Bhutan Tour Package

  • Bhutan Monastery Tour
    Duration: 9 Days
    Starting fromUS $3700US $4000
  • Bhutan Thimphu Paro Tour
    Duration: 3 Days
    Starting fromUS $1450US $1550
  • Cultural Holiday in Bhutan
    Duration: 6 Days
    Starting fromUS $2600US $2800
  • Cultural Tour of Bhutan
    Duration: 8 Days
    Starting fromUS $3400US $3600
  • Himalayas Tour in Bhutan
    Duration: 10 Days
    Starting fromUS $4600US $3900
  • Historical Tour of Bhutan
    Duration: 12 Days
    Starting fromUS $5600US $4500
  • Quick Bhutan Tour
    Duration: 5 Days
    Starting fromUS $2000US $2600
  • Short Holiday in Bhutan
    Duration: 4 Days
    Starting fromUS $1800US $2200

Bhutan Tour Package from Nepal with Best Price For 2024/2025

Bhutan is a beautiful country rich in natural as well as cultural heritage. Bhutan known as the “Land of thunder dragon” is a country of myths, legends and a kingdom of discovery. The untouched beauty and rich cultural heritage of Bhutan attracts many people from different countries.

Bhutan is an ideal destination to explore authentic and mesmerizing natural beauty. Bhutan tour is a unique journey where you will be part of traditional culture and hospitality, wildlife and ultimate Himalayan adventure. You can go on a city tour, explore the streets, arts, local traditions and lifestyles. You will be stunned by the fabulous views of snow-capped mountains, gorges and the dense forests of Bhutan. Bhutan is also rich in biodiversity. Travelers will be able to spot various species, including the elusive Bengal tiger, snow leopard, and various bird species. Apart from tours, Bhutan is also great destination for treks. If you enjoy trekking, you would love Bhutan as it offers some exceptional trails like the Druk Path Trek, Snowman Trek, and Jomolhari Trek. Unique trekking inside a small kingdom will leave you amazed. The trek offers mesmerizing views, unique landscapes and traditions. Overall, the untouched mountains, serenity and are major causes of attraction in Bhutan.

Bhutan has always attracted tourists from across the world. Travelers can book the Bhutan Tour package from Nepal with Welcome Nepal Treks. Bhutan tour from Nepal is the cheapest and convenient way to travel the Himalayan kingdom. Join Bhutan tour package from Nepal with us and have a unique and unforgettable tour experience that you will cherish for lifetime.

Major Highlights of Bhutan Tour Package from Nepal

  • Spectacular views throughout the tour in Bhutan
  • Amazing Historical and cultural experience in Bhutan ‘’The land of Thunder Dragon.
  • Visit various Monasteries, Dzongs and Fortress
  • Gorgeous hiking trail in Bhutan towards the most iconic monastery Taktsang Lhakhang.
  • Majestic view of the great Himalayas and lush green valley, stunning natural landscapes
  • Sightseeing in major cities of Bhutan Thimphu, Paro and Punakha.
  • Exploration of the beautiful valleys, natural sites and historical heritages in Bhutan
  • Explore century-old monuments with unique architectural designs

Bhutan Tour Package from Nepal Cost

The Bhutan Tour Package from Nepal cost differs depending on the group size, duration of days, places you visit and services basis. Welcome Nepal Treks offer the best Bhutan tour packages from Nepal at best price and quality services. Welcome Nepal treks have various Bhutan tour packages from Nepal ranging from $1450- $5000. You can choose any Bhutan Tour packages from Nepal according to your budget, book with welcome Nepal treks and get the most enjoyable tour experience.

Best Time to do Bhutan Tour 

Bhutan Tour package from Nepal is available during any time of the year. You can visit Bhutan during any time as per your schedule preferences. However, the spring and autumn are the most preferable time to do Bhutan tour from Nepal for the best experience.

Spring is a popular time to do Bhutan tour as the months of spring (March-may) offer pleasant weather with moderate temperature. The clear skies, and perfect views make spring an ideal time to do Bhutan tour from Nepal. Spring also brings charm to the valleys with blooming of new colorful flowers. Another best season for Bhutan Tour Package from Nepal is autumn (sept-Nov) as it offers delightful experience with stable weather, perfect visibility and beautiful valleys.

Winter (Dec-Feb) and monsoon (June-Aug) are not much recommended as the winter is extremely cold season and monsoon receives heavy rainfall. However, you can do the tour in winter if the cold doesn’t bother you. The winter offers magical views of the Himalayas. If you do the Bhutan tour in monsoon you would love the beauty of the forests and valleys. Overall if you are looking for the best time to do Bhutan tour package from Nepal you should choose Spring or Autumn seasons.

Packing Lists for Bhutan Tour Package

While doing the Bhutan tour, it is essential to pack the right equipment and be prepared for various weather conditions. You should pack lightly to make your trip comfortable. Here are the lists of some of the most important equipment to package for the Bhutan Tour Package from Nepal:

  • Important travel documents
  • Comfortable and suitable clothes according to weather conditions
  • Moisturizer, lip balm, sunscreen cream, and other necessary skin care items
  • Some necessary toilet items including small packages of tissues, wet tissues, a quick-dry towel, etc.
  • Cell phone, camera, power banks, chargers
  • Snacks and energy bars
  • Medi kits
  • Extra cash
  • Other personal valuable items
  • Pack only necessary equipment needed for the tour!

Accommodations during Bhutan Tour package from Nepal

The accommodations and types of lodging can vary based on the level of tour packages that you choose. You can expect simple guesthouses to luxurious hotels while doing the Bhutan tour. In major cities and popular tourists’ destinations of Bhutan you will find hotels with luxurious facilities. You will be enjoying comfortable rooms, private bathrooms, and Wi-Fi. There are also some luxurious resorts in Bhutan. The resorts offer top class services and views of stunning Himalayan landscapes. When you will be exploring smaller towns, you will be staying at simple guest houses with basic facilities. However, you will be receiving best services and warm hospitality from the locals. If you plan on trekking or exploring remote areas you will be spending night in tent. WE can customize the accommodations according to you budget and needs and make sure you will enjoy your trip.

Meals and Drinks During Bhutan Tour

When going on a Bhutan tour, you'll have the opportunity to explore Bhutanese cuisine, which is a delightful blend of flavors and unique dishes. You will find varieties of dishes like: momos, soup, red rice, and many other unique dishes. Similarly, there are varieties of drinks such as: butter tea, homemade wine, milk tea, fruit juices, etc. Bhutanese cuisine can be spicy as they include a lot of chilies, so if don’t like too much spicy food, it's best to tell them before your order.

As for drinking water, in most tourist areas and hotels, you will find bottled water readily available for purchase. If you are staying on guesthouses, you can ask for filtered water or boiled water. You should avoid tap water. It is wise to carry water purification tablets when trekking in remote locations of Bhutan. It is very important to stay hydrated and take care of yourself while doing the tour.

Internet, Wi-Fi, Hot Shower and charging facilities on Bhutan Tour

In major cities and towns of Bhutan, you can easily find services like: internet and WIFI on hotels and guesthouses. You can find internet access through mobile data networks and Wi-Fi. While in remote regions you may not always have access to WIFI.

In most hotels and guesthouses, you will find charging facilities for your electronic devices. The towns and cities generally have a good electricity supply. Similarly, hot showers are available in many hotels and guesthouses in cities. But in remote areas of Bhutan the electricity and hot showers facilities may be limited.

Availability of ATMs on Bhutan Tour Package

While doing Bhutan tour, you can find ATMs in city areas, but the ATMs might not be available in remote areas. Travelers should make sure to carry enough cash while traveling to remote areas. Keep in mind that most ATMs charge a small amount for each cash withdrawal using an international card/transaction.

Guides for Bhutan Tour

While doing the Bhutan tour from Nepal you will need a professional guide to lead the tour. You don’t need to worry about the guide while doing the Bhutan tour with Welcome Nepal Treks, as we provide the highly experienced and professional English-speaking Bhutanese guide to the customers. We have friendly, caring and informative Bhutanese guide for the Bhutan tour. It will be very much easier and exciting to do the Bhutan tour with our knowledgeable guide. Our guide will not only lead the tour but also provide necessary information, help you in need and make your trip memorable.

Bhutan Group Joining Tour Package from Nepal

If you are alone and want to share the experience with like-minded people then you can choose for Bhutan Group Joining Tour Package from Nepal with Welcome Nepal Treks. The group Bhutan tour package from Nepal offers an opportunity to maintain a friendly relation and helpful atmosphere throughout the trip. Welcome Nepal treks will organize the group on our own and will provide you information on fixed departure dates, group size, and other details. We ensure the best service at a reasonable cost.

Private Bhutan Tour Package from Nepal

Welcome Nepal Treks offers best Private Bhutan Tour Package from Nepal. If you are alone and want to enjoy more personalized Bhutan tour experience then you can book for a private Bhutan tour package from Nepal with Welcome Nepal Treks. Welcome Nepal Treks offer private Bhutan tour package and let you customize the itinerary as per your budget, need and schedules. The private tour package has more flexibility in terms of itinerary, duration, and the level of services. You should remember that the cost of a private Bhutan tour package can vary depending on factors such as the duration of the tour, the places you want to visit and the level of accommodation.

Benefits of booking Bhutan Tour Package with Welcome Nepal Treks

Welcome Nepal Treks is one of the best local tour agencies in Nepal. We organize the best tours and trekking packages at reasonable price. We operate our trips in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet as well. Here are some of the benefits of booking Bhutan tour package with Welcome Nepal Treks:

  • Arrangement of Travel Visa for Bhutan tour from Nepal
  • Our team organize the Bhutan Tour Package from Nepal with full safety and security.
  • We offer the Bhutan tour packages at the reasonable price with high quality services and best hospitality.
  • Arrangement of accommodations during the tour
  • Professional, well trained and friendly guide provided.

How many days are enough for Bhutan tour?

The number of days you need for a Bhutan tour depends on your personal interests, the places you want to visit, and the experiences you wish to have. However about 6- 12 days are enough to visit famous places, learn the unique cultures and explore the natural beauty of Bhutan.

Permits for Bhutan Tour from Nepal

Bhutan has a very strict policy on tourism in the kingdom. Getting into Bhutan is not simple and you cannot obtain the Bhutan Visa personally. Tourist must book a pre-arranged tour through registered tour operators in Nepal. While booking the package with Welcome Nepal Treks you don’t need to worry about Bhutan visa. After you booked the tour with Welcome Nepal treks, we will arrange the Bhutan entry visa. Some certain restricted in Bhutan also needs special perm it so if your itinerary includes the restricted areas, we will arrange the necessary permits for you.

Best Tour Packages for Bhutan

There are various packages available in Nepal to enjoy Bhutan Tour. Some of the best Bhutan tour packages are mentioned below:

  • Bhutan Monasteries tour package
  • Bhutan Thimphu Paro tour package
  • Bhutan Cultural Tour Package
  • Short Bhutan Tour
  • Bhutan Paro Thimphu and Punakha Tour package, etc.

Travel Insurance for Bhutan Tour

Obtaining travel insurance for your Bhutan tour is highly recommended, as it can provide essential coverage and peace of mind during your trip. Travel insurance can protect you from unforeseen incident like: natural calamities, injuries might occur while doing the tour. In that case having travel insurance will make you feel safe and secured. The travel insurance must cover medical expenses and emergency helicopter rescues. This will make your trip safe and let you enjoy the trip without any worries.

Tips for the guides during Bhutan Tour

The tips are the reward in form of money or gifts to the services provider for their great work and services. Tipping is not mandatory while doing Bhutan tour from Nepal. During your trip you will have a guide who will help you and provide you the best services during the tour. The tipping is not compulsory for Bhutan tour but is expected by the guides after providing you the best services throughout the tour. So, if you find their services good then you can tip them at the last day of the tour which will make them happy. It will also encourage them to work even better. It is also a way to show that you are thankful for their hard work and services. Overall, tipping to the guides during Bhutan tour completely depends on your wish/ choice.

Famous Places to Visit with Good Bhutan Tour Package

The country of Bhutan belongs to the eastern area of the Himalayan Mountain Region and it acts as a perfect destination to enjoy holidays for family members inquisitive about historic and cultural significance of the place. Thus, by choosing Bhutan Tour Package, you will get opportunity to visit a few of the famous places explore in the country, which include


Paro belongs to the western area of Bhutan and it is at the elevation of about 2280meters. The place acts as a gateway to the mystical kingdom of the country. Major attractions of the place are Taktshang i.e. Tiger’s Nest, Ta Dzong, Rinpung Dzong i.e. fortress consisting of jewels’ heap and many more.


Thimpu is the capital city of Bhutan and is the centre of commerce, religion and government in Bhutan. The unique city gives a perfect combination of modernized development combined with various ancient culture and traditions. Major attractions of Thimpu, which you can explore during your Bhutan Tour, are as follows-

  • Simtokha Dzong, which has an interesting feature in the form of a perfect series of more than 300-finely designed slate cravings placed beside the prayer wheels belonging to the courtyard.
  • Memorial Chorten, a famous stupa setup in the memory of Bhutanese third king and has obtained its recognition as the Father of Modern Bhutan. Monuments and painting collections present in the stupa building gives a deep insight into the philosophy of Buddhist people.
  • Trashichhoedzong i.e. fortress of glorious country’s religion consists of Dzong houses and the main secretariat building of the country to house the throne room of the famous Bhutanese King.

Jigme Dorji National Park

Jigme Dorji National Park has an area of about 4349 square kilometers and it acts as the biggest protected area of the country. In addition, the national park is a biologically rich area of the eastern Himalayan region and it stretches from various broad-leaved and warm forests to permanent glaciers and ice fields on the northwestern border of Bhutan. Moreover, individuals opt for Bhutan Package Tour from Nepal get opportunity to view famous peaks named Jichu Drakey, Tsherimgang and Jomolhari, all of which act as prominent landmarks of the national park.

Besides sightseeing tour and religious spots, Bhutan is a popular trekking destination for a large number of adventure lovers. Here, tourists may indulge in adventurous river rafting, rock climbing expedition, cycling, kayaking and similar other activities.