Nepal Trekking Package With Best Price For 2024/2025

Nepal Trekking Package is an extraordinary adventure witnessing lofty Himalayas and multiethnic cultural people’s community. Go extra mile towards the best scenic landscape of Nepal providing best Himalayan walking holiday trails. World over trekking is considered as the upgraded version of hiking. However, in Nepal trekking is every day activities for the locals living in hilly and Himalayan region of Nepal. Numerous uphill and downhill along the green lush forests crossing glacial river and relishing jaw dropping scenery of snow-clad mountains undoubtedly make your adventure walking holiday in Nepal mesmerizing. Join Welcome Nepal Treks for the adventure, services and hospitality while you trek to magnificent places of Nepal Trekking like Everest trekking package, Annapurna Trekking Package, Langtang Trekking Package, Mustang Trekking Package, Dolpo Trekking Package, Manaslu Trekking Package and off the beaten paths.

Nepal is home of over 19000 lofty snow covered mountains. Plethora of hills and three distinct forests belts (sub tropical, temperate & alpine) make Nepal paradise for nature lovers. In small geographical setting numerous multiethnic communities endow stupendous cultural excursion moments. Trekking in Nepal is definitely an epitome of adventure hiking. There are iconic places where trekkers can leave their foot prints. Everest region which is the home of world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest hosts trekking like Everest Base Camp Trekking, Everest View Trekking, EBC Chola Pass Trek, Gokyo Valley Trek and three high passes trekking. Annapurna region hosts diversified trekking trails having abundance of vegetations, high passes, wildlife, mountains and villages. Annapurna Base Camp Trekking, Annapurna Circuit Trekking, Jomsom Muktinath Trekking, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking, Mardi Himal Trekking and Khopra Poon Hill Trekking are major trekking trails of Annapurna region. Langtang region is another highlighting destination of trekking in Nepal. It possesses outstanding trails like Langtang Valley Trek, Langtang Gosainkunda Trek, Ganjala Pass Trek and Tamang Heritage Trek. Manaslu region too has its own peculiarity and adventure in the form of Manaslu Circuit Trek and Tsum Valley Trek. Other off the beaten trekking paths is like Rara Lake Trekking, Kanchenjunga Trekking, Dhaulagiri Trekking, Dolpo region trekking and other numerous customized trekking trails.

Nepal Trekking Packages is always going to provide momentous tale of adventure and intrepidity to mankind. Welcome Nepal Treks arranges numerous trekking trips in Nepal with view to promote sustainable tourism in Nepal. We are the best trekking and tour agency of Nepal which organizes prodigious trekking holiday at the most competitive prices. Choose any of these trekking packages and feel adventure in Nepal.

Best Season for Nepal Trekking Package

Whenever someone wants to come to Nepal for trekking, the foremost question that always comes is “Which is the best time for trekking in Nepal?” Well, different people have different answers to that. The best time to go to Nepal is very subjective. Looking at the climate point of view, the best time for a Nepal Trek is during the autumn and the spring season.

The months of October and November can be considered as the best months for a Nepal Trek. With mild temperatures and relatively stable climate, you don’t have to worry about a lot of things. The hiking through the trails becomes easier as compared to the winter season. Another perfect time for a trek in Nepal is during April-May (Spring Season). The winter has already bedded farewell and the temperature is moderate. So, you don’t have to worry about slippery trails and extreme temperatures. You can trek through the trekking trails easily, and don’t have to deal with a lot of complications. The perfect time for a trek to Nepal is indeed during the spring and autumn seasons when the temperature is mild and the mountain vistas are clearer.

All in all, the best season for Nepal Trekking Package is during the spring and autumn season and the best month for trekking in Nepal is during September-November. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t trek in the winter and monsoon season. As the temperature is extremely low during the winter season, walking for a long day can be tough. Similarly, the climate can be little unstable. The mountains get covered with snow and there are also the chances of fog making it difficult for you to check out the glorious sight of the mountains. And in the monsoon season, the trails are extremely slippery. It becomes little tough to walk on those trails. That’s why most travelers don’t like to go to Nepal on trek during the winter and monsoon seasons. Their traveling time shifts to the spring and autumn seasons.

Hotel and Accommodation in Nepal Trekking

The trekking packages in Nepal are all about exploration to its ultimate best. However, it doesn’t take out the fact that you get to visit many awesome places for great food and the best accommodation. The type of accommodation and food depends on the trekking package. You will get different facilities of food and accommodation with different trekking packages around Nepal. The type of food you get while traveling to Everest Trek might be different from the food you have while traveling to the Annapurna Trek.

The accommodation in Nepal Trekking Package also depends on the packages. While you are on a tour in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini or Chitwan, you will be in 3 star hotel or resort. The accommodation is cozy, clean and has peaceful atmosphere with 24 hours water facility and Wifi. Meanwhile, when you are in the trek to Everest, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, or Upper Mustang, the accommodation there is a simple local lodge managed by the local families. You only go there for a meal and an overnight stay, and leave the very next day. So, the facilities you get there will not be a big issue. Even though, you stay in the small local lodges, the food you get there is delicious and the rooms where you get to stay and sleep in are cozy and awesome.

However, if you want to stay in a luxury lodge in any of the treks, you will have to go to a Luxury Lodges Trek. It is a trek option with a similar itinerary but you get to stay at luxury lodges instead of the small local lodges and teahouses. The price is little more expensive than a normal trek.

All in all, there are various hotels, motels, lodges, teahouses, and restaurants where you can have great food when you are trekking in Nepal. You don’t need to worry about what to eat and where to sleep in. Your tour planner will organize everything for you. However, if you want to customize it in any way, you can consult with the tour planner.

Meals and Drinks in Nepal Trekking Package

The most popular food you will have on any trekking package in Nepal will be Dal-Bhat (the famous Nepali dish). You will have a breakfast with bread, eggs, sausages, noodles, and tea or juice. Not only this, you also may have different cuisines according to the day of the trip and the place where you are staying. The food mentioned is possible even when you are already on the trek. Talking about drinks you will have in trekking in Nepal, the best drink you will have is a glass of water. You can also have energy drinks and other juices while you are in trek to Nepal. It is not advised to have alcohol when you are on the trip as it may create a little bit of difficulty

Nepal Trekking Package Cost and Price

Nepal being the paradise for trekking and travel has a variety of trekking regions for travelers to explore. You get a chance to visit many places with each place unique in its own way. Everest Base Camp Trek is famous for the breathtaking view of the Everest with rugged trekking trails. Meanwhile, Annapurna Trekking Package is popular as an easy trekking trail that gives you the opportunity to explore the vegetation and wildlife in a whole different way.

Longer the itinerary and remote the trekking trail is, the more the cost of the trekking becomes. There is also a popular trek package called as the Budget Trekking Package. It includes all the trekking packages in a reasonable cost.

Some of the popular trekking packages with their cost are as follows:-

  • Everest Trek Package:  US$ 1500
  • 16 Days Annapurna Trekking Package: US$ 1300
  • 13 Days Annapurna Base Camp Trek: US$ 900
  • Mardi Himal Trek: US$ 700
  • 10 Days Langtang Valley Trek US$ 800
  • 17 Days Upper Mustang Trekking Package US$ 2500

Best Way to Reach Nepal

There is only one way you can reach Nepal from abroad and that is via Tribhuvan International Airport in the capital city of Kathmandu. There is a new international airport about to be run by the end of 2023 which is in Pokhara. If you are from India, there are quickest journeys from Varanasi, New-Delhi, and Kolkata with the flight time of 1-1.5 hours.

If you are from countries other than India, there are various flights that come to Nepal. The best way to come here is via the flight. After landing in Nepal, there are amazing ways to travel the country.

Top Places to Visit in Nepal 2023 | Nepal Trekking Package for 2024/2025

When you are in Nepal, you are in the heaven of adventure. There are various places in Nepal where you can have an amazing time, and enjoy to the fullest. According to your wish and the climatic condition, you can choose out a number of places where you can have a time of your life. The top places to visit in Nepal include Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Everest Base Camp, and Annapurnra Base Camp. Not only this, there is a lot of fun things to try in Nepal from rafting, helicopter ride to trekking in the Himalayas.

Here is a list of Top Places to Visit in Nepal in 2023/2024 and make your vacation one of the most memorable experiences in your life.

Kathmandu Tour Package

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and indeed the epitome of culture and history. You will visit Kathmandu one way or the other when you come on a trip to Nepal. Tribhuvan International Airport is in Kathmandu, and you find yourself in the capital. Kathmandu is a must visit place and you will find a variety of different buildings, people with different cultures, and historical heritages. Sightseeing around Kathmandu is a perfect appetizer for a trek in the Himalayas. There are beautiful heritages in Kathmandu that have also been enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, and Boudhannath are three of the most popular heritages which you can’t miss out by any means.

Pokhara Tour Package

The king of cities- Pokhara is one of the most gorgeous cities in the world. Having the combination of natural beauty, city life, and lakes, Pokhara stands on top of the list of cities you must visit in Nepal. There are a lot of things you can do in Pokhara. You can go on paragliding, sunset watching, boat ride, sightseeing, and temple visit. When in Pokhara, it’s all about the adventure and nature’s love soaked into one bottle full of fun.

Lumbini Tour Package

Nepal is popular as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha- the Light of Asia. The place where Buddha put his first steps after birth, spent his entire childhood, gained enlightenment and became immortal, all are there in Lumbini. If you are a Buddha follower, and love to know more about the great idol Buddha, Lumbini is a must-visit place. Bodh Gaya, Ashoka Pillar, Mayadevi Temple are the spots in Lumbini where you find yourself extremely close to the Messenger of Peace. There are different monasteries in Lumbini made by different countries. Every monastery has its different vibe and importance. One of the top places to visit in Nepal, Lumbini is a must-travel place.

Everest Base Camp Trek Package

Nepal is not only about culture and history. Regarded as the trekkers’ paradise, Nepal has many trekking trails from Everest to Annapurna. Everest is the highest peak in the world. Every trekker from the world has a dream to summit the highest peak. But not everyone can tolerate the hardship and brutality of the climate and trails of the Everest. EBC Trek is the perfect option for the travelers who want to summit Everest but can’t due to various reasons. It is the most popular adventurous thing to try while in Nepal.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Package

Annapurna Conservation Area is one of the most beautiful regions in Nepal. Having a variety of wildlife, lush trekking trails, and green vegetation, ABC is one of the easiest trekking trails for beginners. Most travelers start from ABC Trek as their first trekking experience. It is the mystic mountain experience that brings you closer to the eight-thousander Mountains and the local people in the Annapurna Region. ABC Trekking is one of the lifetime experiences that restores your love for nature and makes you fall in love with Mother Nature again.

Not only these, there are other top places to visit in Nepal and other fun things to try in Nepal. Bardiya National Park and Chitwan National Park are two of the most popular places in Nepal popular for the wildlife and jungle activities. In addition to this, Mardi Himal Trek, Upper Mustang Trekking, and Everest View Treks are other top trekking areas to go in Nepal. It doesn’t matter which trek are you on, the fun you will have in the respective trip will exceed your expectations by all means.

Guide/Porter on Nepal Trekking Package

When you are on a trek to any trails in Nepal, you will have the facility of guide and porters. The travel agency will sort that out for you. Welcome Nepal Treks provides you experienced guides and friendly porters for your trip. You will never feel like you are a distant person. The friendship and co-operation will motivate you more to continue the trip and end it on a high.  All the guides are English-speaking and also know any other native language. Tipping during the treks in Nepal is not mandatory. However, if you love the service of guides and porters, you can award them with a tip. It will motivate them even more to provide great service.

Trip Extensions, Insurance and Rescue in Nepal Trekking

When you are on any treks in Nepal, you will get to experience different trails and meet different people. Not only this, you will have to explore different trekking trails that might be easy or rugged. Some trekkers are beginner-level whereas some are hardcore trekkers.           

Many travelers have confusion regarding “Is it necessary to get insurance for trekking in Nepal?” Well, it is not mandatory for you to have an insurance for the trip. However, it is suggested to get an insurance as it will give you that extra assurance to continue the trip to the Himalayas.

Talking about the rescue operations on treks in Nepal, the travel agency will be responsible for any sort of mishaps. Firstly, they will try to minimize the chances of any complications to none. However, in cases of any sort of complications, first aid service will be provided to travelers. Amidst the trek, if there is any serious case, then the helicopter service is also available. Welcome Nepal Treks provides you helicopter ambulance service for the travelers if any hard complications arise during the trip.

Nepal Trekking 2024 | Trekking in Nepal

2022 is the year when everyone has finally bid farewell to COVID-19 and it is expected to be a year of trekking in the Himalayas with new energy and enthusiasm. Nepal welcomes every traveler from all around the world to the land of Everest to have an enjoyable vacation where everyone can be completely themselves and enjoy to the fullest. You can get a variety of treks to choose from.

There are short treks, budget-friendly treks, and longer treks. You can choose your trekking package according to your choice. Some of the best short treks in Nepal in 2024/25 are PoonHill Trek, Annapurna View Trek, Everest View Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, and Ghandruk-Ghorepani Trek. All the short treks can be completed in less than a week. Whenever someone talks about the cheap and budget friendly treks to do in Nepal, PoonHill Trek comes on top of the list in every talk. .The cheapest trek in Nepal is Ghorepani PoonHill Trek. However, the cost also depends on various factors including your personal expenses and the choice of the package.

Packing List for Nepal Trekking Package

When you are on a trek in Nepal’s Himalayas, you will have a lot of fun. But, to make sure your experience is remembering for all the good reasons, you need to make a packing list and take all the necessary equipment’s with you in the trek. Following is the packing list for travelers in Nepal Trekking in 2023/2024.

  • Waterproof Backpack
  • Hiking Boots ( Make sure they are comfortable and not new as new shoes can give shoe bites)
  • Trekking shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Innerwear
  • Sunscreen Cream
  • Sunhats and sunglasses
  • Socks
  • Batteries and Power bank
  • Cameras and Mobile Phone
  • Passport Size Photos
  • Fleece Jacket and Lightweight down jacket

You need to make sure your clothes for the trek are dry, water-resistant and comfortable. Otherwise, it becomes very difficult to carry forward in the trip. The packing list is different according to different trekking areas. However, the trekking gear mentioned above are needed in every trek in Nepal. You can just put all of these in the mandatory trekking gear list so that you won’t forget all these by any means.

Gears Available in Kathmandu for Nepal Trekking

If you are coming to Nepal to do a trek, you don’t need to carry the trekking gear back from your country. There are many places in Kathmandu from where you can get quality trekking gear that can be a perfect addition in your trip to the Himalayas. So, Where to get all the trekking gear in Kathmandu? Well, Thamel is a commercial tourist hub of Nepal and provides you a range of trekking gear.

The gear quality is fine, and the cost of the gear is relatively cheaper as compared to other gear from big shops. If you are going on a short trek with a lower altitude then you can totally depend on the local trekking gear. However, if you are going on a longer trek that too at higher altitude then choosing a good brand is a must.

How to prepare for Nepal Trekking in 2024/2025?

Trekking is one of the great experiences in life. A good trek definitely changes the way you see life and make life choices. A great trekking experience comes with a great preparation. You need to prepare yourself well for the treks in Nepal especially in 2024/2025. If you are fully prepared for the trekking, chances are high that you have to deal with minimum complications.

Following are the ways of preparing for a trek in Nepal.

  • Go to short hikes on the weekends.
  • Improve your overall fitness by exercising
  • Make a habit of walking uphill and downhill
  • Have balanced diet
  • Make note of your breathing and sleep schedule
  • Research about the trekking trail well
  • Shop for the best trekking gear
  • Be habituated on walking with the trekking shoes

Where to book your next Nepal Trekking Package?

Nepal is indeed the trekkers’ paradise and the best memories in your life comes from the fun trips you have with your loved ones. Choosing a good travel agency is one of the most important steps to make your journey to the Himalayas a golden chapter in your book of life. So, where to book your next Nepal Trekking Package? Well, the choices are immense. Welcome Nepal Treks serves just right in your wish list.

Been contributing a lot to the travel industry, Welcome Nepal Treks is one of the most ideal trekking companies in Nepal. Putting customers’ satisfaction and safety as the foremost priority, Welcome Nepal Treks has been ruling the hearts of travelers from all around the globe. So, next time you want to come to Nepal, you know where to book your travel package to the land of Gautam Buddha. You get best Nepal Trekking Packages at a very reasonable cost, nowhere other than in Welcome Nepal Treks.

Why Nepal Trekking Packages?

Well, Nepal is the epitome of treks, hikes, sightseeing, history-exploration and many more. However, the best experience in Nepal comes from the treks you do here in Nepal. So, why Trekking Packages in Nepal? Let’s dive deep into the reasons why trekking packages in Nepal are so popular and satisfying.

  • Nepal is a home to 8 eight-thousand mountains out of the 14 mountains in the world.
  • Nepal has various trekking trails from easy to hard.
  • Even if you are beginner level or hard core trekker, Nepal has every trail built just for you.
  • Having Everest in its heart, every traveler in the world has a dream to see the Everest from a very close view.
  • With PoonHill Trek and Annapurna View Trek, Nepal has the trekking packages best for family. You can go with your children or your parents. There is no age boundary when it comes to trekking in Nepal.
  • Not only trekking, you will get soaked into the exploration of two of the most gorgeous cities of Nepal- Kathmandu and Pokhara when you are on a trek to any mountain in Nepal.
  • You will get to meet local people of Nepal who have hospitality and serving customers as their main motive in life.
  • If you are time bound and can’t go on a long trip, there are travel packages of helicopter rides and trek return by helicopter that serves just right.

All in all, Nepal is a home to some of the world’s best trekking trails. Trekkers from all over the world love to travel to Nepal to have an incredible trekking experience. You can choose trekking package according to your wish. The basis of choosing a trip can be itinerary, time, trekking trail, and the place where you will love to travel. Having a magnificent number of Nepal Trekking Packages, Nepal is the perfect trekking destination and with Welcome Nepal Treks, your travel experience becomes surreal and amazing like never before.