Short Upper Mustang Trek

Trip Information
  • Trip Duration 10 Days
  • Trip Grade Strenuous
  • Destination Nepal
  • Max. Altitude 4,023m
  • Start/End Pokhara/Pokhara
  • Trip Type Trekking
  • Accommodation Tea House Lodge
  • Transport Drive/Flight
  • Best Season Mar-May, Sep-Nov

Short Upper Mustang Trek: 10 Days Itinerary, Map, Cost 2023

Short Upper Mustang Trek is the perfect trekking journey where you would explore the forbidden kingdom of Upper Mustang which has so many things to wow you with. The Tibetan culture comes in its finest form while you are exploring the Upper Mustang. The remoteness and wilderness come alive with the perfect depiction of history, culture, and traditions all in a single Short Upper Mustang Trek. Far away from modern city life, you would be traversing each day in a remote kingdom perfectly complemented by natural beauty. You will meet the people of the Himalayas who are not even affected by the little percentage of modernization. The best part about the Short Upper Mustang Trek is the opportunity to explore the incredible remote kingdom in the Himalayas in a short time with the best exploration possible.

Nepal is indeed a country that has so much to provide to the travelers from all around the world. You get a lot of trekking and tour options here in Nepal. Every place you get to explore in Nepal provides you with a great experience. The Short Upper Mustang Trek with Welcome Nepal Treks is a trip that takes you to the restricted zone of Nepal to explore the Himalayan wilderness in the best way possible. 2023/24 is destined to be a time that is dedicated to travel and tourism. Do let Welcome Nepal Treks serve you with the best Short Upper Mustang Trek Package 2023/24.

Major Highlights

  • Explore the kingdom of Lo Manthang
  • Visit Kagbeni and Jomsom, two famous places in Mustang
  • Traverse the monasteries, gompas, caves, and villages
  • Get to know about the rich Tibetan culture with its influence on the Himalayan people
  • Explore the cliffs and hills in the deserty Mustang with the backdrop of the mountain peaks

Itinerary Overview of Short Upper Mustang Trek

The Short Upper Mustang Trek starts with the flight to Jomsom from there you would trek to Kagbeni followed by a trek to Chele, Gelling, and Tsarang respectively. You would then trek to Lo-Manthang which is the main highlight of the trek. Here, you would be exploring the king’s palace and other historical heritages. You would be trekking the semi-arid desert exploring the unique history and culture of Mustang which is massively influenced by Tibetan culture. After a fun time exploring Lo Manthang, you will be trekking back to Ghami and Chele. You need to walk 5-6 hours every day for the Short Upper Mustang Trek. Day 9 starts with the trek back to Jomsom from where you would get on a 30 minutes flight back to Pokhara on the final day of the trekking journey.

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  • Max. Altitude: 2,800m

  • Max. Altitude: 3,050m
  • Day tour time:5 hours

  • Max. Altitude: 3,440m
  • Day tour time:5-6 hours

  • Max. Altitude: 3,490m
  • Day tour time:5-6 hours

  • Max. Altitude: 3,730m
  • Day tour time:4/5 hours

  • Max. Altitude: 3,730m

  • Max. Altitude: 3690m
  • Day tour time:6-7 hours

  • Max. Altitude: 3,050m
  • Day tour time:6 to 7 hours

  • Max. Altitude: 2720m
  • Day tour time:6-7 hours

  • Max. Altitude: 800m
  • Day tour time:30 minutes
What's Included
  • Airports pick up on your arrival day by private vehicle
  • Transportation Pokhara Jomsome by private vehicle / flight according to your preference
  • All meals (Breakfast, Lunch & dinner) 4 cups of hot drink each day on choice
  • Best accommodation at tea houses during Mustang trekking period
  • Professional English speaking guide service trained by government of Nepal
  • Experience trekking staffs (2 guest =1 porter basic) to carry your backpack
  • Travel and rescue arrangements if require
  • All necessary paperwork, special permits (ACAP, TIMS)
  • All tax, vat and service charge
What's not Included
  • Lunch and dinner in Pokhara
  • Personal expenses phone calls, mineral water, bar bills, hot shower, battery recharge, extra porters & gears etc
  • Tips for guides, porters (Tipping are expected but not mandatory)
Useful Information

Best Time for Short Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang is the rain-shadow area of Nepal. It doesn’t receive rain at all. The best time for an Upper Mustang visit is from March to late October. Most people of the Mustang region leave their residences because of excessive cold. That’s why making a plan of visiting Mustang at any time other than the winter season is fine. The other parts of Nepal are massively affected by monsoons but not the Upper Mustang Region as it is the rain-shadow area of Nepal. If you have to make a plan during the monsoon season for exploring any part of Nepal, Upper Mustang is the best place to explore during this time.

Another best time for an Upper Mustang visit is during May when Tiji Festival is celebrated. Tiji Festival in Mustang is one of the great experiences you can have in your life. Celebrated to remember the victory of Lord Buddha’s incarnation Dorje Sonnu against a demon called Man Tam Ru, the Tiji Festival takes place in May and lasts for 3 days. It is believed that the demon caused massive destruction by feeding on human beings and causing storms and droughts before finally being destroyed by Doje Sonnu. If you are lucky enough and go to Upper Mustang in May, you do have a chance of participating in the Tiji Festival celebration which is a great experience to have in life.

Weather and Climate in Upper Mustang Short Trek

Mustang is a district in the Himalayan Region that is an ancient forbidden kingdom. It is bordered by Tibetan Plateau and is surrounded by high mountain peaks including Annapurna. Mustang is really popular in the whole world for its adventurous trekking trails, the influence of Tibetan culture, and the old monasteries that have a great history and cultural importance. Most travelers love to have a great time in the Mustang Region. So, what’s the weather like in Mustang? Knowing the weather in Mustang Region will help you in preparing for the Mustang Trip in a better way. It is indeed a key.

The Mustang’s climate is trans-Himalayan with cool and semi-arid weather. Being the rain shadow area of Nepal, Mustang receives around 307mm of rain making it a great place to visit even in the summer and monsoon. The average annual daytime temperature and a nighttime temperature of Mustang are around 11-15 degree Celsius and 0-5 degree Celsius. Mustang’s Climate and Weather is very much favorable for apple orchards and rhododendron forest. The best part about the weather in Mustang is that you can enjoy a warm and dry trek even in the summer and monsoon season which is not the case in all trekking areas of Nepal.

Drinking Water in Short Upper Mustang Trek

When you are traveling along the dry trails of Mustang, you will get thirsty in a quick sweep. And what about the drinking water facility in Mustang Trekking? Well, you can carry a water bottle with you with the water brought from the hotels and teahouses. The water is boiled and filtered and is made sure it is pure. There are also cases of mineral water bottles which you can use for drinking. It makes the drinking water facility safer giving you the necessary assurance while exploring on the trek. It is strictly advised not to drink water from any place. Always make sure you are drinking boiled, filtered, or mineral water. The teahouses and lodges where you have an overnight stay provide you with filtered or boiled water. So, there is no need to worry.

Food and Accommodation at Short Upper Mustang Trek

Food in the Upper Mustang Trek is of very good quality. You will get a mixture of local Nepali/Tibetan food with western food. Dal Bhat (rice and lentil soup) with vegetables is probably the most popular Nepali food you get to have on any trek and it doesn’t leave the Short Upper Mustang Trek too. In addition to this, you get to have coffee, and tea with omelets, biscuits, bread-toasts, pancakes, rotis, and other local food items. Getting to have the local food while trekking in the Mustang Region is a great experience to have indeed. It is also advised to carry some sort of dry fruits, nuts, and protein bars with you on the Mustang Trekking Trip.

About the accommodation in the Upper Mustang Trek, you would be staying in a 3-star hotel while in Pokhara. As soon as you start the trek from Jomsom after a flight from Pokhara, it’s now the time for trekking around 5-6 hours every day. You will be having an overnight at teahouses and lodges. You will get served tasty local and international breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The local teahouses and lodges in Mustang are healthy, clean, hygienic, and quiet for a great stay.

Transportation on the Short Upper Mustang Trek

The trek to Upper Mustang is all about getting on the adventure to the Himalayas which provides you with a magnificent exploration of the Tibetan culture blended with the Nepali culture. While reaching the destination, you would be using a variety of transportation. So, what is the transportation on the Upper Mustang Trekking?

You can get to Pokhara from Kathmandu via a flight or a 5-6 hour drive on a private vehicle. Similarly, you will get on a 30 minutes flight from Pokhara to Jomsom from where your trek to Upper Mustang begins. As soon as you leave Jomsom, it’s all about trekking and walking for 5-6 hours every day. While returning back from the Mustang Trek, you can either come on a flight or via a flight. The Mustang Trek Itinerary will give you a brief idea about the mode of transportation that will be used on the trek itself.

Best Part about the Upper Mustang Trek

Nepal has been a country that is immensely popular for trekking. Well, that’s not even a debate. Nepal is indeed a kingdom of trekking with treks ranging from short to longer treks and easy to difficult treks. Short Upper Mustang Trek is a short and relatively easy trek to do in the Mustang Region as compared to other treks like Everest Base Camp Trek. So, what’s so special about Mustang and Mustang Trekking?

Mustang is really popular for its remoteness and Himalayan wilderness along with the rich Tibetan culture that is blended with the local Nepali culture. The best thing about the Upper Mustang Trek is definitely exploring the historically and spiritually rich monasteries, gompas, and the incredible Tibetan and Nepalese traditions. Tiji Festival is another highlight about the trek to Mustang. You would find yourself diving deep into the gorgeous semi-arid landscapes that give you “Mad Max Fury Road” vibes. Enjoying in the apple orchards and exploring through the rhododendron forests makes your time in Mustang a mood-lightening experience. This is what makes Upper Mustang Trek so special and a must-go trek while in Nepal.

Short Upper Mustang Trek Cost for Nepali | Upper Mustang Trek Best Price 2023/24

Mustang Trekking Package has been one of the top trek packages to go in Nepal all over the year. Knowing the cost of a trekking package is very much important as you can manage your budget and expenditure on the trek. You may also compare many trekking packages on the basis of cost and facilities. The Short Upper Mustang Trek Cost via Welcome Nepal Treks is US$ 1350 which is indeed the Upper Mustang Trek Best Price for 2023/24 The trek cost also depends on the number of people in the group. The more the number of people in a group, the less the cost of the trek will come out to be.

The Mustang Trekking Cost under Welcome Nepal Treks includes the airport pickup and dropoff charges on a private vehicle including the transportation from Pokhara to Jomsom and back to Pokhara. The cost also consists of accommodation, meals, guide, and porter charges including the costs of all necessary paperwork and special permits (ACAP, TIMS). However, the Mustang Trek Cost doesn’t include personal expenses (phone calls, hot shower, battery recharge), lunch and dinner in Pokhara, and tips for porters and guides.

Preparation for Short Upper Mustang Trek | How to prepare for Mustang Trek?

The Mustang Trekking Package has been one of the top trekking packages in Nepal. You can go to Mustang for a wild Himalayan experience. However, you need to trek for around 5-6 hours every day at a higher altitude. So, it is necessary to be well-prepared for Mustang Trekking. How to prepare for the Mustang Trek? The ways of preparation can be a lot. Some of the best preparation tips for the Short Upper Mustang Trek are:

  • Research about the trekking area very well
  • Get to know about the climate, weather, and trekking trails
  • Do physical exercise and have a balanced diet
  • Have a habit of walking uphill and downhill
  • Get used to walking a short distance instead of using transportation
  • Have great workout sessions and stay hydrated