Short Trekking Packages from Pokhara

Short Trekking Packages From Pokhara Cost for 2024/2025

Are you planning to spend your vacation days in Pokhara? If you are searching for the best trekking package, you are landed in the right destination. Pokhara is the most popular adventure destination for travelers in the world. This city gives beautiful and wonderful views of mountain ranges to trekkers. It is a perfect destination to host short trek and gain thrilling experience on the trip.  It gives chance to travelers to explore all natural sights surrounded in the location. However, trekking will be most arranged by our experts. We are offering the right trek package to travelers on their limited cost.

Trekking allows you to travel on traditional trekking trails in Nepal.  Short treks will be begins and ends in Pokhara. It let travelers hike tallest mountain peaks and see wonderful views of mountain ranges.  Our trekking agents assist travelers to arrange a trip on the best season on a limited budget.  We offer various options to travelers to find out best trekking that fits your cost.  You might acquire all necessary details of trekking from our experts at any time. We provide possible service to clients in the destination. Also,  our experts are making trek plans based on the needs of clients.

Highlights of Short & Best Short Trekking from Pokhara:

 With our help, you might choose the Best Trekking from Pokhara. It allows you to enjoy more on the mountaineering places. Our experienced trekkers offer a perfect guide to travelers to pick short trekking. You arrive on majestic and breathtaking mountains in Pokhara.  You can see lots of tourist attraction in the destination with our expert guide. In addition, we are offering proper information about the adventure to trekkers via online.  We help you to choose your favorite trek in the region.  We suggest people select a short trek and spend holidays in new adventure place.

  • Pokhara is combined with nine lakes and surrounded by lots of mountains
  • You explore two Himalayan ranges which include Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Mountain
  • It offers exciting mountain viewpoints and some hill stations such as Dhampus, poon hill, satan got and stupa hill. You might see sunrise view from Himalaya Mountains and sunset in stupa hill.
  • You have many choices to hike mountains in the destination

Pokhara is one of the leading destinations for tourists these days.  It allows travelers to explore culture, tradition, closest Himalayan ranges, cultivated fields, lakes, green hills and much more. Trekking helps you to see the lifestyle of rural and remote village people in the destination

Explore Trek package From Pokhara:

Pokhara is surrounded with villages and amazing green hills among Annapurna ranges. It allows adventure lovers to see cultural and natural wonders on their holidays. You might view many adventure places in the trekking. We are offering Short Trekking Packages from Pokhara in online to clients. We provide choice to choose the best package for short trek. In the trek package, you might view complete information on a specific trip. It allows you to view available facilities that offer by us.  Our professionals have years of experience in making tour package according to your need. However, we assist you to fulfill your dreams and discover awesome natural places.

  • Mardi Himal Trek
  • Pokhara Hill trail trek
  • Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek
  • Short mohare danda trek
  • Poon Hill Trek
  • Royal Trek
  • Gandruk Trek and others
  • Annapurna Base Camp Trek

 Through online you can select package easily. We help you to plan trek to visit many places.

Pokhara is a lake city surrounded by exquisite mountains and is the tourist hub of Nepal. Giving you a heartful nature exploration along with the wonderful nightlife, Pokhara makes you fall in love with it completely. The pristine air, the sight of the snowy mountains, friendly people, lakes, and the places to visit in Pokhara make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal. In case, you are wondering where do most trekking journeys in Nepal start. It is indeed from Pokhara as it is the trekking entry-point. If you are looking for short trekking destinations from Pokhara, you are all in for a great adventure.

Nepal is a trekker’s paradise as it is the home to some of the best treks in the world from Annapurna Base Camp Trek to Everest Base Camp Trek. Most of the treks in Nepal go via Pokhara. That’s why Pokhara is also called the Gateway of Trekking in Nepal. The spectacular backdrop of the snowy mountain peaks of Machhapuchhre, Annapurna Range makes the whole life in the city pure and exquisite by all means. Also known as the city of lakes, Pokhara is home to lakes like Phewa, Begnas, and Rupa Lake. Not only this, you can shop for all the trekking packages from Pokhara. There are a number of trekking gear shops from where you can get the best-quality trekking gear that you can wear on the trip and have a time of your lifetime.

Pokhara is a city to explore. You can just go to Sarangkot and see the best sunrise in the country. Going to World Peace Pagoda in the scorching sun with your family or the Mahadev Statue is a great plan to execute. Not only this, boating on any lake of Pokhara or visiting Mahendra Cave brings out the nature lover in you back to life. Your jaw will drop with awe and all you can do is stay there and applaud the magnificent beauty of the Himalayas and the city itself.

Despite Pokhara being a city to explore, the fact that can’t be counted out is that Pokhara has a lot of history too and has some amazing natural elements. Pokhara receives the highest rainfall in Nepal. And it doesn’t stop Pokhara from being one of the most visited cities even during the monsoon. The ultimate fun of walking the trails of Pokhara with the smell of moist soil and the chilling weather is what breathes life into your boring time.

Most travelers visit Pokhara as it is a must-visit city because of the magic of nature and also because it is the gateway to most of the treks in Nepal. You can’t put yourself out from Pokhara especially if you are going to the Annapurna Region. There are awesome trekking packages from Pokhara which can be your most amazing time to adore and have fun. These short treks from Pokhara are not ordinary ones but are most popular for trekkers who are time-bound and can’t go on a trek with a longer itinerary.

Here are some of the favorite short trekking packages from Pokhara that can be the best holiday spending destination you could ever invest in especially if you are short of holiday time. You start the trekking journey in Pokhara and end it in Pokhara. These are some amazing Short Hikes from Pokhara- the tourist capital of Nepal and come really closer to the Pokhara Trekking Map.

a) Short PoonHill Trek from Pokhara

PoonHill Short Trekking from Pokhara is a short and relatively easy trek that provides you with the most exquisite beauty of the snow-capped mountain peaks in a very short time. The PoonHill Trek is also the easiest trek from Pokhara. Welcome Nepal Treks, one of the most popular trekking planners in Nepal organizes the short PoonHill Trekking Package from Pokhara.

The short trek to PoonHill starts from Nayapul and can be reached via a 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Pokhara. Passing through the magnificent villages of Ulleri, Ghandruk, and Ghorepani massively inhabited by Gurungs and Magars, you get to experience the breathtaking high mountains. When you reach PoonHill, you get to see the best sunrise you will ever see in your life. The short journey from Pokhara through the dense rhododendron forests and listening to the small birds chirping makes the PoonHill trekking a life-changing experience which is supported by the most enthralling sight of Mount Annapurna, Annapurna South, Annapurna II, III, and Gangapurna. The mountains like Lamjung Himal, Nilgiri, Barasikhar, and Manaslu add the incredible further trekking notion. That’s why Short PoonHill Trek from Pokhara stays on top of the list of trekking packages on the Pokhara Trekking Map.

b) Short Annapurna Circuit Trek from Pokhara

Annapurna Circuit is one of the most desired regions of travel in Nepal with Annapurna Circuit Trek being a perfect trek for beginner trekkers or say, first-time hikers. It is a short trek from the city of lakes- Pokhara. Starting the journey from Pokhara, you are all in for a treat to explore the forested road paths, deep valleys, and canyons. You also get to see the most exquisite wildlife in the Annapurna Region. The journey through the gorgeous snow-capped mountain peaks bringing you closer to the isolated communities of the Himalayas is all that you can ask for in a trekking journey.

The short Annapurna Circuit Trek from Pokhara starts with a high-altitude trek to Ngadi, Chame, and Dharapani. You have to walk around 5-6 hours every day and acclimatize at the teahouses and lodges in the Annapurna Region. The journey continues to Pisang, Manang, Yak Kharka, and Phedi ending in Pokhara. During the short Annapurna trek from Pokhara, you get to uncover a totally different side of the Himalayas by trekking through the rhododendron and oak forest. Thorang La Pass is the highest point of the Annapurna Circuit Trek at an altitude of 5,416 meters which tests your fitness and physicality to the maximum. Understanding life in the Himalayan region will be a lesson for life. You get an idea about the hardships of people doing extra hard work in the remote region of Nepal which will motivate you, even more, to try new things in life with great enthusiasm and willpower.

c) Pokhara Dhampus Trek from Pokhara

Dhampus Trek from Pokhara is one of the easiest short treks in Nepal. The short rewarding journey to Dhampus involves exploration of the exquisite Annapurna Range, Machhapuchhre, Mount Dhampus, and Mount Lamjung. Perfect trek for travelers who love peace and want to escape from a crowded life. Trekking for a short time and exploring the wonderful riches of nature is all that Dhampus Trek stands for.

The Pokhara-Dhampus Short Trek starts from Phedi and continues for two days where you get to explore the rich culture and traditions of the Gurung people. When you stay in the Gurung home-stay, you will get a sense of how Nepalese people treat their guests as. You won’t find it even a bit difficult while living there. During the Dhampus short trek from Pokhara, you will experience the most beautiful sunrise and sunset views of the Annapurna Range, Mount Machhapuchhre, and Pokhara valley. All in all, if you are a beginner-level trekker and want to complete a short trek while also getting trekking exposure, the Pokhara-Dhampus trek is the one for you. It can be your best short trek from Pokhara or say Kathmandu.

d) Ghandruk Cultural Trek from Pokhara

One of the best short treks around Pokhara is indeed Ghandruk Cultural Trek. Ghandruk is one of the most scenic and popular villages near Pokhara. It is a village inhabited by the Gurung community. Whenever someone asks about the shorter hikes around Pokhara with easier trekking trails with no complications, everyone suggests a short Ghandruk Cultural Trek. The trek is ideal for everyone with any level of trekking experience and expertise.

Beginning the trek from Nayapul where you can reach Pokhara in 1 hour via a taxi and 2 hours via a bus. The trekking journey starts from Nayapul which is the gateway of the Ghandruk Trekking. During the short Ghandruk Trek from Pokhara, you will get to experience the most scenic and iconic panorama of mountains like Annapurna South, Gangapurna, Himchuli, Machhapuchhre, and other snow-capped mountain peaks. You have to walk around 5-6 hours every day. However, you don’t need to worry about resting and acclimatization. There is proper arrangement of everything. With Welcome Nepal Treks, you get to stay at the best hotels and have food at the best teahouses.

During the journey, you also can visit the Gurung museum and dive deep to know about the rich culture, Ghandruk has accumulated in its heart. Not only this, but you also get to experience the cultural programs organized by the people in Ghandruk. That’s why Ghandruk Trekking is also popularly called the Ghandruk Cultural Trek. As per the reviews and trekking experience of most travelers, Ghandruk Cultural Trek from Pokhara is one of the best short and easy trekking packages from Pokhara which will be a means of entertainment and fun for travelers.

e) Short Mardi Himal Trek from Pokhara

Mardi Himal Short Trek is the most ideal trek for trekkers who want to reach higher elevations in just a matter of few days. The journey to the Mardi Himal View Point is all about exploring the colorful rhododendron forests and gorgeous landscapes being made extra exquisite by the panoramic closer look of Mount Fishtail. You also get to explore the most amazing views of the Annapurna South, Himculi and other snow-capped mountain peaks.

The short Mardi Himal Trek from Pokhara is specially designed for travelers who have a great trekking experience but can’t really go to longer treks as they are time-bound. Mardi Himal Short Trek being one of the shortest trekking packages from Pokhara makes it favorable for all travelers to come on the journey and enjoy every moment of it. You just can’t discount the fact that it doesn’t matter how far you go on the trip. It is the company and the experience that matters a lot.

Where to book the best short trekking packages from Pokhara?

Well, when it comes to making your booking for the trekking package, yoou may hop on to see many trekking agencies. But, one thing you need to take proper account of is the review and the operating policy of those agencies. Welcome Nepal Treks is one of the best trekking agencies in Nepal,if not the best that has been working in the travel business for a very long time giving proper attention to the travelers’ needs and demands. Not only this, if you are a early bird and booking the short trekking package, you even get a heavy discount along with other amazing offers.

Can you go to the short trek from Pokhara without a guide?

Nepal is one of the most beautiful trekking destinations in the world. When you are in Nepal, you are all in for a deep and enthralling travel experience. When you go to the restricted regions in Nepal, a guide is mandatory as you can’t go there alone. However, about the other trekking packages or say the short trekking packages from Pokhara, you can still go there without a guide. You can go to the short trek from Pokhara without a guide. But, taking a guide with you is always a better choice. He/she will guide you in the best way with his experience and communication skills. You also get to know about the trekking region in detail effortlessly.

Why Short Trekking Packages from Pokhara?

Pokhara being the tourist capital of Nepal is also the gateway of trekking to most treks in Nepal from Ghandruk Trek to Mardi Himal Trek. The short trekking packages from Pokhara are really special and favorable for the travelers who are time-bound and want to experience what it’s like trekking in the Himalayas. Being in a short distance from Pokhara, the driving distance is very short. You focus more on the hike, which should be the priority for most trekking packages. Also, Short Trekking Packages from Pokhara give you the opportunity to explore the natural beauty and the modern city life of the city of lakes- Pokhara. The backdrop of the mountains like Fishtail and Annapurna makes the stay in Pokhara even more magical and lively. In short, Short Trekking Packages from Pokhara are the best as they give a perfect opportunity for travelers to try trekking while being time-bound.


All in all, if you are in Pokhara and want to experience trekking in Nepal. There are a number of choices for a great trekking destination. However, if you are short of time and want to have an exquisite trekking experience, you should definitely come to either of the short trekking packages from Pokhara. All the short trekking packages from Pokhara can be completed within days, and you get to know what it’s really like to go on a trek while still being time-bound. Come over to the land of Himalayas, and make your moments count and become the part of the people who know what it’s like breathing in the Himalayas. Nepal is open for trekking and welcomes every traveler from all around the world to make your time memorable and fun.