Nepal Luxury Trekking Package

  • Luxury Everest View Trek
    Duration: 10 Days
    Starting fromUS $1755

Nepal Luxury Trekking Package With Best Price For 2024/2025

Are you in search of walking holiday in the most serene Himalayas and hilly landscape? Are you planning your trekking holiday with luxurious services and hospitality? If you are then no problem! Just contact us. Welcome Nepal Treks & Tours has come up with blissful trekking packages under Nepal Luxury Trekking Package. Most of the people might get misunderstood that trekking is an arduous task. Yes, it is daunting challenge. Moreover, walking uphill and downhill along the hilly slopes, green lush forests and Himalayas is not an easy task. However, services and logistics support paves way for momentous and sumptuous walking holiday in Nepal.

There is plethora of places where one can spend their luxury holiday in Nepal. Everest Base Camp Trekking, Annapurna Base Camp Trekking, Everest View Trekking, Ghandruk Ghorepani Trekking and Upper Mustang Trekking are few trekking packages where our travel planners worked relentlessly. Their relentless work and research really created the best Nepal Luxury Trekking Packages. After years of experience in the field of organizing trekking journey to the people across the globe we came to conclusion that sustainable tourism in Nepal can only be possible through standard tourists. The trend of tourists coming to Nepal nowadays is just about 10% of quality. Rest of the tourists is budget travelers. Therefore, it is an urgent need for development of tourism in Nepal. In Nepal Luxury Tour Packages the itineraries, logistics and accommodation are of high standards. From city to remote land we aspire to provide best services.

Nepal Luxury Trekking Packages is highly concerned about guests’ safety, adequate information and high quality logistics support. Therefore, during every trekking trip we provide you highly experienced trekking guides and support crew members. Book any of our luxury trekking in Nepal packages and explore this great Himalayan nation in regal way.

Nepal Luxury Trekking Package for Whom?

Trekking is an adventurous experience to have at least once in a lifetime. However, not everyone can sustain the strenuous journey to the mountains despite having the energy and experience to continue the trekking. For travelers who want to go on a trekking journey without losing luxury from the trekking, Nepal Luxury Trekking Package can become the best option possible. The Luxury Treks in Nepal provide you with the options to choose the best luxurious hotels. You can have amazing food, and get great rest and sleep that makes you charged for the next day of trekking ahead of you.

Nepal Luxury Trekking Package is best for travelers who are little experienced with the trekking journey and want to include luxury in the trekking. It is a whole different experience. Imagine sitting in the room of a luxurious hotel and seeing the wonderful Mount Everest through the window. Life is great, Right?

Best Luxury Treks in Nepal | Luxury Trekking in Nepal 2024/2025

You all have been familiar with the popular trekking packages in Nepal starting from Annapurna Base Camp Trek to Everest Base Camp Trek. How about putting luxury as the foremost option in all these treks? It will accumulate and motivate even more trekkers to embark on the journey to the mountains. You can just drop your jaws in awe while experiencing the wonderful picturesque views of the mountains. The backdrop of the snow-capped mountains makes your journey even better and enthralling to remember for ages.

Nepal Luxury Trekking Package post COVID-1

2022 has been the year when the world has finally bid farewell to the COVID-19 pandemic. Travelers have started to come on the journey to explore Nepal. The best way to start the homecoming is via getting on to a relatively easier trek after such a long gap. And the best options possible are the luxury treks in Nepal brought to you by Welcome Nepal Treks. The best luxury trek in Nepal is the Everest Luxury View Trek which is around 10 days long trek giving you the best facility of luxury hotels. You don’t only enjoy the adventure of trekking, but you also find diving deep into the exciting luxury of the hotels and lodges. Welcome Nepal Treks provides you the best luxury service working hand in hand with some of the best hotels and lodges in the region where you completely forget all your stress and worry and focus solely on the journey ahead.

Best Part about Luxury Trekking in Nepal | Luxury Trekking Highlights

Luxury Trekking in Nepal is similar to typical trekking. The only difference is that you find yourself enjoying the itinerary, accommodation, and transportation of high standards. Luxury Trekking is relatively more expensive than normal trekking. Everything comes with a price. A luxury trek is worth your time and money, to be precise. So, what are the best things about Luxury Trekking in Nepal? Let’s dive deep into the highlights of Luxury Trekking in Nepal.

  • Accommodation at the best hotels in the trekking region
  • Ample variety of food dishes
  • Itinerary with surplus acclimatization points
  • Inclusion of extra services while in the hotels and lodges
  • A good balance of rest and trekking
  • Perfect for beginner-level trekkers

Short Luxury Trekking Package can be the best family trekking trips

Nepal Luxury Trekking Package can be the best way to get into trekking. A beginner-level trekker won’t find it too difficult to get on a trekking journey to the mountains. As you will be staying at some of the best hotels, you can get proper acclimatization that helps to get charged up for an exciting day ahead.