Best Short Treks in Nepal

Best Short Treks in Nepal With Trekking Package For 2024/2025

Nepal is the home of unlimited natural wonders and cultural grandeurs. There are plethora of trails and destinations where travelers can form the momentous events of their voyage. If you have the short vacation yet you want to explore the magnificent Himalayas and multiethnic cultural rural villages then remember Welcome Nepal Treks. There are numerous short trekking courses where trekkers can find the ultimate joy of bonding with the snow-clad mountains and Himalayan lifestyle. Relish the scintillating events of your life being close to the nature’s delight in Nepal with an excellent team of travel agency. There are long detours where trekkers can reach as far as Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Base Camp. However, the company offers equally mesmerizing Nepal Short Trekking packages where you can enjoy the walking adventure as well as get acquainted with the locals.

Nepal Short Trekking packages are themed according to vacation period and the attractions. The travel planners of Welcome Nepal Treks have knitted the itineraries in such a way that even in very short period of time trekkers can relish the bliss of mountains, hills, green lush forests, water resources and villages. Major short trekking routes for the trekkers to enjoy in Nepal are Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek updated, Mardi Himal Trek, Khopra Hill Trek, Hiking around Kathmandu etc. These trekking trails worth every penny that you spend for the trip as the crew members of Nepal Trekking at Welcome Nepal Treks relentlessly work for the betterment of memory.

Nepal Short Trekking Packages ensure the momentous and alluring events of your life while holidaying in Nepal. The travel packages are highly quoted in budget price but with full of impeccable hospitality and quality services. We believe in providing the wonderful experience of vacation in Nepal. Therefore, all the monetary terms remain secondary whereas the best memory of holiday always comes first. Book the Nepal Short Trekking Packages with us. For more information contact our travel planners.

Nepal is a country in South Asia which is the gateway to the world’s best treks from Annapurna Circuit Trek to Everest Base Camp Trek. Being the trekkers’ paradise, most trekkers from the world want to come to the land of the Himalayas to have a good time trekking and hiking at the iconic travel destinations. If you are bound of travel-time, it is not advised to choose a trek package that takes more than 2-3 weeks. For travelers who are time-bound, there are a number of short treks in Nepal. Offering a variety of trekking trails that can be completed in a short time, it gives a golden opportunity to the travelers out there to get a trekking experience despite being time bound.

The best short treks in Nepal are:

  • Langtang Valley Trek
  • Ghandruk-Ghorepani Trek
  • Gosainkunda Trekking
  • Annapurna Base Camp Trek
  • Hiking around Kathmandu
  • Upper Mustang Trek
  • Khopra Hill Trek
  • Mardi Himal Trek

Despite the trekking time being short, you get to enjoy every moment of the trip to its core. Every penny and second you spend on the trip will be worth it. The interaction with the people, lush forests, amazing new destinations, and the soothing air make your heart and mind happy to have lived every second on the trip at its extreme. Starting from a one day trek in Nepal to a week trek, the short treks are the perfect options for travelers who want to have a trekking experience but are way too short of travel time.

Langtang Valley Short Trek in Nepal

One of the best short treks from Kathmandu, Langtang Valley Trek is a trek that runs through the beautiful rhododendron forests experiencing the rich Tibetan Buddhist culture. Also known as the Valley of Glaciers, Langtang Valley is your ideal destination to enjoy the breathtaking views of Langtang Ri, Langsisa and Ganjala Peak that too in a short time. Trekking relentlessly through the off-beaten trails to the Langtang Region making every moments count is what Langtang Valley Trek is all about. It takes around 7-8 days to start and end the Langtang Trekking Journey.

Starting off with a drive from Kathmandu to Syarpubesi and trekking to Mundu, Kyangjin Gompa, Tserko Ri, and returning, the 8 Days Langtang Valley Trek is the cheapest as well as the shortest trek in Nepal from Kathmandu. Having a moderate trekking difficulty and a short itinerary,, Langtang Valley Trek is the best for beginner-level trekkers who are also time-bound. Most of the working people love going to Langtang Valley Trek during their holidays which they can start and end. That’s why Langtang Valley Trek is the #1 short trek in Nepal.

Ghandruk Ghorepani Short Treks in Nepal

Ghandruk-Ghorepani Trek is a popular trek in the north-central part of Nepal in the Annapurna Region. Popular for having easy trails, Ghandruk Trek is not only famous for being accessible to beginner level trekkers. It is also completable in a short time. The trek to Ghorepani can be completed in a maximum of 8 days making it one of the best short treks in Nepal. The 3 days get spent with the arrival in Kathamndu, trekking preparation and traveling to Pokhara. The real trekking is only for 5 days. That’s why Ghandruk-Ghorepani Trek is the best short trek in Nepal which offers the exquisite mountain views along with the friendly interaction with the local people that can be a life-lesson for most travelers who are just starting the game called life.

The most popular easy short trek in Nepal is hands down the Ghandruk-Ghorepani Trek also popularly known as PoonHill Trek. Ghorepani and PoonHill are famous for having the wonderful rhododendron forest and also the spot from where you will see the most exquisite sunrise. And the best trekking experience comes not only from the best trekking destination but also with the best trekking partner. Welcome Nepal Treks have been organizing short treks in Nepal giving the proper emphasis on making the trek achievable in short time without missing the major milestones.

Gosainkunda  Short Trekking in Nepal

Whenever there comes a talk about best short treks near Kathmandu, Gosainkunda Trekking never goes off the list. The 5 days short trek to the Holy Glacial Lake of Rasuwa is the perfect trek to do if you have only a week of holiday and want to travel and get lost in the beauty of nature. It gives you an ultimate exposure to the alpine zone with a brisk of religious touch. Gosainkunda is not only a popular tourist destination, it is also a religious heritage of Nepal. Many pilgrims during the time of Janaipurnima go to Gosainkunda. It is believed that if you dip in the holy water during the Janaipurnima all your sins get washed away.

The Gosainkunda short trek starts from a drive from Kathmandu to Dunche followed by a 4-5 hour trek to Sybru, Sing Gompa, and Gosainkuna each day respectively. All in all, a perfect trek for beginners and travelers who are time bound and want to complete a short trek near Kathmandu. While ascending through the forests while catching glimpses of Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, and Langtang Himal, you don’t have to deal with extremities like in the other treks and as it is for only 5 days, you can easily complete the trek. Also one of the cheapest treks in Nepal, Gosainkunda tops the chart in every department starting from distance from Kathamndu, trekking-difficulty, favorable in all weathers, and on budget.

Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek in Nepal

The most popular trek in the northern Himalayas that is known to the whole world as the best easy treks in Nepal, Annapurna Base Camp Trek is your face to face with nature, culture, traditions, and adventure all in one. There are different itineraries even in the Annapurna Trekking starting from 7 days to 14-15 days. It all depends on your wish to choose the package with the most favorable itinerary.

The moderately-difficult trek to the Annapurna depends on the route and package itinerary. More the number of days, the walking distance at each day becomes less and you get to acclimatize more. However, in the short Annapurna Trek you have to see the places mentioned in the package with a little rush. Perfect for travelers who want to come to the best trek in Nepal and complete it in a very short time, the 6-7 Days Annapurna Base Camp Trek can be the #1 choice. Wandering around the Gurung villages exploring the lush colorful rhododendron forests crossing numerous perennial rivers is what the ABC Trek is all about.

Short Hiking around Kathmandu

Kathmandu as most travelers know is a city of temples and the hub of Nepal’s history and cultures inside a heart that is coated by the rich Nepalese history. Well, what most people don’t know is that Kathmandu is still a city that has so many natural wonders to wow you with. Hiking around Kathmandu is one of the best treks you can do. Well, most people know the difference in trekking and hiking. Well, Hiking around Kathmandu can be named as the shortest trekking in Kathmandu.

Shivapuri Hiking, Chandragiri Hiking, Phulchowki Hike and Jamacho Hiking are some of the best hikings to do in Kathmandu. Best for working individuals who work for the entire week and who need to take a break from professional life and diving deep into the lake of nature at least once. Hiking around Kathmandu is the best one day trek in Nepal. You get transitioned from city life to a nature’s treasure just in one day. You can have amazing fun with your friends while doing the hiking. Phulchowki Hiking and Chandragiri Hike are mostly popular during the winter season because of the snowfall that happens in the destinations and you can have fun in the snow.

Upper Mustang Short Trek in Nepal

Upper Mustang Trek is about the remote exploration of the hidden Buddhist kingdom of Mustang making it one of the best exciting short treks in Nepal. The route to the Upper Mustang Region has been opened from 1992 and because of that there is a lot to explore by the people. 7 Days Upper Mustang Trek is one of the best short treks in Nepal that takes you to the undisputed region of Nepal that is influenced by Nepalese culture along with the Tibetan culture.

If you are planning to looking for a deeper cultural persona about the Himalayan Region, Upper Mustang Trekking can be the best short trekking experience that gives you the best cultural exposure via Tiji Festival and Yartung Festival. Not only this, the undisputed trekking experience in the Himalayas makes it even better for travelers who are wanting to explore the desert vibe of the Himalayas.

Khopra Hill Short Trek in Nepal

Ghorepani PoonHill Trek is one of the most popular treks in the world. Amidst the trekking in the Annapurna, Khopra Hill Trek is an alternative trekking option if you want to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Himalayas with less crowd. The trekking route to the Khopra Hill is similar like the PoonHill Trek until Ghandruk, and follows the local trail to Dobate.

One of the most underrated treks in Nepal that gives you the best nature’s exploration along with the exploration of culture is indeed the Khopra Hill Trekking. The 6-7 days exploration fo the Himalayan chain along with beautiful landscapes, yak pastures, and alpine meadows. Exploring the Khayar Lake during the Khopra Hill Trek is one of the most amazing things to experience, and you can just adore the moment you enjoy for the rest of your life.

Mardi Himal Short Trek in Nepal

Mardi Himal Trek is one of the most scenic and amazing treks to the Annapurna Region in Nepal that offers the breathtaking mountain views. Mardi Himal Trek is achievable in like 4 days making it an awesome choice for a short trek in the Annapurna Region. Being started form 2012, the Mardi Himal Trek has been one of the most loved treks all over Nepal. Travelers around the world who come to Nepal and are time-bound love to go to Mardi Himal Trek as they can get familiar with the incredible experience of trekking to the Annapurna. It is a special moment to have in your memories all alive and kicking. The Mardi Himal Trek is perfectly quoted in a budget price and also in the itinerary that is favorable for travelers with a really tight schedule.

Not only the best short treks in Nepal, Nepal has so many things to wow you with. There are a number of tours in Nepal that don’t demand a traveler to be in a perfect physical shape. All you need to have is a normal health to travel and you are all in. It has no age boundaries also making it a great family trip to savor for ages. Some of the best short tours in Nepal are:

Kathmandu-Pokhara Tour

Kathmandu and Pokhara are two of the most popular cities in Nepal. Kathmandu being the cultural capital and Pokhara being a nature’s wonder, both the cities have a lot in their store for the travelers who want to get a cultural touch of Nepal along with a natural treasure. Starting the trip with a sightseeing around Nepal’s capital, you get to visit so many temples, monasteries, and religious heritages that give you a religious sensation. Similarly, Pokhara is the city of lakes. You find yourself in the soothing natural capital.

In addition to this, the amazing experience you have while exploring both of these incredible cities gives you a life-long experience which you will always miss even after ages. One of the best short tours from Kathmandu for travelers, Kathmandu-Pokhara Tour is a popular family tour package and also the tour that’s incredibly popular among school-going children. Suitable for travelers of all age groups, the tour to Kathmandu and Pokhara is the best of the bunch, and if you choose to go on this tour, you will not regret even a bit of it.

Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour

The best short trips in Nepal have a lot of wonderful trekking and tour packages. Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour is one of the best tour packages in Nepal as it gives you the experience of an increadible wildlfie in the forests of Nepal. Elephants, rhinoceroses, crocodiles, gharials, and deers are some of the popular wildlife you get to see while you are on a jungle safari. If you are lucky, you may see a Royal Bengal Tiger hopping in the jungle of Terai. Also popular as a wonderful one day trip in Nepal, Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour can be extended according to the wish of the travelers. That’s why Jungle Safari Tour in Chitwan is also termed as the best easy trip in Nepal.

Lumbini Tour

Lumbini, Nepal is famous as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. It is the place where Gautam Buddha cried, walked and breathed for the first time. Lumbini Tour is one popular short tour in Nepal that brings you extremely close to the cultural and natural backdrop of life. While providing you an opportunity to look back on your life-choices and focus on the positive aspect of life, the short Lumbini Tour is another incredible choice for short tour packages in Nepal which you can choose and have a happy time.

All in all, the best short treks in Nepal along with the best short tours are immense. You can choose any trip out of all and have a great time of your life. Having said that, you also need to choose the best travel buddy with whom you can create the moments of a lifetime which you will adore forever and ever. Welcome Nepal Treks is the #1 choice for most travelers. With the best travel guides, friendly porters, and customizable itinerary, you will be extremely impressed by how things work and flow. Life is all about exploring the world through incredible experiences which include travel. Traveling brings you closer to the history, culture, nature, and world in general. And for some travelers who want to explore but have a very less travel time, the best short treks in Nepal can become the ultimate choices.