is one of the regions of Nepal that receives heavy snowfall. Doing an Everest Base Camp Trek during the winter season is a slightly harder journey to be involved in. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go to the Everest Base Camp Trek during November and December. It’s just that you need to deal with snow and extreme temperatures during this time. If you are a traveler who loves adventure, then EBC Trek in November and December is a great option. Most travelers love to go on Everest Sightseeing flights in November and December. Mount Everest Sightseeing Tour by Plane is one of the most in-demand Nepal Tour Packages at the moment.

    How to prepare for Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal?

    Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour as the name mentions is the tour to the Everest Region on a plane via which you will be exploring the amazing mountains and the Himalayas while flying on the plane path. Some travelers are confused regarding “Is there anything you need to prepare for Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour?” Well, there is always something to be prepared for before you go to seek any new experiences. So, How to prepare for Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour?

    The best way to get prepared for the sightseeing flight around Everest would be by researching the geography, climate, and altitude of the place which you will be exploring. Researching all of these would help you be prepared for what to wear and how to. Similarly, you would know about the vegetation and the wildlife you may get to see there. And when you see the wildlife and vegetation during the real flight, you will get to identify and understand them in a far better way. Another interesting way to be prepared would be doing physical exercise and having a balanced diet. Doing physical exercise and having a balanced diet is a thing you can follow all your life not just for any tours or treks to be exact.

    Tipping in the Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal

    Tipping during any tour in Nepal depends on your wish. Tipping is not mandatory. You can decide whether to give tip or not. No one will force you at any instant for tipping someone. During the Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour, you would meet different staff working hard to provide you with the best services and facilities so that your stay and traveling become the reason for your happiness. Tipping is a really good practice. The staff who receives tips get that extra boost of hope and commitment to work even harder to provide the best services as their hard work gets recognition. Tipping can be in any form: money or gifts. A thank you letter would be even more heartwarming and full of bliss.

    Money Exchanges or ATM Services on the Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight

    You would be going from your hotel to the airport directly in a private car. You can stop to get your money exchanged or get into ATM to withdraw some money. However, it is best advised to get your money exchanged or withdrawn before the day of the tour. The schedule is well-organized and even a 2-3 minute distraction can create some issues. About the money exchanges and ATM services on the Everest Sightseeing Flight, you get the money exchanges and ATM services but you should make sure you do all of that before the day of traveling or after. You can even ask our staff to do your money exchange, we would do that happily for you.

    Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal or Everest Base Camp Trek, which one is better?

    Both Everest Sightseeing Flight and Everest Base Camp Trek are two different travel packages. Some travelers may prefer going on a sightseeing flight while some may love to dive deep into the ocean of adventure with the Everest Base Camp Trek. Which trip is better Mount Everest Sightseeing by Plane and EBC Trek might be the perks of preference.

    For travelers who love hiking for multiple days in the extreme temperatures along the rugged trails, Everest Base Camp Trek would be a better trip option. However, for some travelers who love to travel but can’t really commit themselves to a multiple-day trek in slightly more difficult weather conditions than normal, Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour would be the better trip option. Even though you love Everest Base Camp Trek, you can always try Everest Sightseeing by Plane which would be a different experience and life is all about trying new things and making the moments matter. Nepal Everest Flight is indeed a great traveling experience to have.

    Where to book your next Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour?

    When you are researching the tour agencies that can provide you with the best tour package in Nepal. Chances are high that you may come up with many options to choose from. However, you need to select one that would provide you with the best services without giving you a chance to have a single regret.

    Having been working in the travel industry for so long, Welcome Nepal Treks are always forward to providing travelers the best services. Putting customer satisfaction as the priority, Welcome Nepal Treks always makes sure the customers enjoy every moment of the trip with the least complications possible. Not only this, Welcome Nepal Treks brings heavy discounts for travelers who book early. In addition to this, the old customers are also given loyalty benefits with big discounts.

    All in all, Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour is a perfect opportunity to explore Everest and see Everest from a very close view. The experience you will have on the trip will always be surreal to you. Flying high above the mountains and getting closer to nature once and for all is what Everest Sightseeing Tour is all about. Book the Everest Sightseeing Tour from Welcome Nepal Treks and make your vacation one of the best moments of your entire lifetime.

    • Q1. Do we travel by bus or car while getting to the airport on the Everest Sightseeing flight Tour?

      While getting to the airport for the Everest Flight Nepal, you will travel on a private car or private bus depending on the number of travelers in the group. You may also travel in a private hiace. You don’t need to worry about the transportation services as you would be getting to the airport and back to the hotel with full comfort.

    • During the winter season, the Everest Region might be very cold. However, you would be traveling on a flight. The best facility to get benefitted would be the heating system that is installed in the plane that warms the whole cabin for the passengers traveling in the plane. You would not feel extreme cold as you are imagining right now.

    • Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight is the journey towards the aesthetic Himalayas of the Everest Region following the plane path. People of all age groups can go on the Everest Sightseeing Flight with little to no complications. You can get on the Sightseeing Tour of Everest with your parents and children. There is no age boundary. Being one of the easy Nepal Tour Packages to go to, Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight is a perfect family tour package option making it a top pick for Nepal Family Tour Packages 2022/23.

    • The best thing you can do for drinking water during the sightseeing flight to Mount Everest is to carry a water bottle with you. The flight is just one hour long and it is sufficient enough if it is to be drunk by one person. You may get drinking water in bottles from the flight officials. However, carrying water with you is the best option.

    • It is possible to fly over Everest as it is said that an aircraft can fly above 40,000 feet and Everest stands at around 29,000 feet approx. However, it is not advised to fly the plane over Everest due to safety reasons. The high mountains can create very unpleasing weather and difficult conditions for a safe flight to happen. As for the question, the planes can fly to Everest but they are not allowed to do so because of safety reasons. That’s why the plane paths do not go above Everest.

    • During the Everest Sightseeing Tour, you won’t be having breakfast. The one-hour-long trip will be all about you flying across the plane path diving deep into the mountains’ glory. You may carry some snacks or chocolates to eat while watching the aesthetic sight of the snow-capped mountain peaks that would be soaking you deep into the magic of nature.

    • The Mount Everest flight would be 45 minutes to 1 hour long. The plane takes off from the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. During the Nepal Everest Sightseeing Flight, you would be catching the most magnificent glimpse of the high peaks of Nepal from Langtang Lirung Peak to Mount Everest Peak.

    • You can go to Mount Everest from Kathmandu in different ways. The easy option to go to Mount Everest from Kathmandu would be via the Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight from Kathmandu. Another lavish option would be Mount Everest Helicopter Tour with Kala Patthar Landing. The hard yet adventurous way of going to Mount Everest from Kathmandu would be Everest Base Camp Trek.

    • The Mountain Flight Price to Everest from Kathmandu for 2022/23 is US$ 130 for a single traveler which is an all-inclusive price. The Mount Everest Flight Cost for 2-5 and 6-15 pax is around US$ 245 and US$ 240 respectively with no difference for internal and international tourists.

    What Our Clients Say
    • J
      Jonathan DrewArgentina Oct 12, 2022

      Highly recommended

      It was a beautiful flight tour. I didn’t have to worry about anything as everything was properly organized by welcome Nepal treks. The car pick up was on time and I was dropped safely at the airport. Our flight was delayed by three hours but I was completely satisfied as I got to see the beautiful mountains views. We were explained and introduced to the mountains. We had an exclusive view of Mount Everest from the cockpit. The flight is totally worth it! Highly recommended!!!

    • O
      Onupam HalderBangladesh Sep 15, 2022

      Mount Everest flight

      Been to one of the best flight tours in Nepal. The Everest Sightseeing Mountain Tour was a perfect family trip for my whole family where we had a lot of fun. The Family Nepal Everest Sightseeing Tour is a must-go trip with your family as you don’t have to be fully physically capable like in the Everest Base Camp Trek. Thank you Welcome Nepal Treks for the best service ever. Totally recommended.