Langtang Trekking Package

  • Langtang Helambu Gosainkunda Trekking
    Duration: 18 Days
    Starting fromUS $1300
  • Langtang Gosainkunda Trekking
    Duration: 15 Days
    Starting fromUS $1300US $1500
  • Langtang Ganjala Pass Trekking
    Duration: 21 Days
    Starting fromUS $1700
  • Langtang Classical Trekking
    Duration: 16 Days
    Starting fromUS $1300
  • Helambu Classical Trekking
    Duration: 11 Days
    Starting fromUS $900
  • Langtang Valley Trek
    Duration: 10 Days
    Starting fromUS $700US $1000
    based on 90 reviews
  • 9 Days Langtang Valley Trek (9 Days Trek Itinerary and Cost)
    Duration: 9 Days
    Starting fromUS $600
  • 8 Days Langtang Valley Trek (8 Days Trek Itinerary and Cost)
    Duration: 8 Days
    Starting fromUS $550
  • 7 Days Langtang Valley Trek (7 Days Trek Itinerary and Cost)
    Duration: 7 Days
    Starting fromUS $300US $400
  • 6 Days Langtang Valley Trek (6 Days Trek Itinerary and Cost)
    Duration: 6 Days
    Starting fromUS $450

Langtang Trekking Packages With Best Price For 2024/2025

No place on the planet that you will get the attractions like blessed lake up in the mountains with waterfalls and waterways began from Himalayas in the midst of multiethnic group settlement. It is in Nepal particularly in Langtang Region that you will discover every one of these attractions while doing trekking in Nepal. This is the closest trekking goal from the capital city Kathmandu and furthermore gives the opportunity to witness the one of a kind Tibetan, Sherpa and Tamang Culture of Nepal. Welcome Nepal Treks family is to a great degree satisfied to offer different bundles in this district for the trekking.

Langtang locale is portrayed by the thick timberlands, tamang and Sherpa culture and also for the boundless streams, waterfalls, imperiled types of creatures, feathered creatures, widely varied vegetation, mountains, slopes, rough territories and Himalayan lakes with the tasteful qualities. It ought to be noted in the psyche of the voyagers that in a solitary trek to Nepal in Langtang locale you would be overpowered by every one of the aspects of the touristic exercises that you find far and wide. Observe and set up your adventure to the Langtang with Welcome Nepal Treks family by picking our expertly outlined trekking schedules for Langtang Valley Trekking, Ganjala Pass Trekking, Langtang Gosainkunda Trekking, Tamang Heritage Trail, Helambu Trekking and Langtang Cultural Exchange and also volunteering programs. These broadened bundles would guarantee your enamoring occasion in Nepal. When you have trekked to this area we are certain that you would agree to the trademark that Nepal advances as "Actually Nepal once is insufficient. The spots like Gosainkunda, Ganjala Pass, Langtang National Park, Tarkeyghyang, Melamchighyang and Helambu would guarantee that each penny spent for the trekking in Nepal would worth all of it. Witness this productive district of Nepal with the accomplished group of Welcome Nepal Treks and Expedition.

Come and go along with us for the excursion of your lifetime. We are certain that once you have picked this locale for the trekking then you would be capable make entrancing memory story which you could share for eras to come. We are dependably there for you to help get esteemed and understand the wild experience dream.

Langtang Trek Highlights

  • The embodiment of Tamang, Tibetan, and Sherpa cultures into one
  • Best off the beaten trails with less crowd
  • Exploring the beautiful wildlife of Langtang National Park
  • Magnificent vistas of the Langtang Mountain Range
  • The perfect mix of culture and nature
  • Trek through the boundless streams, majestic waterfalls, and glacial lakes


Langtang Trekking Route

The trekking route to Langtang starts with a drive from Kathmandu to Syarpubesi. The drive is one of the bumpiest yet most memorable travel experiences of your life. The route continues to Mundu via Langtang Village and finally to Kyangjin Gompa. Exploring through the lush vegetation, waterfalls, and water bodies gratified by the lovely interaction with the wildlife of Langtang National Park is what the trip is all about. The Langtang trekking route continues to Tserko Ri and back to Syarpubesi. The final day sees off a drive back to Kathmandu from Syarpubesi.  The overall Langtang Trekking Route is Kathmandu-Syarpubesi-Mundu-Kyangjin Gompa-Tserko Ri and back to Kathmandu.

Langtang Trekking Package Permit

As you will be going through the Langtang National Park, you need a national park entry permit just like in other national parks of Nepal. Not only a National Park Entry Permit, but you also need to get a Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) card. Overall, The Langtang Trekking Permits include a Langtang National Park Entry Permit and a TIMS permit. The LNP Entry Permit costs around US$ 35 for foreigners and NPR 200 for SAARC Nationals. In addition to this, the TIMS permit costs NPR 1000. It is mandatory to have both the permits for a Lantang Trek, else you can’t continue the trekking journey towards Langtang.

Accommodation and Food on Langtang Trekking Package

Langtang Trekking is all about exploring the gorgeous vegetation, wildlife, culture and nature’s supremacy. It is an incredible travel experience. While on Langtang Trek, you will be staying at teahouses that provide you with both food and accommodation. Teahouses in the Langtang region are less expensive. During the off-season, you can only pay for the food as they will not charge you for the accommodation if you eat there. Spending nights at teahouses is a great experience and an escape to the remote trekking region of Nepal.

The most common and tastiest food you will have on the trek to Langtang is Dal-Bhaat. It is the most popular food ina Nepal. A normal family in Nepal has Dal-Bhaat two times a day. Dal-Bhaat comes with rice, lentil soup, vegetables, pickle, and curry. It is the best food item that gives you enough energy for the trek ahead. Not only this, you can have bread, roti, beaten rice, biscuits, tea, and milk for breakfast. Also, Noodles soup is another popular food item in the Himalayan region. It is easily cooked and can be served easily too. Overall, the food and accommodation in the Langtang Trekking are top-notch that give you the best village and remote vibes.

Drinking Water during Langtang Trekking Package

The quality of water you get during your trek to Langtang depends actually on the place where you will be visiting. If you go to teahouses, then chances are high that you will get boiled drinking water or filtered drinking water. However, in some households, you will get unfiltered water collected directly from streams and taps. The best way you can follow is to get water-purification tablets with you. So, whenever you get a chance to fill water in your bottle you can put those tablets which help in purifying the water to an extent.

Laundry Services in Langtang Trekking Package

Washing clothes during trekking is a tough job. As you will be moving every day, it is harder for you to actually leave clothes in the place you are staying. So, the best way to do laundry while you are on Langtang Trek is to find an area at least 300-400m away from any water source. Collecting the dirty clothes in a big plastic bag and using a bio-degradable soap will do the job perfectly. About the drying process, you can put out the clothes when you reach the teahouses and dry them there properly.

Langtang Trekking Package Cost | How much does Langtang Trek cost?

Langtang Trekking is an easy and short trekking journey from Kathmandu. Perfect for those travelers who want to experience what it’s like to trek in Nepal with the least complications, a trek to Langtang is a perfect thing to try on vacation. Most travelers around the world are curious about how much it costs for a journey to the Langtang region. Well, it depends on the size of a trekking group, itinerary, and a trekking package under a trekking agency. The type of transportation you choose during the trek also affects the cost of trekking.

Personal Expenses on Langtang Trek

The personal trekking expenses on trekking in Langtang constitute the trekking permit charges and the TIMS card charges. And along with it, if you want to shop for any other famous accessories or snacks around Langtang, that also comes under your personal expenses. You can put around US$ 50 for personal expenses. If you want to give tips to people who serve you, you can put that under your personal expenses as well. However, you don’t have to pay separately for the accommodation and food as they will come under the trek package.

A normal 5 Days Langtang Trek costs around US$ 500, whereas a 10 days long Langtang Trek costs around US$ 800. The Langtang Trek Cost for Nepali is similar to that of the trekking cost for foreigners. The only difference comes while taking the trekking permits as the LNP entry permit costs NPR 3500 for foreigners. The Langtang Trekking Package has various variations in itinerary and places to visit. Some of the famous Langtang Trekking Packages under Welcome Nepal Treks along with duration and trek cost are:

Langtang Trek Distance and Altitude

The trek to Langtang starts from Syarpubesi and continues towards Mundu and to Kyangjin Gompa and Tserko Ri and finally back to Kathmandu. The total distance of the Langtang Trek is 77kilometres/ 45 miles. The highest point of the Langtang Trekking is around 3,800 meters but you can also go higher than that. It all depends on your wish. The mountains in the Langtang Region are Langtang Lirung, Langtang Ri, Dorje Lakpa, etc which are at the altitudes of 7,234m, 7,205m, and 6,966m respectively.

Packing List for Langtang Trekking| What to take to Langtang Trek?

Langtang Trek is a moderately difficult trek. You have to pass through the bumpy rugged routes and the climate also can be a little extreme at points. As you won’t be going to an extremely high altitude, the chances of altitude sickness and acute mountain sickness are very low. However, preparation is always the key. The first step for preparation is finding out what you need to have in your backpack so that it is relatively easier to use the respective gear on the trip to Langtang.  “What should I bring for trekking in Langtang?” It is a question that is trending in the minds of every traveler who wants to come to trek in Langtang. Well, all the trekkin gear to be mentioned down should be with you while you are on your next Langtang Trip.

Following are the trekking gear you need to have on your packing list for Langtang Trekking.

  • Waterproof backpack with cover
  • Suncap and Sunglasses along with sunscreen cream
  • Woolen Hat and Neck Gaiter
  • Headlamp with extra batteries
  • Lightweight thermal tops and lowers
  • Wind-stopper jacket or pullover
  • Warm and light gloves
  • Fleece and woolen pants
  • Cameras and Mobile Phones
  • Water bottle with water purifier tablets
  • Thin and woolen socks
  • Hiking boots ( Avoid new boots to be safe from shoe bites)

Guide/Porter on Langtang Trek | Do you really need guides and porters on Langtang Trek?

Langtang Trekking is not a highly difficult trek as compared to other treks like Everest Base Trek. You can also carry your backpack and other essential things by yourself. But, it is suggested to take a porter with you as it will be very much helpful for you since you don’t have to carry heavy goodies with you. Similarly, going to Langtang Trek with a guide is always a great choice. A guide knows about the trekking destination very deeply. You will get informed about the trekking destination. Not only this, he/she knows about various safety tips and the measures by which any threatening thing can be tackled. A guide can become the leader of the group and you will feel like you are under a good shadow. Normally, the guide and porter's wages on Langtang Trekking are around US$25 and US$20 per day including meals, accommodations, and travel insurance.

Best Time for Langtang Trekking | Best Season for Langtang Trekking

Nepal is a trekkers’ paradise in reality. Being home to numerous trekking trails, Nepal has everything that makes a trekking fanatic go crazy. Among various awesome trekking destinations, Langtang Trekking is also one. And talking about the best time to go on Langtang Trekking, it is a very subjective choice too. Some people like to trek during winter whereas some find it utterly awesome to travel in spring and autumn.

Looking at the general point of view of most travelers, just like any other trek, the best time for Langtang Trekking is during September and late December. With the weather being stable with a clear sky, you will be exploring the gorgeous trails with vegetation and water bodies by the side. You will have fun to the fullest when you get there during the autumn season. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go to Langtang Trek in winter and summer. Every season has its specialty and you can choose your time of travel according to your ease.

Animals found in Langtang National Park

A trek to Langtang means you are also exploring the ins and outs of Langtang National Park. If you are lucky enough, you will find yourself face-to-face with a ton of wild animals there. The animals you may get to see during your time in the Langtang National Park under Langtang Trekking Package are:- Musk Deer, Himalayan Tahr, Red Panda, Himalayan Black Bear,  Snow-leopard, Wild dog, ghoral, and serous. Not only this, there are around more than 250 species of birds too.

Transportation used on Langtang Trekking

The transportation you will be using in Langtang Trekking depends on the trekking package. You can go to the Langtang Region on a bus or a private jeep. The private jeep cost is relatively more expensive than the bus. The Langtang trekking trail is a normal trail. However, it may get way too bumpy and difficult for travelers sometimes because of uneven weather most probably rain.


Essential FAQs and Information about Langtang Trekking in Nepal

Is Langtang open for trekking in 2023?

Having been destroyed by the earthquake in 2015, Langtang Region has risen from the ruins to have again gained its stature as a top trekking destination. Not only this, during COVID-19, just like every other treks, Langtang Region had also been closed for trekking. 2022/23 is destined to be a travel year. Langtang is open for a great trekking experience in 2022/23. You can book your Langtang Trekking Package and have an experience of a lifetime.

What to expect during a trek to Langtang?

The highlights of Langtang Region include the perfect embodiment of nature, culture, and wildlife. So, while you are  on a trek to Langtang, you can experience nature at its finest. With all the bumpy roads and walking on the roads, you will find what it’s like to travel through the finest trekking trail in Nepal. You can expect to see a variety of wildlife from Ghoral, Snow-leopard, Himalayan Tahr to Red Panda.

You may get to see the most magnificent mountain vistas of the Langtang Region including Langtang Lirung, Langtang Ri, and other glorious mountain peaks. As for the question what to expect in a Langtang Trek, you can anticipate nature at is level best with the wildlife and mountain vistas adding wings to the symbolic nature’s supremacy.

Moreover, having been destroyed by the earthquake, people in Langtang Region have rebuilt this place greatly. You are destined to get surprised of how the place still holds the traveling aura and travelers are wanting to go on a trip to this lovely valley of beauty and magnificence.

How difficult is Langtang Trek?

Langtang Trekking is a relatively moderate trek to complete. You don’t need to be a hardcore trekker to do a trek in Langtang. If you have gone to one or two treks before, Langtang Trek will be very easy for you. However, if you have not gone to any trek and Langtang Trek is your first, you don’t need to worry about it too. You can embark on a journey to Langtang for the first time, and still can complete it without any hassle. However, children and old-aged people are not advised to come to Langtang Trek. There are a number of tour packages that can be best for children and old-aged people popularly called as Family Tour Packages.

How long does Langtang Trek take and do we really need a guide?

Langtang Trek takes around 8-16 days. There are various Langtang Trekking Packages including Langtang Classical Trek, Langtang Helambu Gosainkunda Trekking, Langtang Ganjala Trek, and many more. Every version of Langtang Trek Package has its different itinerary. Talking about do we really need a guide for a trek to Langtang, it is advised to take a guide with you for the trek. However, it is completely optional. Taking a guide with you for any trek has so many advantages and he/she many help you in many ways you never know.

Do you need travel insurance for Langtang Trekking?

It is mandatory to have travel insurance for a Langtang Trek. The travel insurance covers emergency medical treatment along with a service to return to the home country for health reasons. If you don’t have travel insurance, you need to pay from your own pocket if any mishap happens. So, it is always better to get travel insurance for all the treks in Nepal including Langtang Trek.

Where to book your next Langtang Trekking Package?

The Langtang Trek is all about the exploration of wildlife, nature, and culture at its level best. There might be confused about where to book a great Langtang Trekking Package. Well, the choices of travel agencies can be immense. However, the choice of a great travel agency is a must.

With Welcome Nepal Treks being in the travel industry for more than a decade and providing you with various versions of the Langtang Trekking Package, it is indeed the best thing to choose Welcome Nepal Treks as your next travel planner for Langtang Trek. If you are time-bound, you can choose a Langtang Trek that is less than 7-8 days. Along with this, if you have enough time for a trek, there are also Langtang Trekking Packages that exceed the 2 weeks mark.  You also get discounts on group tours and private tours. If you are an old customer, you get loyalty discounts and get elite services. With experienced guides and friendly porters, you will participate in editing the itinerary as per your choice with the facilities of rescue and insurance.

Which currency is best to spend in Langtang Trek?

The best currency to spend during Langtang Trek is Nepalese Rupees (NPR). You also can spend foreign currency there. However, it is not suggested to spend it there. You have to check the exchange rate every day during the time of spending which is a really tedious job.

Are there any money exchanges during the Langtang Trekking Trail?

There are no money exchanges once you embark on your journey to the Langtang Region. If you need to exchange money, you should do that while in Kathmandu. It will be very much easier if you exchange money beforehand. It becomes easier to list the expenses and plan them even better.

Is tipping during Langtang Trekking Package mandatory?

Tipping during any trek in Nepal is not mandatory. It is all about your personal choice. If you love the services of any person while you are on the trek, you can reward him/her with a gift or money. The best part about tipping is that people will feel obliged and motivated to provide the best services they can to travelers and customers. Not only this, tipping also helps them economically. Tipping during a trek to Langtang is not compulsory. However, rewarding people for their best services is always a good thing to do. It gives you immense happiness and satisfaction.

All in all, Langtang Trekking Package is one of the most popular treks to do in Nepal at any time of the year. It is also a popular winter trekking destination in Nepal. Most travelers love to go on a trek to Langtang as it is very near to Kathmandu and you don’t have to travel for a long distance by bus or jeep. So, it gives you enough time to walk and have fun. Having so many things to explore in a single trip, Langtang Trek is a trip full of exploring wildlife, culture, nature, and mountain vistas at their finest. So, next time when you want to go on a trip, make sure Langtang Trekking is on your list of trekking destinations. It is you one step closer to making your life memorable. And with Welcome Nepal Treks, every memory in the trek becomes a golden chapter in your book of life.