Is Nepal Safe for Female Travelers? If Yes, What Should a Single Woman Does

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  • Last Updated on Jun 24, 2023

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Is Nepal Safe for Female Travelers? If Yes, What Should a Single Woman Does

In general, Nepal is one of the safe countries for solo woman travelers. However, it is very much essential for every woman to stay cautious still. This is because; a few men from Nepal often have peculiar ideas about Western women morality and give their exposure to various Western films to portray such women wearing as immodest clothes. Thus, it is essential for a single woman to wear right type of dress while making tours in Nepal.

Wearing Right Clothes is Essential in Nepal

Nepal is a conservative country, because of which local area people always pay respect to individuals irrespective of their individual attires. However, if you are a solo female traveler, you should strictly avoid clothes, which reveal your body parts or tight clothes. These clothes often garner women the attention of any unwanted nature, which may be as heckles or any other physical attention.

If possible, you should opt to dress yourself as a Nepali girl/woman to get highest possible conversation pieces or social acceptance. However, you do not require buying a sari to fit yourself in it. Instead, you should opt to dress yourself modestly by wearing clothes, which cover thighs, buttocks, breasts and shoulders, such as jeans, leggings, tops, kurtis, female shirts and long skirts.

Treatment of Women in Nepal

Women always play a significant role in the society of Nepal. In terms of culture, a person should understand that Nepal consists of different lifestyles and cultures. Starting from a majority of Hindu people, here there are a large number of ethnic groups and Buddhist people. If we talk about women tourists, they always receive respect irrespective of whether they travel alone, in pairs or as couple. Most of the men in Nepal receive respect and provide protection to solo women travelers.

Women will rarely face any catcalling, snide remarks or whistling towards them publicly. However, there is exception i.e. if your dress is of provocative one, you may face the mentioned problem, as Nepal is one of the conservative countries. Short shorts, hot pants, sleeveless tops and similar others are of disrespectful apparels and do not constitute commonplace in Nepal. Thus, wearing of these clothes in Nepal likely attracts snide comments from public.

Other than this, if we talk about Nepali women, we should say that they always remain open to strike strong friendships with many solo female travelers once they done with their initial introductions. In fact, in most of the cases, Nepali women welcome women travelers in their own family lives relatively more than in case of men.

Meeting with Nepali girls/women is relatively easy in any family operated guesthouse as compared to any other place. Meeting with one woman or girl belonging to a household and setting up a strong friendship will result in creating of a huge friendship circle further. For more info about Nepal trekking tour package visit :

Hari Khadka

Hari Khadka