How difficult are the treks?

The difficulty of trekking, it’s also depend of yours trekking route option. Trekking in the Himalaya, the shorter treks is easier then while the longer and high passes trekking route require some physical fitness. It’s also depend of yours sprite of adventure. Be prepared for some steps trails leading to amazing views. The place at which you hike is up to you. The Nepal Trekking and Hiking company have friendly, experience and dependable Sherpa, porters to assist you with your personal gear.

Where do we stay on a trek?

Normally, you can do the two kind of trekking in the Himalaya. They are: camping Himalaya Trekking Holiday and tea house Himalaya Trekking Holiday. When you are doing a camping Trekking holiday during that situation, yours trekking crew like: Sherpa, Guide, Sardar and potters will be organizing yours tent where acceptable facilities exist, normally we use that. You need not worry about that even you never camped before. The tent we are providing are roomy, the sleeping pads/mattress is comfortable. During yours Himalaya Trekking periods there is a bathroom tent and dining tent with tables and camp stools, providing a cozy, comfortable atmosphere to eat and chat with fellow trekkers during the evening.

In the tea house Himalaya trekking holiday, you will be normally spend yours night in tea house. Actually Tea house is the combination of guesthouse, restaurant (Bhatti), house and social hang out. Our many years of experience along these routes have helped us fried least, cleanest and most enjoyable tea house with the best views. Most of the tea houses have running water. Many have hot water heated by kerosene, gas due to the lack of firewood in the most villages. Deforestation is being a big environmental concern in Himalayas. We always encourage to all ours trekkers along the Everest, Langtang, and Annapurna treks to try our tea house treks.