Our Team

  • Hari Khadka
    Managing Director

    Hari Khadka

    Mr. Hari Khadka is one of the most popular names in the tourism field of Nepal. Born in the year 1989 in Nuwakot, Mr. Hari has always been interested in travel and tourism back from his childhood. Talking about his journey in tourism, Hari was always a kid who wanted to explore new things and dive deep into an adventure in any way. Back when he was in his hometown, there were a lot of tourists coming there and having. He used to try talking to the tourists and that brought him a lot of happiness and satisfaction. It was at that moment he knew he will be working on travel and tourism for his life. All these things definitely made sure traveling and tourism held an irreplaceable spot in his heart from that day until now. With the sheer desire of doing something about tourism, Mr. Hari started the tourism and travel business in the name of Welcome Nepal Treks back in 2005. With a big goal to work in the travel business, starting “Welcome Nepal Treks Pvt Ltd.” Was the first step to transcending his dreams into reality.

    Mr. Hari Khadka is the Founder and Managing Director of Welcome Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd.

    Having spent more than 15 years in this travel game, he has made Welcome Nepal Treks a popular brand in the travel industry. Putting hard work, patience, and perseverance as the priority, he spends most of his time trying new things in the business. The main goal of Mr. Hari with Welcome Nepal Treks is to make sure the customers who travel with Welcome Nepal Treks feel the ultimate joy of traveling and having great travel experiences.

    One of the most innovative ideas Mr. Hari has embraced and put into work is “non-resort-based village tourism” which has done wonders. The major forte of Mr. Hari is implementing new ideas and concepts in tourism to make sure the ideas are maintained well in tourism bringing good results. Mr. Hari is fluent in English and basic Spanish and has traveled to many countries seeing different cultures and lifestyles abroad. With everything he has learned from his abroad traveling, he likes to implement every good idea that is destined to bring positive results.

    Not only this, Mr. Hari doesn’t only organize tours and trips for travelers He likes to get his hands dirty traveling to the places where he organizes the trips to whenever he has free time off office work. He likes adventure and the best way to have an adventurous experience is by joining one of those outdoor trips to the mountains. He has specialized in adventure tourism, rural tourism, cultural tourism, ecotourism, and yoga tourism with Welcome Nepal Treks with the intention to protect and promote Nepal’s culture and nature for the future.

  • Nawaraj Thapaliya
    Marketing Executive Officer

    Nawaraj Thapaliya

    Mr. Nawaraj Thapaliya, the Founder and Marketing Executive Officer of "Welcome Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd. His long years of national and international experience in the tourism sector have helped him to lead his company as a Marketing Officer. He was born in Chitwan and has completed his graduation in Arts (Political since) from Tribhuvan University. 

    His aim is to help protect and preserve this beautiful environment for future generations of trekkers to enjoy. He ensures that all porters and all other staff going above the tree line are provided with adequate clothing and equipment.

  • Ngima Ongel Lama
    Executive Manager/Trekking Guide

    Ngima Ongel Lama

    Ngima Ongel Lama came from Everest Region, Solukhumbu district, Beni, V.D.C. 3, His main dream was to become good trekking guide and Trek operator he has been putting lots of efforts for his dreams to come true. He is a person of great dedication. And he is a real Guide by his natural characteristics. Everyone who goes on the trip with him gets amazed. He is well trained Cook for the company as well and he loves cooking delicious outdoor meals in camping trekking and rafting trips. He started to work with us in 2001 as a Sherpa staff and kitchen helper and became the best cook! And guide Since that time he has learned so much and developed a lot.

    His skills are developing really fast! He is a hard worker and everything what he does – he does with great motivation, right attitude and 100% involvement. He makes sure that all goes smoothly on the trip, he takes care of everything. Before you can think of something – he already does it for you! Ngima Ongel Lama very friendly and positive person. We are very happy to have him in our Team.

    He is a Trekking guide trained by Ministry of Tourism of Nepal with 12 years of experience in this ground. He has completed English Language Course, First aid training, Altitude sickness training etc.He always stays focused on travelers’ satisfaction. He takes both pride and pleasure to offer willing service to our valued clients.

  • Pema Dorge Sherpa
    Climbing Guide/Climbing Manager

    Pema Dorge Sherpa

    Pema Dorge Sherpa is local residence of Everest region,He has submitted the Mt Everest as well many times. he has started his adventure job since 1999 and has long time experience in trekking and climbing field in several Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet. He is also a technical mountaineering guide for our company - handling climbing and treks. He is a Climbing guide trained by Ministry of Tourism of Nepal with 10 years of experience in this ground. He has completed English ,French and japnies Language Course, First aid training, Altitude sickness training etc.

    His driving force is his own daring heart and passionate about mountaineering. He has established himself as the successful mountain climbing guide in Nepal. Personally he is very friendly and helpful and he loves to share his deep of knowledge about mountain among travelers to make their journey interesting and unforgettable.

  • Pemba Sherpa
    Office Assistant/Trekking Guide

    Pemba Sherpa

    He is one of the highly qualified as well as sincere staff of the company, employing under this company since 2010. Only broad knowledge is not sufficient to accomplish any task appropriately, likewise, he also works in office and heart to give better service for the company.

    He is a trekking guide trained by the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal with 5 years of experience in this ground.

  • Krishna Ram Pradhan
    Tour Guide/Tour Operator

    Krishna Ram Pradhan

    His wide knowledge about prehistoric and sophisticated traditional culture of Nepal enables you understand much about Inner- Nepal. He is a Tour guide trained by Ministry of Tourism of Nepal with 7 years of experience in this ground.

    He has been involving in this profession for 10 years. Doubtlessly, his service is tremendous! His specialization is in trekking and has in – depth knowledge about culture and history of Nepal. Having travelled almost all parts of Nepal, he has acquired boundless information about inner Nepal. His friendiness and hospitability definitely make your visit to Nepal a memorable one.

    He is fluent in English spoken, not only that he has also good communication skill in Spanish language as well.

  • Dorji Sherpa
    Trekking Guide/Climbing Guide

    Dorji Sherpa

    He came from Everest Region Solukhumbu District Gorekhani ,9. He has been working in this field since 2003. He is a Trekking guide trained by the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal with 6 years of experience in this ground. He has completed English and French Language. He is a very friendly and positive person. We are very happy to have him in our Team.