7 Days Short Lower Mustang Trek

Trip Information
  • Trip Duration 7 Days
  • Destination Nepal

7 Days Short Lower Mustang Trek Package Itinerary and Price

The short lower Mustang trek is adventurous journey of seven days that offers culturally and naturally rich trekking experience in the Mustang region of Nepal. It is a classical short trek and has its own uniqueness.

Trek through the enchanting landscapes of lower Mustang witnessing mesmerizing mountains. The journey begins with your arrival in Pokhara, followed by a scenic drive to Jomsom, the district headquarters of Mustang. From Jomsom, you'll embark on a trek that leads you through traditional villages, ancient monasteries and diverse landscapes. Get mesmerized by the jaw dropping beauty of dep canyons, the world’s deepest gorge, Kali Gandaki and stunning vistas of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains. Visit Muktinath, one of the holiest sites for both Hindu and Buddhist. The trek offers opportunity of interacting with locals offering a glimpse into the unique culture of the region. Lower Mustang is the area considered safe for trekkers, making it suitable for those with less trekking experience. With comfortable teahouse accommodations along the route, warm and welcoming locals and short trip duration, the Lower Mustang short trek provides rewarding adventure for trekkers.

Overall, on these seven days trekking trip take a glimpse into unique cultures, ancient traditions, stunning landscapes and peaceful nature of the Mustang region. This is an ideal trip for those trekkers who don’t have much time, or who don’t prefer strenuous treks but want to experience naturally and culturally rich adventure. Dive into this short adventurous trek in Nepal and create unforgettable memories for lifetime!

Major Highlights

Highlights of 7 Days Short Lower Mustang Trek

  • Dive deep into the rich Tibetan cultures
  • The most exciting views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri
  • Beautiful scenic flight from Pokhara to Jomsom
  • Visit one of Nepal’s most prestigious temples- Muktinath
  • Explore the desert-like landscapes of Lower Mustang

Itinerary Overview of 7 Days Short Lower Mustang Trek

As soon as you arrive in Kathmandu, you are picked up and taken to the hotel where you will take a rest and have an overnight stay. The flight from Kathmandu takes you to Pokhara and to Jomsom which is the starting point of the Lower Mustang Trek. You will start trekking to Kagbeni (2,858m) from Jomsom. Day 4 sees you trek from Kagbeni to Muktinath and it’s the time for a great exploration around the temple where you can get to know about the rich culture of Nepal. Continuing the trek from Muktinath to Jomsom is a great experience where you will be exploring the trails with the backdrop of the gorgeous mountains. After collecting a bag full of memories of the trekking, you will be returning back from the Mustang Trek on Day 6 via flights from Jomsom to Kathmandu via Pokhara-Kathmandu. The Short Lower Mustang Trek ends with your departure after 7 days.

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  • Accommodation:Hotel

  • Accommodation:Hotel

  • Max. Altitude: 2,858 m

  • Max. Altitude: 3,817 meters

  • Max. Altitude: 2,715 m

      Useful Information

      Best Season to do the 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek

      The best season for the 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek is during spring (March-May) and autumn (Sept-Nov) season. The spring is one of the best seasons with the perfect weather, moderate temperature and incredible views. The season welcomes new flowers and greenery. The trails offer beautiful scenery of rhododendron flowers, snowcapped mountains and green forests. The autumn (Sept-Nov) is the best season for 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek. This season offers the perfect weather and beautiful scenery. The days are sunny and pleasant and the nights are chilly. It will be great to trek in autumn with the clear blue skies and mesmerizing scenery and moderate temperature. The monsoon (June-Aug) is the least preferable season. During this season the temperature is hot and there will be heavy rainfall. There are high chances of natural calamities in monsoon season. The winter season (Dec-Feb) is also not much preferred for the trekking. You might face heavy snowfall and the path might get blocked. It is really cold in this season and the temperature drops to minus. However, if the cold doesn’t bother you then you can do the 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trekking winter also. The trails are less crowded and the mountains views are the best in this season.

      Packing lists for 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek

      Here we have listed some of the most essential trekking gears for the 7 days lower Mustang Trek:

      • Down jackets, rain coat, wind proof jacket, quick dry t-shirt
      • Long sleeve shirt, trekking trousers, trekking boots, warm socks
      • Hat, scarf, gloves, sunglasses, under wears
      • Cell phone, cameras, torch light, power banks, water bottles
      • Face wipes, quick dry towel, sanitizer, toiletries
      • Sunscreen cream, moisturizer, lip balm, hair brush, etc.
      • Medical kits, water purification tablets
      • Extra money and many other necessary personal equipment and valuable accessories.

      Accommodations during 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek

      While doing the 7 days lower mustang trek, we will accommodate you in the teahouses. The accommodations are basic but comfortable. The rooms are clean and have comfortable beds, warm blankets and pillows. Some teahouses provide private room with attached bathroom but most of them provide sharing room and toilet. You will receive warm greetings and hospitality in the teahouses and lodges.

      Foods on 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek

      There are varieties of foods and drinks available on the teahouses along the short Lower Mustang trekking trail. You can have varieties of delicious Nepalese foods as well as western style foods. The best and the popular dish is local Nepali Khana set dal bhat achar and tarkari. There is other several of options in menu of foods like; sandwiches, dumplings, noodles, pasta, dal bat, etc. You can also get varieties of drinks like: black tea, lemon tea, milk tea, cold drinks, etc. the foods are fresh and hygienic.

      Drinking water availability on 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek

      The safe drinking water is available in the teahouses and hotels during the 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek. You can buy the bottled water, boiled water or the filter water on the way of trek. You can also fill the tap water. We recommend you to bring water purification tablet and drink the tap water only after purification.

      WIFI, electricity and hot shower facilities on 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek

      The teahouses have the facilities of the WIFI, electricity and hot showers. You can charge your electronic devices, enjoy hot shower and use the WIFI facilities. For the usage of these services almost all the teahouses take extra charge.

      Difficulty level of 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek

      7 days Short Lower Mustang trek is a moderate level of trek. You need to be in good health condition to do the trek. The walking hours in this trek is 6-7 hours a day. Beginners can also do the trek successfully if they are well prepared. If you are physically fit and mentally strong and determined then you can complete the trek successfully.

      Trekking guides and porters for 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek

      You will do this 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek with our professional guide and porter. It will be easy and comfortable for you to trek with the presence of guide and porter. Guide will help you lead the trek and show you the best trekking route and explain you about the history and cultures of the region. While porter can carry your bag throughout the trek that will make your trekking journey comfortable. While trekking you might face some injuries or difficulties, at that time the guides will look after you and help you. Welcome Nepal treks provide the highly professional, caring reliable and responsible guide and porter for your 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek. They will make your trip safe, successful and memorable.

      Trekking permits for7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek

      There are two types of permits you need for7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek. They are: TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System) and ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project).

      Travel insurance for 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek

      Welcome Nepal Treks strongly suggest you to have travel insurance. For your safety during 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek, you must have good travel insurance. Unpredictable incident like: natural calamities, injuries or altitude sickness might occur while trekking. In that case having travel insurance will make you feel safe and secured. The travel insurance must cover medical expenses and emergency helicopter rescues. This will make your trip safe and let you enjoy the trip without any worries.

      Tipping for guides and porters on 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek

      The tips are the reward in form of money or gifts to the services provider for their great work and services. It is not mandatory while doing 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek. During your trekking trip you will have a guide and porter who will help you and provide you the best services during the trek. The tipping is not compulsory for the trek but is expected by the guides and porters after providing you the best services throughout the trek. So, if you find their services good then you can tip them at the last day of trek which will make them happy. It is just a way to show that you are thankful for their hard work and services. It completely depends on your wish/ choice.

      Why to do 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek

      The 7 days lower mustang trek is a short and beautiful trek, ideal for those who have limited time and want to experience the beauty of Himalayas. You will experience a thrilling walk with amazing scenery of landscapes and the high snowcapped peaks. Exploring the caves, rock paintings, monasteries, and gompas are very exciting part of the trip. It will be a great fun and interesting journey by exploring this region as it is different from any other parts in Nepal. You would definitely love the short lower mustang trek which offers amazing trekking experienced that you have never experienced anywhere else.

      Why Welcome Nepal treks for 7 days Short Lower Mustang Trek

      Welcome Nepal Treks offers a wonderful 7 days short Lower Mustang Trek package to the customers at a very reasonable price with great services. We advise you to do the trek with us as we have the best team with an experience of more than 10 years in the field of trekking and tourism. The team is well trained, experienced and professional. We provide experienced, trust worthy, the best and professional guides and porters for your short 7 days Lower Mustang Trek. We can also customize the itinerary as per your requirements. We highly care for the safety of our customers and make them satisfied with our services. From picking up in airport, lodging, transportation to dropping at the airport for departure; everything will be done in professional ways. So, book the 7 days short Lower Mustang Trek with Welcome Nepal treks and have the best trekking experience for a lifetime.

      • Q1. How much does it cost to do the 7 days Lower mustang Trek?

        Welcome Nepal Treks offer the 7 days Lower Mustang Trek at a very reasonable price. We offer this 7 days adventurous Lower Mustang trekking package around $1000 with the quality services. The cost includes the transportation fees, and everything mentioned in the package with all meals.

      • Finding money exchange services can be challenging in the 7 days lower mustang trek. While embarking the trek, it's essential to carry enough cash to cover your expenses. Lodges, tea houses, and shops in the Lower Mustang region often operate on a cash only basis, and credit/debit card facilities may not be available.

      • Yes, it is possible to do 7 days lower mustang trekking without guides. But we will highly recommend doing this trek with guides. As guides will take full responsibility for your safety. It's important to be aware of potential risks and challenges along the trail, such as altitude sickness, weather conditions, and difficult terrain.

      • Hiring porters for 7 days lower mustang trek is a personal choice. If you are confident in your physical fitness and ability to carry your own backpack with all the necessary trekking gear, food, and water, you may not require a porter.

      • Yes, you can buy trekking gear for the 7 days Lower Mustang trek in Nepal. There are numerous stores in Kathmandu offering trekking gear where you can find a wide variety of equipment, including hiking boots, backpacks, sleeping bags, trekking poles, clothing, and other essentials.

      • Yes, it is safe for trekkers to do 7 days lower mustang trek. However, like any trekking adventure, there are certain factors to consider and

        precautions to take to ensure your safety and well-being and it's important to be aware of potential risks and take necessary precautions. Since, Welcome treks provides full safety to our customers as it is our first priority.

      • The highest point of the 7 days Lower Mustang trek is typically Muktinath, which sits at an elevation of around 3,800 meters (12,467 feet) above sea level.

      • There are extremely less chances of altitude sickness in 7 days lower mustang trek. The 7 days Lower Mustang trek does not reach extremely high altitudes but there is still a possibility of experiencing altitude sickness, especially if you ascend too quickly without allowing your body enough time to acclimatize.

      • Here are some tips to avoid high altitude sickness in 7 days lower mustang trek:

        • Gradual Acclimatization
        • Hydration
        • Balanced Diet
        • Avoid Overexertion
        • Medication
        • Proper Clothing
        • Listen to Your Body
        • Travel with a Guide
      • Yes, the 7 days Lower Mustang trek is definitely worth it for many trekkers. The 7 days Lower Mustang trek offers a unique and diverse landscape. You'll encounter stunning views of the Himalayas, including peaks like Nilgiri, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri. The trek allows you for a more peaceful and secluded experience, away from the crowds. Also, the lower mustang region is rich in Tibetan Buddhist culture and traditions.

      • Yes, it is possible to communicate at home during a 7 days Lower Mustang trek. But the mobile network is very limited. In some parts of Lower Mustang only, you may be able to find mobile network coverage. Some guesthouses and teahouses along the trekking route may offer Wi-Fi connectivity but the internet connection may be slow, unreliable, or available only in specific areas.

      • The 7 days Lower Mustang trek offers a unique and enriching experience for trekkers. Here are some of the specialties that make this trek special:

        • Scenic Beauty
        • Cultural Exploration
        • Apple Orchards and Marpha Village
        • Ancient Caves and Monasteries
        • Authentic local experience
        • Time constraints
      • Yes, Welcome Nepal Treks customize the 7 days lower mustang trekking packages according to our clients desired duration, preferences, and interests. We will also suggest your alternative routes, add or remove specific attractions or side trips, and adjust the daily trekking distances according to your preferences and physical capabilities.

      • It is advisable to carry extra cash along the 7 days lower mustang trekking trail. There might be unforeseen circumstances or emergencies where you may need extra cash. It's always good to be prepared in case of unexpected situations that may require additional financial resources.

      • Yes, you can do last minute booking of 7 days Lower Mustang trek. We accept your last minute booking but you should be doing at least before one day prior to the trip departure date.

      • You will get the refund if you cancel the booking of 7 days Lower mustang trekking package. But you will be charged the amount of cancelation. However, the cancelation should not be too late. For example, if you are going for the trek tomorrow and have already paid for the package then you will not even get the refund as it will be too late.