15 Days Upper Mustang Trek

Trip Information
  • Trip Duration 15 Days
  • Trip Grade Moderate
  • Destination Nepal
  • Max. Altitude 3840 meters
  • Start/End Kathmandu/Kathmandu
  • Trip Type Tea House Trek
  • Accommodation Tea House lodge
  • Transport Private/Sharing
  • Best Season March to May and Sep to Nov

15 Days Upper Mustang Trek Itinerary and Best Price For 2024

The 15 Days Upper Mustang Trek is all about exploring the hidden kingdom of Lo Manthang through the rugged trails on the desert-like atmosphere. Having been protected from tourism for so long, the Upper Mustang is one of the remote areas where you can go and see the Tibetan culture at its finest. The long, rich, and ancient Tibetan culture history makes trekking to Upper Mustang a different Himalayan experience. You not only get to see the mountains, monasteries, gompas, caves, and wall paintings but also get to be there with the local people during their festival celebration. It is a great way of getting to know the cultures of other people whom you have been following for a long time. Far away from the city life lies a region with wilderness that is sure to make you go crazy over its natural beauty and remoteness.

Major Highlights

Highlights of the 15 Days Upper Mustang Trek

  • Explore the red-tanned cliffs and hills of Mustang
  • Visit Muktinath Temple and Jomsom
  • Traverse the kingdom of Lo Manthang
  • Dive deep into the mysticism of Mustang
  • Know the core lifestyle of mountain people in the truest sense
  • Participate in the Tiji Festival celebration if you are traveling in May

Itinerary Overview of 15 Days Upper Mustang Trek

The Upper Mustang Trek for 15 days starts with a drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara from where you get on a flight to reach Jomsom. The 3-4 hours walk from Jomsom leads you to Kagbeni. You will be now trekking for 5-6 hours every day for the rest of the trek starting from Kagbeni and reaching Chele, Syangbochen, Ghami, Tsarang, and finally to Lo Manthang on the seventh day of the trek. Another day at Lo Manthang means it's a total excursion where you will be seeing a lot of historical monuments, carvings, paintings, and whatnot. You will meet many local people and get to know about the lifestyle of true mountain people. From Lo Manthang, you will be trekking to Yara, Tangbe, Tetang, and Muktinath (a temple that has a lot of religious and historical importance). After having an incredible time in the highlands, it’s now time for returning back. You will be trekking to Jomsom from Muktinath, and get on a flight/car to reach Pokhara. A drive back from Pokhara leads you to Kathmandu which marks the ending of the Upper Mustang Trek.

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  • Max. Altitude: 800m
  • Day tour time:6 to 7 hours

  • Max. Altitude: 2,810m
  • Day tour time:25 minutes flight and 3 to 4 hours trek

  • Max. Altitude: 3,050m
  • Day tour time:5 to 6 hours

  • Max. Altitude: 3,475m
  • Day tour time:6 to 7 hours

  • Max. Altitude: 3,520m
  • Day tour time:5 to 6 hours

  • Max. Altitude: 3,620m
  • Day tour time:5 to 6 hours

  • Max. Altitude: 3,730m
  • Day tour time:3 to 4 hours

    • Max. Altitude: 3,838m
    • Day tour time:6 to 7 hours

    • Max. Altitude: 3,240m
    • Day tour time:7 to 8 hours

    • Max. Altitude: 3,067m
    • Day tour time:8 to 9 hours

    • Max. Altitude: 3,800m
    • Day tour time:7 to 8 hours

    • Max. Altitude: 2,700m
    • Day tour time:5 to 6 hours

    • Max. Altitude: 1,400m
    • Day tour time:6 to 7 hours
    What's Included
    • Airports pick up on your arrival day by private vehicle
    • Transportation by drive / flight according to the program
    • Two nights hotel accommodation in Pokhara BB basic
    • Round trip flight from Pokhara to Jomsom to Pokhara
    • All meals (Breakfast, Lunch & dinner) 4 cups of hot drink each day on choice
    • Best accommodation at tea houses during Mustang trekking period
    • Professional English speaking guide service trained by government of Nepal
    • Experience trekking staffs (2 guest =1 porter basic) to carry your backpack
    • Travel and rescue arrangements if require
    • All necessary paperwork, special permits (ACAP, TIMS) and local taxes
    What's not Included
    • Lunch and dinner in Pokhara
    • Personal expenses phone calls, mineral water, bar bills, hot shower, battery recharge, extra porters & gears etc
    • Tips for guides, porters (Tipping are expected but not mandatory)
    Useful Information

    Best seasons to do 15 Days Upper Mustang Trek

    Trekking is possible throughout the year. But the best seasons to do trekking is spring and autumn. Spring lasts from March to May while autumn falls from September to November in Nepal. During the spring seasons, the weather is generally mild and stable. The days are longer, allowing for more trekking hours. The trail comes alive with colorful rhododendron blooms and other wild flowers, adding beauty to the landscapes. The temperature are moderate, making it comfortable for trekking and the visibility id generally good, offering clear views of surrounding mountains. Likewise, autumn is another excellent seasons for 15 days upper mustang trekking. The weather is generally dry and stable during this time, with clear skies and excellent visibility. The temperatures are mild, making trekking comfortable during the day, while the nights can be chilly at higher altitudes.

    Packing tools for 15 Days Upper Mustang Trek

    • A few pairs of Thermal tops
    • Fleece jacket/pullover
    • Windcheater - waterproof shell jacket one pair
    • down jacket
    • Comfortable Fleece/wool trousers
    • Trekking pants- at least 2 pairs
    • Mittens/woolen gloves
    • Warm Hiking socks
    • Hiking Cotton trousers/t-shirts
    • Sun hat/scarf, wash towel
    • Sunglasses
    • Sleeping bag
    • Trekking poles
    • Day bag above 40 L
    • Basic personal first aid kit
    • Water bottles, water purification tablets

    Accommodations for 15 Days Upper Mustang Trek

    During this trek you will be staying in the tea houses. A tea houses is like a guest house on the mountain trails. It provides trekkers with accommodation, meals and a place to socialize. You will be getting accommodation either in twin rooms or dormitories. There will be no any single rooms until it’s off seasons. The facilities are relatively simple with shared bathrooms and communal dining areas. It is advisable to carry your own sleeping bag for extra comfort and warmth.

    Foods for 15 Days Upper Mustang Trek

    The 15 days upper mustang trek route has a plenty number of tea houses along the way and every single tea house has a menu system, there will be various ethnics foods as well as western foods too. While trekking you will eat food according to the menu provided by us. If you want some other food which are not clarified, then you will have to pay the money for yourself. Likewise, the 15 days upper mustang trails offers mostly Nepali and Tibetan dishes on the menu. The food is diverse and delicious consisting of a mix of Nepali, Tibet and western cuisines. You will have a many meals option including the Dal bhat tarkari, Tibetan bread, different types of tea, a variety of stirred fried veggies, noodles, sandwich, momo etc. The snacks options in the shops are limited and expensive so stock enough to the last date.

    Drinking water for 15 Days Upper Mustang Trek

    Drinking water is needed and significant while trekking. Every lodge has a safe drinking water or minerals bottles of water you could buy. If you buy a purification tablet from Kathmandu so that you can take water from the tap and you can purify yourself. That will help from buying expensive minerals water. The price will increase according to the altitudes

    Wi-Fi, electricity and hot shower availability in 15 Days Upper Mustang Trek

    The availability of Wi-Fi, electricity and hot water for showers can vary depending on the specific location along the trail. In most of the tea houses along the trekking route, Wi-Fi is available but you have to pay additional fee. However please note that the quality and reliability of the internet connection can vary. In more remote and higher altitude areas, the Wi-Fi signal may be weak or nonexistent. Electricity will be limited because it is generated through solar panels. Charging electronic devices like cameras, phones or batteries may incur an additional fees. Hot shower facilities are available in most of the tea houses along the trekking routes. However, it’s important to note that hot showers are often not included in the standard room rate and may require an additional fee.

    15 Days Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty

    Because of the altitude and dry atmosphere, this trek is considered as a challenging trek. In this trek we have to walk almost 6-7 hours a day. You don’t need experience of hiking and trekking, but if you done any kind of trekking then it will be plus point for you. The upper mustang trek has a difficulty grade of moderate level. This trek is neither easy treks nor hard or tough trek.

    Guides and porters for 15 Days Upper Mustang Trek

    While it is not mandatory to have guides and porters for 19 days churen Himal trekking but it is highly recommended, especially for those who are inexperienced or unfamiliar with the region. Having guides and porters offers several benefits that can greatly enhance your trekking experience. Guides are experienced in navigating these routes, reducing the risk of getting lost or taking incorrect paths. Their expertise ensures you stay on track, saving time and preventing potential hazards. They are also familiar with emergency protocols and can provide immediate help in case of injuries and emergencies.

    Permits during 15 Days Upper Mustang Trek

    Upper mustang trek is considered as the restricted area because it lies near the border of the Tibet. Trekkers will require a special restricted area permits and Annapurna conservation area project permits for this trek.

    Travel insurance for 15 Days Upper Mustang Trek

    Obtaining travel insurance for 15 days upper mustang trekking is generally recommended. Upper mustang is a remote region located in the Himalayas of Nepal and trekking there involves certain risks and challenges. Trekking in high altitude sickness or other potential emergencies. Travel insurance can provide coverage for medical expenses, emergency evacuation, and repatriation if you require medical treatment or evacuation during your trek.

    Tipping for 15 Days Upper Mustang Trek

    Tipping is a common practice in the tourism industry, including for trekking guides, porters, and other support staff. While tipping is not mandatory, it is appreciated and considered a way to show gratitude for the service provided. It’s important to note that these are general guidelines, and tipping is ultimately personal decisions. You may choose to adjust the amount based on your satisfaction with the service and your budget.

    Why to do 15 Days Upper Mustang Trek?

    Upper mustang is located in the rain shadow of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges, resulting in a distinct and mesmerizing landscapes. 15 days upper mustang trek takes you through the arid, desert like terrain of the mustang valley, with its rugged cliffs, deep canyons and unique rock formation. You will encounter dramatic landscapes, including the famous ‘red cliffs’ and the panoramic views of the Nilgiri, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. Upper mustang is often referred as the ‘Last Forbidden Kingdom’ due to its isolated and restricted access until 1992. The region has preserved its ancient Tibetan Buddhists culture and traditions, allowing trekkers to witness a way of life that has remained largely untouched by modernity. You can visit monasteries, ancient caves and traditional villages, interacting with the local people and learning about their rich cultural heritage. The 15 days trek through upper mustang offers ample opportunities for introspection and spiritual rejuvenation. The serene atmosphere, the presence of monasteries, and the religious practices followed by the locals create a tranquil environment that allows you to connect with yourself and appreciate the beauty of surroundings.

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