Everest Rolwaling Trekking

Trip Information
  • Trip Duration 20 Days
  • Trip Grade Very Strenuous
  • Destination Tibet

Everest Rolwaling Trekking Itinerary, Best Price

We specialists in organizing Everest Rolwaling Trekking holidays. Spectacular views are waiting for you in Everest Rolwaling Trekking! Everest Rolwaling Trekking is world famous walking holidays. Everest Rolwaling Trekking is most popular trekking trail of Everest region. Everest Rolwaling Trekking is the ideal destination for tourism in Nepal. Trekking to Everest Rolwaling Trekking is one of our popular adventure holidays. We offer special rates with best service on your Everest Rolwaling Trekking.

This region lies between Langtang range and Everest range and the side of both Mount Langtang & Mount Everest are the highlights of this trek. Though it neighbors the world famous Khumbu Valley, Rolwaling Valley is explored by very few tourists. The reason is its geographical intricacy which has kept the region’s natural as well as cultural beauty intact. The valley is abundant with alpine lakes, hanging glaciers, moraines, high pastures, waterfalls and imminent view of snowy peaks in the backdrop. En route as we start following the Rolwaling River, the area will be rich in floral and faunal aspect because of fewer intruders. Sherpa’s of Rolwaling enjoys unspoiled culture and practice of rituals comparing to their Khumbu counterpart. As the stay of tourist is controlled in Rolwaling, local youngsters leave home in trekking season to make living by guiding, leading and assisting expeditions and portering in neighboring valley.

The dark narrow valley of Rolwaling opens wide near villages of Beding (3,510m) and Na (4,120m). Here one can easily spend few days exploring Yak pastures and taking side trips to Yalung Base camp. Above Na Gaun, the trail meanders up to a high lake named Thso Rolpa (4540m) and up to the lateral moraines of the Rolwaling glacier below the Rolwaling icefall (5181m). After two days of rugged glacier walking one reaches high Tashi Lapcha Pass (5755m). On the other side of the Tashi Lapcha, the trail drops down into Thame village (3790m) on the Khumbu valley.

The trekkers will be rewarded with the enchanting view of Majestic Mount Gauri Shanker. This area is mostly used by Buddhist people However, we can also see the Brahmin, chhetri, Tamang and Sherpa villages and theirs life style. The trek to this region starts from Dolakha, a small township near Charikot, an 8 hours drive from Kathmandu. The trail following the course of river Tamakhosi on the way to Simigaun adds more thrills to the trek.

Major Highlights

  • Breathtaking views of several Himalayan peaks including Mount Everest (the world's tallest peak), Mount Lhotse, Mount Makalu, and several other mountains.
  • The trek takes you through the stunning Rolwaling Valley
  • Interact with local Sherpa and Tamang communities, gaining insights into their unique culture and traditions.
  • Explore diverse range of flora and fauna
  • Offers quieter and more remote trekking experience.
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                                          What's Included
                                          • Airport picks up and drops by private car/van/bus.
                                          • Two night's deluxe accommodation in Kathmandu (on the arrival day and after the trekking).
                                          • Your standard meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) during the trekking.
                                          • Domestic airport pick up and drop by car/ Flight Ticket (LUK-KTM-LUK) / domestic airport Tax.
                                          • All accommodations in lodges/tea houses during the treks.
                                          • An experienced, helpful and friendly Guide, porters (1 porter for 2 peoples).
                                          • Salary, Food, Drinks, Accommodation, Transportation and Insurance for the Guide and Porter.
                                          • Arrangement of Emergency Helicopter service which will be paid by your Travel insurance company.
                                          • Sagarmatha National park entrance permit and fees.
                                          • Trekker's Information Management System (TIMS) card fees.
                                          • First aid medical kit.
                                          • Duffle bag, down jacket, sleeping bag and walking pole if necessary.
                                          • Farewell dinner in typical Nepali Restaurant with cultural dance show
                                          • All our government taxes, vat, official expenses & service charges
                                          What's not Included
                                          • Nepal entry visa fee (you may easily issue the visa upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport - Kathmandu). You will require 2 passport size photos.
                                          • Your Travel insurance.
                                          • Food while you are in Kathmandu.
                                          • All the alcoholic and non alcoholic Drinks.
                                          • Hot shower during the trekking.
                                          • Tipping (expected by guides and porters, but not mandatory)
                                          Useful Information

                                          Best seasons to do 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking

                                          The best seasons to do 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking are generally during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons. These months offer the most favorable weather and optimal trekking conditions in the Everest region. In the spring seasons, the weather is mild, with clear skies, and the temperatures are generally moderate. The trails are filled with beautiful blooming rhododendrons and other wild flowers, making it a picturesque journey. In the autumn seasons, the weather is stable, with clear skies and excellent visibility. The temperatures are cold but not extremely cold, and the chances of rainfall is extremely low.

                                          Packing tools for 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking

                                          • A few pairs of Thermal tops
                                          • Fleece jacket/pullover
                                          • Windcheater - waterproof shell jacket one pair
                                          • Down jacket
                                          • Comfortable Fleece/wool trousers
                                          • Trekking pants- at least 2 pairs
                                          • Mittens/woolen gloves
                                          • Warm Hiking socks
                                          • Hiking Cotton trousers/t-shirts
                                          • Sun hat/scarf, wash towel
                                          • Sunglasses
                                          • Sleeping bag
                                          • Trekking poles
                                          • Day bag above 40 L
                                          • Basic personal first aid kit
                                          • Water bottles, water purification tablets

                                          Accommodations during 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking

                                          Tea houses or lodges are the most popular widely available accommodations option along the 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking routes. These are basic guesthouses that offers room with twin beds or bunk beds. The facilities are relatively simple with shared bathrooms and communal dining areas. It’s important to note that the availability and standard of accommodation may vary along the trekking route. The higher you go, the more basic the facilities may become. It’s advisable to carry a sleeping suitable for cold temperatures, as it can get chilly at higher altitudes.

                                          Foods during 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking

                                          Most tea houses and lodges along the trekking route offer local Nepali cuisine. The staple dish is dal bhat, which consists of rice, lentil soup, and a variety of accompanying vegetables and pickles. Dal bhat provides a good source of energy and is commonly eaten by trekkers. Other local dishes you may encounter include momo (steamed dumplings), thukpa (noodles soup), and ghundruk (fermented leafy greens). Many tea houses also serves a selection of international dishes to cater to a broader range of tastes. You can find options like pasta, pizza, fried rice, pancakes, omelets and even sandwiches. However, please note that the further you trek into the remote areas, the more limited the menu options may become.

                                          Drinking water during 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking

                                          Drinking water is important because it keeps you hydrated. The safe drinking water is available in the teahouses and hotels during the 20 days Everest Rolwaling trek. You can buy the bottled water, filter water or hot water. It is advisable that bring the water bottles and water purification tablets by yourself then it will be plus point for you. You don’t have to buy the mineral water daily, you can fill the water in the tap and purify by yourselves that will help you to save money.

                                          Wi-Fi, electricity hot water shower availability 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking

                                          The availability of Wi-Fi, electricity and hot water for showers can vary depending on the specific location along the trail. In most of the tea houses along the trekking route, Wi-Fi is available but you have to pay additional fee. However please note that the quality and reliability of the internet connection can vary. In more remote and higher altitude areas, the Wi-Fi signal may be weak or nonexistent. Electricity will be limited because it is generated through solar panels. Charging electronic devices like cameras, phones or batteries may incur an additional fees. Hot shower facilities are available in most of the tea houses along the trekking routes. However, it’s important to note that hot showers are often not included in the standard room rate and may require an additional fee.

                                          20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking Difficulty

                                          The 20 days Everest Rolwaling Trek is a moderately difficult trek along the Great Himalayan Trail. High Mountain technical passes and across the Tasha Lapcha pass 5,750 m. as you ascends to higher altitudes the air becomes thinner and the oxygen level decreases. This can lead to altitude related challenges such as altitude sickness, shortness of breath and fatigue. The trekking routes passes through rugged and remote terrain, including rocky trails, moraines and occasional river crossings. Some sections may involve navigating challenging and steep paths. It’s crucial to be well prepared physically, mentally and logistically for the 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking. Engaging in regular physical exercise can help to prepare for your trek.

                                          Guides and porters for 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking

                                          Having guides and porters for 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking is highly recommended and often preferred by trekkers. Guides are familiar with the trails, ensuring you stay on the right path and avoid getting lost. Guides have a good understanding of altitude related risks and can help to monitor your health and well-being during the trek. Also, guides can share information about the local culture, traditions enhancing your overall trekking experiences. Guides often serves as a translator between trekkers and the local community, helping facilitate communications and interactions. Likewise, hiring porters can significantly lighten your load and make the trek more manageable. They are accustomed to the challenging terrain and carry your belongingness, allowing you to focus on enjoying the trek. Porters typically carry loads up to certain weight limit, which varies depending on the region and regulations.

                                          Permits during 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking

                                          To undertake the 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking you will permits like Sagarmatha national park permit, Trekkers information management (TIMS) card, Gaurishankar Conservation Area (GCAP) permit.

                                          Travel insurance for 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking

                                          Having a travel insurance is highly recommended for any trekking adventure, including 22 days damodar Kunda mustang trekking. Trekking in remote and high altitude areas carrier’s inherent risks and travel insurance provides coverage and financial protection in case of unforeseen circumstances. Also if you got any medical emergencies or accidents, travel insurance can cover the costs of medical treatment, evacuation by helicopter if necessary and other related expenses.

                                          Tipping for 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking

                                          Tipping is a common practice in the tourism industry, including for trekking guides, porters, and other support staff. While tipping is not mandatory, it is appreciated and considered a way to show gratitude for the service provided. It’s important to note that these are general guidelines, and tipping is ultimately personal decisions. You may choose to adjust the amount based on your satisfaction with the service and your budget.

                                          Why to do 20 days Everest Rolwaling trekking?

                                          The 20 days Everest Rolwaling trek offers a unique and adventurous experience in the stunning landscapes of the Everest region of Nepal. Unlike the popular Everest base camp trek, the Everest Rolwaling trek takes you through less crowded and relatively unexplored areas. If you are seeking a more secluded trekking experience away from the crowds, this route can be a great choice. The trek offers a diverse range of landscapes, from lush forests to high alpine valleys, glacial lakes and dramatic mountain vistas. You will have the opportunity to witness the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas, including stunning views of Everest, Cho Oyu, melungtse and other towering peaks. The Rolwaling valley is a hidden gem with its own unique charm. This remote valley is known for its pristine natural beauty, traditional Sherpa villages and rich cultural heritage. The 20 days Everest Rolwaling trek combines element of both the Everest base camp and the Rolwaling valley trek. You will get to experience the best of both worlds, with the iconic Everest region and its renowned highlights, as well as the off-the-beaten-path exploration f Rolwaling valley.

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