Best Time to Trekking in Nepal to Experience Trekking Activities

  • Hari Khadka
  • Last Updated on Jun 26, 2023

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Best Time to Trekking in Nepal to Experience Trekking Activities

Technically, you may opt to travel to experience trek in Nepal during anytime of the year. You will not find any restriction. However, each season and month in Nepal has a different type of landscape, experience and environment. At the same time, you have to prepare to some extent but in a different way depending primarily on your chosen season or month to visit in Nepal for trekking activities.

Peak Seasons to Trekking to Nepal

Particularly, our Nepal Tours Travel Group recommends you to trek in Himalayan mountain regions of Nepal in between the two peak seasons, which include-

  • First peak season of the entire year that starts from later weeks of February, continues for the whole of March and April up to the end of spring season.
  • Second peak season of any year beginning from later weeks of September, continues for October and to the end of autumn season or November.

Trekking in Nepal during Spring Season

Spring is the first peak season in Nepal and it constitutes the best time to travel in Nepal for experiencing the trekking activities. Spring season in Nepal starts from March and to April. Spring season is the best time to trek in the Upper Mustang region. Spring season indicates the end of dry and winter season, while one of the best time of whole year to experience trekking activities.

During this time, you will experience hazy mountains because of the presence of dust in air. However, you may even enjoy the beauties of rhododendron flowers in the entire trek valley. Treks go on over the snow and during the later hours of the day, you may experience a quite warm weather because of the shining sun.

Trekking in Nepal during Autumn Season

Autumn season in Nepal starting from later weeks of September and consisting of the entire October and November is the best time to travel to Nepal for trekking activities. During this season, you will find clear monsoon rains and spectacular views of mountain areas. Valleys remain green or weather remains mild to allow individuals in enjoying trekking activities in the best way as possible.

Autumn in fact is the peak season to experience trekking in Nepal. Traditionally, the month of September constitutes the peak month to enjoy trekking activities; however, during the recent few years, monsoon rains have continued until the middle of September. In the same manner, December was a winter month in Nepal, but its first half during the recent few years has remained perfect to experience trekking activities across the country.

Hari Khadka

Hari Khadka