Tibet Tour Package

Tibet Tour Package From Nepal With Best Prices For 2022/2023

Tibet Tour Package Lets You to Make Journey to the Himalayan-based Scenic City

Tibet is a holy and a scenic country of the famous Himalayan mountain region. This independent nation has its own history, identity and cultural heritage and acts as an abode of the famous Dalai Lama. The country surrounds various high mountains, including Himalayan ranges on the South, Karakoram ranges on its West and Kunlun on the North.

Tibet Tour Package Offers Many Exciting Delights

Today, a large number of worldwide tourists choose for Tibet Tour Package offered by reputed companies because it gives many exciting delights and act as a paradise for tourists. Even rivers adorning the valley of Tibet play a major role to enhance the overall beauty associated with the place.

Along with this, Tibet Tour lets you to follow an extensive tour of the Royal Kingdom in the country and thereby, to explore the rich history, culture and mesmerizing beauty. Architecture of various Tibetan buildings highlights both Chinese and Indian influences, while many rivers originate from the country of Tibet.

Famous Places to Visit in Tibet

Tibet Package Tour from Nepal lets you to visit some of the famous places, which include Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace and the famous Tashilunpo Monastery constructed under the Tibetan Railway Group.

The railway tour further gives an opportunity to explore various excellent landscapes present in the Lhasa City. The country is a home to a large number of monasteries for making a visit, which make tour to Tibet famous among worldwide tourists; especially those opt to make journey from Nepal.

Sightseeing Tour to the Capital City Lhasa

Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet and hence, during your Tibet Tour, you will get opportunity to go for a sightseeing tour to many temples and monasteries. These are

  • Sera Monastery, one of the worldwide heritage sites listed under UNESCO
  • Potala Palace, recognized as the apparent residence of Tibet’s Dalai Lama
  • Visit to the sacred temples named Jokhang temple, Ramoche and Norbulingka temples.

Shopping Activities in Tibet

Other than visit to religious spots and famous sites of the country, tourists will get opportunity to buy a plenty of unique Tibetan products. These include Tibetan artwork and crafts, Thangka or traditional scroll paintings, Tibetan carpets and textiles, Tibetan mask and jewelry and so on.

Lastly, your tour to Tibet gives you an opportunity to explore many nearby places, while are analogous to areas or places in Bhutan and Nepal in terms of lifestyle, culture and religion.