Everest Trekking Package

Everest Trekking Package With Best Price For 2024/2025

Likely the most discussed and incredible strolling goal is the Everest Region of Nepal. The place is considerably more staggering as it is the house the world's tallest mountain Mt. Everest (8848 m). Since its commencement as the trekking and campaign goal heaps of the climbers and trekkers have made the most of their wild occasion experience. Be it for the endeavor or trekking it has been the main decision for the general population looking for excite and mountain frenzy.

Everest district brags plenty of the trekking courses and pinnacle climbing mountains. Everest Base Camp Trek is the most peaceful experience of all. The course taking trekkers to the foothill of elevated Mt. Everest is the most well known trekking in Nepal trail. Everest View Trek, Gokyo Chola Pass Trek, Gokyo Valley Trek, Sherpa Festival Treks, High Passes Trek, Helicopter Tours and Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek are the major trekking and visit exercises to do in the locale. Aside from trekking crest moving of the Mera, Island and Lobuche pinnacles are too extremely acclaimed. Bunches of the climbers set records and recorded their names on history books by bravely scaling the mountains like Everest, Amadablam and Pumori. Sagarmatha National Park which falls in the locale is one of the WORLD NATURAL SITEs.

Everest Region has many astounding and magnificent manifestations of the Mother Nature. Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls, Forests, Glaciers, Moraines and remarkable geological scene make this district paradise for outside exercises. Welcome Nepal Treks is charmed to offer assortments of the travel bundles to investigate this locale without limitations. We have centered the trekking or climbing exercises in light of the socio-social and topographical part of the area. Sherpa individuals' cordiality, culture and customs are the extra things to amass amid the excursion of Everest range broadly known as the Khumbu area of Nepal.

Everest Trekking Package

Most travelers around the world have a dream of either being at the top of Everest or seeing Everest from so close that whenever they remember the moment, their heart will get filled up with happiness and amazement. Not everyone can summit the Everest. Everest Trekking Tour Package is a great opportunity for every traveler to come to the land of Everest and see the Everest from so close that they will never forget the breathtaking scenery of the Everest.

An astounding journey from the city of temples- Kathmandu to the base of the world’s highest peak, Everest Trekking is a trip that offers you great scenic Himalayas with the lush forest that speak you the word of wisdom.

Everest Trekking Package Highlights

  • World’s highest peak Mount Everest
  • The majestic viewpoint in the Everest Region - Kala Patthar
  • The oldest Buddhist monastery- Tengboche
  • The biggest glacier of Nepal- Khumbu Glacier
  • The tourist hub and the Sherpa Capital of the Himalayas - Namche Bazar
  • Exploring the wildlife and forest in the Sagarmatha National Park
  • The amazing trekking route via Gokyo Lake

Everest Trekking Package Route

The trek towards the Everest Base Camp starts as soon as you come to Kathmandu. After arriving in Kathmandu, you can start off with an amazing sightseeing around the city exploring the breathtaking historical buildings that have been an instrumental part of Nepal’s ancient history and architecture. The preparation of the trek with a trip brief along with some shopping can be done in Kathamndu. After that, you get to fly to Lukla via a scenic flight. It is the first experience in your Everest trekking journey that gives you a little exposure to the gorgeous Himalayas.

The real trekking starts from Lukla with a 4-5 hour walk to Phakding followed by Namche which are at the altitudes of 3440 m and 3700m respectively. When you are in Namche, you get to meet so many new people and get familiar with the Sherpa culture that is prevalent in the Himalayas until this very day. It is the tourist hub of the Himalayas. The trekking route to the EBC continues to Tengboche and Dingboche followed by Lobuche. You need to walk around 5-6 hours every single day. It also depends on the Everest trekking package you have chosen. After a hike to Gorakshep, you finally reach Pheriche and Everest Base Camp. While you are on the Everest trekking route, you also get to visit Kala Patthar and it is the place from where the sight of Everest is like you will see in dreams.

Popular Everest Trekking Packages for 2024/2025

There are popular Everest Trekking Packages for travelers all around the world. Some of the most popular Everest Trekking Packages include:

  • Everest Panorama Trekking Package
  • Everest Rolwaling Trekking
  • Everest View Trekking
  • Gokyo Renjola Pass Trekking
  • Sherpa Village Trekking
  • Everest Base Camp Gokyo Chola Pass Trek
  • 9 Days Everest Base Camp Trek
  • Mani Rimdu Festival Trekking
  • Short Everest Base Camp Trekking

Meals on the Everest Trekking Package

While you are on the Everest Base Camp Trek, the options for food are plenty with Dal-Bhhat being the ultimate option. Most hotels and teahouses provide you dal-bhaat as dinner and lunch. It is a dish having rice and lentil soup with vegetables and pickle. Dal-Bhaat is the true love for all the Nepalese people. Along with this, the most popular breakfast in the Everest Trekking is toast, omlette, noodles, along with chapaatis. Soup with vegetables is another popular dish for dinner and breakfast. It is also healthy. You also get cookies with tea as a breakfast. You will get variety of food options when you are in hotels. However, when you are trekking, chances are very less that you will get a variety of options. You have to eat only the food items which you are provided to.

Drinking Water is another most important part about trekking. No matter wherever you go, it should be made sure that the water and drinks you have are good for the body. Otherwise, it can create a majority of problems that can be burden in your trekking journey to the Everest. The type of drinking water you will get comes in the following forms:

Boiled Water

It is the safest and the most viable option of drinking water. Most lodges serve you with boiled water so that the chances of being infected by any sort of water-borne disease comes down to bare minimum. You should bring your own bottles. Make sure the bottles you bring are not made of plastic. Otherwise, the hot water can damage the bottle easily which may create massive damage.

Bottled Water

The water you can have in the Everest Trekking also comes in the form of plastic bottles. The quality and purity of the water is not checked thoroughly. Also, it is not environment friendly. Price ranges between NPR 50- NPR 90 per cup with the price going up to NPR 1200 for a large pot. It is advised to use the boiled water rather than the bottled water for environment. You have come there to applaud the beauty of the nature rather than destroy it, Right?

Steri Pen

It is a method of changing tap water to pure drinking water via the use of UV Technology. It can kill 99.99% of the germs in water. However, you can use the pen only for a certain duration.

Purification Tablets

Bottled water and Boiled water is easily available near the lodges and the settlements. But, what happens when you move deeper to the trekking route. The chances are massive that you won’t get bottled water and boiled drinking water. At that point of time, you need purification tablets to bring out the purity of water and be safe from any sort of impure water complications.

Alcohol should be generally avoided while you are trekking to the Everest Base Camp as it can create different sorts of complications for the trekkers. If they get too drunk, chances of continuing the trek goes down to bare minimum which you don’t want to see on a trek. Energy drinks and water are the best drinks you can have while you are on the trekking journey to the Everest.

Transports used on Everest Trekking Package

While you embark on the journey to the EBC Trek, you may get confused about what might be the means of transportation that can be used to reach the Everest Base Camp. Starting off with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, your journey gets started to the heavenly Himalayas of the north. Not only this, if you want to get to the Everest Base Camp in just few hours and enjoy, then Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is another popular package for travelers who are time-bound and can’t come on the hiking trip for physical reasons.

Some travelers also use bus and jeep to the point where the buses go. Unfortunately, there is no road service between Kathmandu and Lukla.So, travelers need to take a flight.

You can go until Salleri on road and after that you have to hike towards Lukla for 3 days and you reach Lukla after. The best way of transportation for EBC Trek is to go to Lukla via a flight and then trek towards the Base Camp with full enthusiasm and motivation. Everest Base Camp Full Trek by Road is not possible from Kathmandu as you have to take a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, and Lukla is not accessible by road until this very day.

Best Time To Do Everest Trekking Package

Everest Trek is the best way of embarking on a journey to the Northern Himalayas to watch the snow-capped mountains from so near that whenever you close your eyes, the ultimate reflection of the mountains comes into your eyes. In addition to this, the EBC journey is great for so many reasons. You not only get to explore the nature, but also learn the lifestyle of people living in the Himalayas. It gives you a great nuance of the life in cities and rural villages.

The best experience means the least possibilities of problems. If you complete your journey with least problems and a lot of great memories, then that’s an amazing journey, to say the least. For a great EBC Trek, you should make sure you are going there in the best time of the year, when the climate is great and you don’t have to deal with any sort of other problems.

The best time to trek to the Everest Base Camp is during late May to late September. February-May and Sep-Nov are two of the best times for trekking in the Everest. The climate and weather are fairly stable, and you don’t have to deal with some major problems in the trek like slippery trails. In addition to this, the visibility is also quite good making it great for all the travelers who want to enjoy nature like it’s always meant to be enjoyed.

It is usually not advised to travel to the Everest during June-July as it is the time of monsoon and the trails get way too slippery making it too hard for the travelers to even walk on the trail. Forget about any other thing. The walking gets tougher, and you can’t think about doing anything else such as clicking pictures, making videos, and all. Not only this, monsoon means you also have to deal with leeches that can create huge problems.

Electricity and battery charges on Everest Trekking

While you are on the EBC Trek, the only time you get electricity is while you are on teahouses or lodges. There is electricity in the lodges and teahouses where you can charge your mobile phone, camera batteries, torch light, and other batteries. Some teahouses offer you to charge the electronic devices for free, whereas some charge you a certain amount of money. Lukla, Phakding and Namche Bazar are the places where you get to charge the batteries and devices easily. And moving forward there are some places where you can charge by solar energy mostly in Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche, and Gorekshep.

You need to discuss it with the staff in the lodges and can charge the batteries. It is advised to take power bank with you and charge the power bank whenever you get a chance. So, when you are on a trek and the battery drains completely, you can charge it with powerbank. It is a handy method of charging battery during the trek. Make sure you carry high-powered powerbanks but also light so that you don’t have to carry heavy load. Carrying heavy load can create huge problems while hiking.

Luggage/Back pack on Everest Trekking Package

About the backpack you need to take on the Everest Trekking, you need to make sure that your backpack is waterproof and comfortable enough so that you can carry a maximum number of important items. The backpack should be durable and strong enough to hold the gear in the trekking. A backpack with different compartments is the best so that you can take out the important gear easily.

The liter-range of a backpack for EBC Trek is mostly around 60L-75L as you also need to carry drinking water with yourself on the trip. So, having a backpack whose capacity is way too low is not a good choice. However, if you are going on Ghandruk or Ghorepani Trek, a smaller bag can work too. But, it’s EBC Trek and the hike is also for a longer period of time. So, a bigger waterproof backpack with different compartments is the best deal.

Guide/Porter on Everest Trekking Package

While you are on the Everest Base Camp trekking journey, you will need a guide who would give you idea about the trekking route, itinerary, and things to do and not do. Meanwhile, porter is the person who would carry some important goods up to 15-20 kg. A guide joins you on the trip from the beginning, whereas a porter joins the group in the trailheads.

There is a trending question regarding “Do I need a guide for EBC Trek?”

Well, the answer totally depends on the groups past trekking experience. As the route to the EBC is easy to follow, you will not feel the need of the guide. But, if you along with the group members are going for a trek for the first time, then a guide is a must. A guide doesn’t only gives you guidance’s, but he also knows many techniques whenever there are any sort of mishaps.

Everest Trekking Package Difficulty

About the difficulty regarding the Everest Base Camp Trek, the level of difficulty is moderate. You have to walk for like more than two weeks. If you are a trekker with an experience in trekking and hiking, it won’t feel that much of a difficulty. However, if you are a beginner level trekker with no experience, there are various things you need to know and follow so that your next trip to the Everest becomes memorable for all the good reasons. The difficulty level also depends on the time of trekking. If you are traveling during the monsoon season, it would be way too difficult as the trails become slippery making it hard to walk on. Similarly, it is also a lot difficult to go to Everest Base Camp in the winter season because of the extreme temperatures which makes it hard to even breathe and walk.

How to prepare for Everest Trekking?

No matter whatever you are going to do in life. It is always easy to do that if you have prepared yourself enough for it. You know the dos and don’ts of the activity. Before going on a Everest Base Camp Trek too, you need to follow many things so that you get fully prepared for the trip ahead and can complete the trip with minimum problems.

  • Doing daily exercises
  • Focusing on leg-workouts
  • Walk instead of using a vehicle for short distances
  • Try walking uphill and downhill both.
  • Research about the trekking destination and prepare accordingly
  • Use old hiking boots (new boots can give shoe bites giving you difficulty in walking)
  • Choose Welcome Nepal Treks as your trekking partner
  • Always stay motivated and consistent for your goal.

Gears available in Kathmandu For Everest Trekking Package

Everest Base Camp Trekking is one of the most popular treks in Nepal. Most travelers from around the world want to come to the land of Everest just for the chance to make it near to the Everest. Before embarking on a journey to the Everest, you need to make a list of all the gear that you need for the trek to the Everest. You can bring your trekking gear from your country, or can buy all the gears here in Kathmandu. There are many trekking gear shops in Kathmandu from where you can buy high quality trekking gear that can be your perfect companion in the trip to the Himalayas. Following are the trekking gear available in Kathmandu for the Everest Trek or any other treks in Nepal.

  • Sunhat
  • Sunglassess
  • Walking poles
  • Backpack with different compartments
  • Trousers
  • T-shirts
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Waterproof/ Windproof jacket
  • Lightweight T-shirt
  • Lightweight Pants
  • Gloves
  • 4-5 pairs of socks ( thin and woolen)
  • Comfortable trekking shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Extra batteries
  • Headlight
  • Sun-screen cream

Everest Trekking Package Price for Nepali

The cost of the Everest Base Camp Trek Package is not fixed. It depends on the type of package you choose and also on the number of travelers who are going with you on the trip.

About the Everest Trekking Package Cost, it ranges from US$ 950 - US $ 2050. It depends on the type of package along with the itinerary. If you choose a luxury Everest Trek Pacakge, it would cost even more. The Everest Trekking Package cost for Nepali is similar. The only difference is when you are getting any sort of permits to enter inside the trekking area.

Along with this, another important topic is Personal Expenses on Everest Base Camp Trek. There is not a fixed amount about the personal expenses as it depends on person to person.If you are going on a trekking package, then you can pay the amount beforehand and can take the facilities from it. If you want to do any kind of shopping or need to give a tip to somebody, then that’s extra money. You can take around US$ 500- US$ 600 for personal expenses. Every person’s spending way is different. That’s why there is no fixed amount of it declared.

Where to book your next Everest Trekking Package?

Everest Trekking is a whole different way to explore the nature, culture, and lifestyle of people in the Himalayas. One of the most popular trekking destinations in the world, Everest Trekking has been one of the top things to try in the world. For the best life experiences, you need to have the best travel partners whom you can share the journey of living life creating the best memories. Welcome Nepal Treks can be your #1 choice for Everest Trekking. With experienced travel guides along with friendly crew members, we make sure you don’t have to give attention to everything. Our crew members and guides will help you to plan your trip better and talk to them the incredible things about the place you are visiting. Overall, your trekking experience would be a reminiscence for life.

Fixed Departure Group Join Trek/Group Size with Experienced Guides and Crew Members

Welcome Nepal Treks provides you Everest Group Treks with fixed departure. You can just check out on the site with your preferred date of travel. You can even ask any queries about the Everest trekking. Bigger the group size, the less the trekking cost will be. You don’t have to worry about your trip. Welcome Nepal Treks is a home to experienced travel guides and crew members who work day and night out to provide you with the best service ever.

Join a fixed date group trek or private departure:

Insurance/Rescue/Evacuation in Everest Trekking Package

As Everest Base Camp Trek takes you to an altitude of more than 5,000 m. The chances are high that you may suffer from Acute Mountain Sickness and Altitude Sickness if you have not traveled before. Even if you have traveled, it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t suffer from it the next time. So, it’s always safe to have a travel insurance. Insurance gives you the assurity in case anything unpleasing happens by any means. The insurance is segregated over the altitude. If you feel too uneasy to carry the rest of the trip, the only option is descent. It is done via a mule or evacuation by helicopter. It depends on the weather and the state of emergency. If your insurance covers upto 6,000m then you don’t have to worry about anything regarding the medical evacuation and medical assistance costs.

In event of flight cancellation/ delayed in/out Lukla during Everest Trekking Package

Lukla is the gateway to the Everest Base Camp Trek and it is at the height of 2,860 m from the sea level. The scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla takes around 30 minutes giving you the gorgeous views of Langtang, Gaurishankar, Everest, and other massifs. The flight to and from Lukla may be cancelled or delayed for 2-3 horus due to the unpredicted bad weather. The main reason behind it is due to the monsoon season and uneven air traffic.

In the event of flight cancellation you may have to come to the airport again in the next day and wait for your turn to fly. As the travelers who have already booked for the flight the next day, they will go first and you have to wait for your turn. In the cases of flight delay, you can just wait for few hours until you can finally get on the plane. If you are in an emergency, you can also book a helicopter flight on the same day which may cost around $300-$500.


Everest Trekking Package is one of the most popular treks in Nepal. People from all over the world come to Nepal to get close to the Everest via this wonderful trek. The trekking journey to the Everest is all about exploring the nature and its wonderful riches that is indeed very special. Life is not always about working and earning. Sometimes, you have to take a break from your busy life and spend your time in nature’s exploration. Next time you are planning for a vacation, Make sure you get to the land of Gautam Buddha, to visit the Everest region.