Dolpo Trekking Package

  • Upper Dolpo Trekking
    Duration: 22 Days
    Starting fromUS $2400
  • Lower Dolpo Trekking
    Duration: 18 Days
    Starting fromUS $2200

Dolpo Trekking Package With Best Price For 2024/2025/2026

Dolpo Region is the detached and astonishing Himalayan district of Nepal. This is the place for the supreme perception of the Tibetan culture and Nepalese culture combined. Viewed as the real exchange course amid antiquated circumstances the locale is gloated by the grand Himalayas and high elevation deserts. Pick the upper Dolpo and Lower Dolpo bundle of the Welcome Nepal Treks for the astonishing excursion to the bona fide Himalayan town of Nepal.

Eric Vallie the acclaimed movie producer from France made the narrative identified with this locale. The narrative was about the salt exchange and day by day way of life of the general population of the area. Once the narrative was out the region turned out to be extremely renowned and individuals began demonstrating enthusiasm towards it. Besides, the narrative in regards to the Himalayan young lady Messi narrative about the young lady who played football in Mugu area of Nepal too helped in finding the place. Frequently ignored by the tourism experts of Nepal the district has incredible prospects of the Tourism. The Shey Phoksundo Lake which lies in the locale too holds extraordinary noteworthiness in Nepal. This is the most profound pool of Nepal. Moreover, the Shey Phoksundo National Park and the jeopardized types of Himalayan creatures and the vegetations make it much huger. Nowadays tourism business visionaries of Nepal have given enthusiasm towards it. Number of the voyagers trekking in these locales has been expanded essentially. On the off chance that you are looking for the ultra Tibetan way of life of the general population, sub tropical to snow capped backwoods condition, bumpy and uneven territory scene and the untouched excellence of nature then Dolpo area is the one to go for.

Welcome Nepal Treks offers the immense trails to investigate the area. On the off chance that you have short trekking occasion then you can pick the Lower Dolpo Trek while in the event that you are in disposition to invest quality energy then Upper Dolpo is the bundle to pick. Trek to these off the beaten trails and increment your mindset of voyaging.

Dolpo Trekking Package Highights

  • Experiencing Nepalese culture mixed with Tibetan culture
  • Magnificent Buddhist culture and traditions
  • The exquisite sight of the wonderful mountains
  • Exploration of the biggest lake of Nepal- Shey Phoksundo Lake
  • Interaction with the local people

Best Time to Go for Dolpo Trekking

Dolp Trekking is popular trekking in the biggest district of Nepal. Lying in the remote north of far west Nepal, the Dolpo Trek lies in the upper part of the mountainous region. Having been opened to visitors in the 1980s there are certain areas in the Dolpo Trekking Region that have still been not explored. So, when are the best times to go for Dolpo Trekking?

Just like every other trek, the best time to go for the Dolpo Trekking Package are spring and autumn. As the Dolpo Trekking Region may receive high snowfall, the early spring and the late autumn should totally be out of the equation as these can be the times when there is unpredictable snowfall. It will make it extremely difficult to even walk through the trails and carry the trekking journey easily. Dolpo is a region that doesn’t receive high rainfall and it looks like a high-altitude desert. You can also go to Dolpo Trekking in the monsoon, but it is not advised.

The temperatures are also moderate and you can check out the magnificent views of the snow-capped mountain peaks during the spring and autumn season. It makes it extremely pleasant to walk through the trails. Also, during the spring and autumn season, you don’t have to deal with scorching sunlight pushing you to enjoy more.

Hotel and Accommodation in Dolpo Trekking Package

Dolpo Trekking Package is one of the most popular teahouse treks in Nepal. You stay in a hotel when you are in Kathmandu. As soon as you start your journey, you are already on an adventure. When you are on the trekking journey, the chances of getting a lavish hotel or lodge keep getting minimum. You will get the opportunity to acclimatize at small hotels and teahouses as soon as you hit the remote part of the trek. The hotels and lodges you get to stay in the Dolpo Trekking provide you the basic facilities like food, sleeping space, bathroom, and more.

Food and Meals during Dolpo Trekking Package

As Dolpo Trekking is an amazing trekking experience in the Himalayas of the northern far west. Being a region where you still get the authenticity of the village life, you are all in for a foodie treat. The foods and meals you get to have in the Dolpo Trekking Package are special and tasty. The most popular dish of the trek as like every other trek is dal-bhat (rice, lentils with vegetables, and pickles). Not only this, other dishes include chapatis, omelets, sausages, pancakes, and noodles. However, the most loved dish will be dhido (a famous dish that is still prevalent in the remote areas of Nepal). The fun and adventure being mixed up with the enthralling taste of the amazing dishes result in a wonderful trekking experience that you will never ever forget.

Trekking Permits Required For Dolpo Trekking Package

Dolpo Trekking is trekking in the far western part of Nepal in the extreme northern part. Dolpo Area is a restricted part of Nepal, and it has been opened to the public in the 1980s. So, there is a lot to uncover in the Dolpo Region. When you are on the journey to the Dolpo Trekking Area, there are permits you need to have. Otherwise, you can’t enter the area and enjoy the journey.

The trekking permits required for the Dolpo Trekking Package are:

  • Entry Permit for Lower Dolpo Restricted Area
  • Entry Permit for Upper Dolpo Restricted Area
  • Shey Phoskundo National Park Entry Permit

Weather and Climate in Dolpo Region

What is the weather like in the Dolpo Region? This is one of the most trending questions for most travelers who want to come to Dolpo for an incredible hike. As the elevations range from 2,500 m to 5,000m in a two-three weeks time, you will be experiencing a variety of temperatures. During the autumn and the spring season, the temperatures are moderate and you don’t have to deal with any rainfall or snowfall.

The monsoon season is not much of a big deal in the Dolpo Region. Being a rain shadow area, it is highly unlikely to receive rainfall and is also popular as a desert landscape. In the winter season, there might be snowfall. Despite having a lot of experience doing snow-trekking, it is usually not advised to trek as the passes and most trails become closed.

Can I trek to Dolpo alone without a guide?

Trekking to Dolpo without a guide is restricted. You can’t just go to Dolpo alone. Dolpo being one of the restricted regions of Nepal, you will need licensed guides or porters. Not only this, you need to have a permit from a local agency in Nepal. If you are making a plan to go to Dolpo Trek alone, then you need to drop out of the plan immediately. You need to go there with guides and porters and also need to have the permits as mentioned above.

Where can I find a package for my future Dolpo Trekking?

There are several things to consider while organizing a hike to the Dolpo Region. The most important thing you should do is pick a trekking company that will meticulously plan your trip for you, ensuring that you have the most enjoyable vacation possible. Welcome Nepal Treks warmly welcomes you to the Himalayan region and provides you with an exciting opportunity to take in Nepal's breathtaking scenery. With all you see in Nepal, you will fall in love. Nepal has everything for you, from the warmth of the locals to the breathtaking natural splendor. Welcome Nepal Treks can be the ideal travel partner for you and your needs whenever you want to organize a trip to Nepal.

Dolpo Trekking Difficulty Level and Preparation Tips

The trek to Dolpo Region is rather difficult. The roads are rugged and bumpy, and there are times when it becomes extremely frigid. Regular ascents and descents are required. Altitude sickness and acute mountain sickness are both very likely to occur. You have to pass many days and nights in altitudes over 4,000m and 5,000m. There are also some high passes over 5,000m. Chances of suffering from altitude sickness maximize if you don’t acclimatize properly. If you have trekking experience of hiking at high altitudes, then Dolpo Trekking will not be that much difficult. But, as a beginner-level trekker, you will find it extremely hard to carry on the journey.

Just like every problem has its solution, there are also many ways by which you can prepare really well for the trekking trip to the Dolpo Region. Following are the preparation techniques by which you can be prepared for the Dolpo Trekking. If you follow all the tips, chances are high that you will complete the trek with the least complications.

  • Research well about the trekking destination
  • Make a habit of doing yoga and meditation
  • Walk both uphill and downhill
  • Perform breathing exercises and cardiovascular exercise
  • Have balanced diet
  • Know how to acclimatize properly take proper rest
  • Make sure every necessary thing is on your backpack

Packing Checklist for the Dolpo Trekking | Dolpo Trekking Packing Checklist

Making ensuring you have to deal with the fewest difficulties possible requires careful planning. For a trek across the Dolpo Region, what should I bring? This is a query that every traveler who wants to hike in the Upper and Lower Dolpo asks themselves. You ought to bring every piece of hiking gear on the following list with you on your future trek to the Dolpo Region.

The trekking gear you need to bring for your Dolpo Trekking Package is listed below.

  • Waterproof bag with a cover
  • Sunhat, sunglasses, and sunscreen cream
  • Woolen hat and neck gaiter
  • Breathable Thermal tops and bottoms
  • Jacket or hoodie with windproofing
  • Warm, lightweight gloves
  • wool and fleece-lined pants
  • Mobile phones and digital cameras
  • Water bottle with pills for water purification
  • Stylish Hiking Boots (Avoid new boots to be safe from shoe bites)


Overall, the Dolpo Trekking Package is among the most magnificent trekking itineraries available in Nepal. Every day, you'll discover yourself falling in love with the natural world. Going on a trekking trip would boost your mood for the coming moments. Life is a long journey with ups and downs. Making the most of each moment while you still have energy is the key to happiness. Come over to the trekkers' paradise and be in awe of the breathtaking beauty of this amazing nation that will do all in its power to drive you insane.