05 NIGHTS 06 DAYS Tibet EBC Tour Package

Trip Information
  • Trip Duration 6 Days
  • Trip Grade Moderate
  • Destination Tibet



This tour offers a vital chance to explore and informed about the Tibetian Culture, religion, feel the natural beauty of the place including view of breathtaking mountains, glorious scenic views with different popular monasteries, temples and rivers. You will visit four most popular old cities in Tibet in this tour package which are Kerung, Nyalam, Tingri and Ronbuk. Besides all this, you will be pleased by the landscapes of Tibet which are mysterious and massive. You will enjoy visiting old monasteries, valleys, palaces, local food & markets and incredible scenes of high peaks of mountains. This offers a very affordable tour package where you will definitely build your memorable experience tour to Tibet.

The Kerung border is about 175 km away from Kathmandu and lies in Rasuwa district. You will visit Langtang valley in this region which is one of the world’s most beautiful valleys due to its extensive views. You will visit to Nyalam which is small town in Tibet and located near Nepal Border. The attractive feature of Nyalam is that it is located between Himalayan Mountains and Laguigangri Mountains which offers stunning views including views of high snow mountains. The sightseeing from Nyalam to Tingri is amazing that you will get to see spectacular view of high snow mountains, deep valleys, white cloud and blue sky at Zhangmu fort. Breathtaking mountain views are there at the arrival of Ronbuk with Everest base Camping. Visit to Ronbuk Monastery which is a famous Tibetan Buddhist Monastary. Trip will end after last visit to Kerung at guest house. The tour ends with glorious memories to cherish for the lifetime.

Therefore, get ready for the tour and join the adventure with us!

Tibet 5 nights 6 days EBC tour during spring season (March-May)

A spring tour of Tibet EBC offers a captivating experience as the region showcasing its majestic landscapes adorned with blooming flowers and vibrant colors. Temperatures during spring season are mild and pleasant, creating ideal conditions for sightseeing tours. The clear skies provide stunning views of the snow-capped peaks, enhancing the overall tour experience. Witness the stunning landscape of snow-capped mountains, lush valleys and vibrant wildflowers in bloom. Get a chance to observe colorful Tibetan festivals, including Losar, the Tibetan New Year, providing an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich local culture.

5 nights 6 days Tibet EBC tour during monsoon season (Jun-Aug)

Monsoon is not much popular for Tibet EBC tour. The rains in monsoon bring new life to the landscape. Enjoy the picturesque surroundings and witness vibrant blooms and feel the cool, rejuvenating atmosphere in monsoon. The region can also be affected by occasional heavy rainfall, landslides, making travel more unpredictable. Despite some challenges, monsoon in Tibet provides a quieter, less crowded experience, with opportunities to witness the lush, scenery.

6 days Tibet EBC tour during autumn season (Sep- Nov)

Spanning from September to November, autumn in Tibet brings pleasant weather and clear skies, making it an ideal time to explore this enchanting region. Autumn in Tibet is a splendid time to visit, characterized by clear skies, mild temperatures, and breathtaking vistas. This season is perfect for exploring the region’s cultural treasures. The vibrant festivals like the Tibetan Harvest Festival offer an opportunity to immerse in local traditions and connect with the warm-hearted Tibetan people. Autumn in Tibet is a time of natural beauty, cultural richness, and ideal weather, making it best time for the tour.

5 nights 6 days Tibet EBC tour during winter season (Dec-Feb)

Winter in Tibet spanning from Dec-Feb offers a serene and enchanting atmosphere, as the region is layered with snow. From December to February, the temperature gets cold often dropping below freezing. This is the season to witness the iconic Tibetan landscapes, covered in snow, and embark on adventurous journeys to experience the winter charm. It’s also a time for various winter festivals and celebrations, adding a cultural dimension to the breathtaking snowscapes. Joining on a Lhasa Tibet tour during the winter season offers a unique and serene experience, showcasing the region’s breathtaking landscapes.

Benefits of booking 5 nights 6 days Tibet EBC Tour package with Welcome Nepal Treks

Welcome Nepal Treks is a reputable trekking and tour company in Nepal. Our team is well experienced for more than a decade in this field. We focus on consumer’s satisfaction and safety. We offer several benefits that will help in enhancing your travel experience. Here are some of the benefits of booking Tibet EBC 6 days tour package with us:

  • Arrangement of necessary travel permits for Tibet tour
  • We offer the package at a very reasonable price with high quality of consumer service
  • We can customize your trip to meet your specific needs and requirements
  • We follow safety protocols to ensure your well-being throughout your journey.
  • Experienced and professional guide provided

Major Highlights

  • Visit to Langtang Valley.
  • Stunning views of Himalayan Mountains and Laguigangri Mountains in visit to Nyalam.
  • Sightseeing at Zhangmu fort on way to Tingri.
  • Everest Base Camping at Ronbuk.
  • Visit to Ronbuk Monastery- a famous Tibetan Buddhist Monastary.
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  • Max. Altitude: 3700m

  • Max. Altitude: 4300M

  • Max. Altitude: 4980m

    • Accommodation:Guest House

      What's Included
      What's not Included
      Useful Information

      What to pack for 6 days Tibet EBC tour package

      It is very important to be well prepared and pack the necessary equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for 5 nights 6 days Tibet EBC tour package. Here is the list of some of the most necessary equipment needed for Lhasa tour 6 days:

      • Necessary travel documents
      • Lightweight pants, Full sleeve shirts/T-shirts,
      • Waterproof and windproof jacket, down jacket
      • Thermal innerwear, Extra pairs of socks, comfortable shoes
      • Warm cap, gloves, scarf
      • Cell phone, camera, power banks, chargers
      • Snacks and energy bars
      • Moisturizer, lip balm, sunscreen cream, and other necessary skin care items
      • Some necessary toilet items including small packages of tissues, wet tissues, a quick-dry towel, etc.
      • Medi kits
      • Extra cash
      • Other necessary and personal valuable items

      Accommodations in 6 days Tibet EBC trip

      While doing the 6 days Tibet EBC Tour with Welcome Nepal Treks you will be accommodated at comfortable and good hotels with great facilities. Accommodations during a Tibet tour package typically offer a range of options to suit various preferences and budgets. From luxury establishments with modern amenities to more modest guesthouses with basic facilities. When booking a Tibet tour package, it’s important to consider the specific type of accommodation that best aligns with your comfort and experience expectations, as the region offers a diverse lodging option. We can arrange the accommodation as per your needs and budget.

      Foods and Drinks during 6 days Tibet tour

      Travelers will be fascinated by taste of varieties of delicious cuisines while enjoying the warm treatment of the locals on 6 days Tibet tour. Our 5 nights 6 days Tibet tour package cost includes daily breakfast. As for dinner and lunch you have to pay on your own. Enjoy the taste of delightful blend of Tibetan and Chinese flavors. You will find Tibetan dishes like: Tsampa, Thukpa, momos, Tibetan bread, and butter tea. The foods are healthy, nutritious and made with fresh ingredients. You can also find varieties of drinks on the hotels. You can find hot beverages, soft drinks, local beverages, alcoholic beverages, etc. As for the drinking water, you can find bottled water, boiled water and water from natural sources like: river, tap, etc. It is recommended to use water purification tablet while drinking water from natural sources. Savor the taste of meals and drinks in Tibet and make your journey even more memorable.

      WIFI and electricity facilities on 5 nights 6 days Tibet tour

      On this 5-night 6 days Tibet EBC tour package you can expect good WIFI and electricity facilities. Wi-Fi facilities are available in many hotels, guesthouses, and cafes, although the quality and speed can vary on altitudes and places you visit. While in remote regions internet may not be strong enough and you may not always have access to WIFI, especially at higher altitudes.

      Risks during Tibet EBC tour package

      The 6 days Tibet EBC tour is a very safe trip but sometimes travelers may face some uncertain risks and challenges on the journey. Some of the risks you might face during the Tibet tour are mentioned below:

      • unpredictable weather conditions
      • risks of landslides
      • unforeseen accidents
      • Carelessness
      • Injuries and illness
      • Solutions for the possible risks on 6 days Tibet EBC tour
      • To avoid the possible risks during Tibet EBC tour, here are some of the preventive measures you need to follow during your trip:
      • Pack appropriate clothing and gear according to the weather conditions
      • Stay well-hydrated
      • Eat nutritious meals
      • Follow the advice and instructions of your guide
      • Be careful
      • Stay positive

      Guides for Tibet EBC tour 5 nights 6 days package

      Guides are important while doing Tibet tour as they will be helpful in difficulties and useful in unknown places with unknown cultures. For the 6 days Tibet EBC tour package you don’t need to worry about the guide while doing the tour with Welcome Nepal Treks, as we provide the highly experienced and professional Tibetan guide to the customers. We have friendly, caring and English-speaking Tibetan guide for the Tibet tour. Our guide will not only lead the tour but also provide necessary information and history about the region in depth help you in need and make your trip memorable. It will be very much easier to explore the unknown city, interact with locals and learn their cultures with our knowledgeable guide.

      Group Joining 6 days Tibet EBC Tour package

      Welcome Nepal Treks offer a fantastic group joining Tibet tour at fixed departures. If you are alone and want to share the tour experience with other travelers then you can choose for group joining Tibet tour with Welcome Nepal Treks. You will have an option to join a small group. Welcome Nepal Treks will organize the group on our own. Before joining, you can inquire us about the group size, services included, and any additional costs and we will provide you information on departure dates, other details. The group tour offers an opportunity to maintain a friendly relation and helpful atmosphere throughout the trip. It will be fun sharing the unique tour experience with other travelers.

      5 nights 6 days Tibet EBC Private tour package

      If you are travelling alone and don’t want to join groups and prefer personalized experience then you can book a private 6 days Tibet EBC tour. Welcome Nepal treks arranges private Tibet trip at reasonable price. In this private tour you can enjoy your own time. This allows you to have more flexibility in terms of itinerary, and the level of services. We will design the itinerary as per your special needs and requirements. This private journey is led by professional guides ensuring your safety and happiness throughout the trip. You will be enjoying breathtaking scenery and spiritual experience without any disturbance at peace.

      Travel Insurance for Tibet EBC 6 days Tour package

      We suggest you to get travel insurance before traveling. Having a travel insurance will have make you feel safe and peaceful. Trekkers might need to deal with so many difficulties in the journey like high altitude sickness, medical injuries and other different difficulties. Travel insurance will help you to deal with difficulties occurred in the trails. That’s why you need to get a proper travel insurance to cover your emergencies for 6 days Tibet EBC tour package.

      Tipping on 6 days Tibet EBC tour package

      The tips are the reward in form of money or gifts to the services provider for their great work and services. Tipping is not mandatory while doing 6 days Tibet EBC tour package. During your trip you will have a guide who will help you and provide you the best services during the tour. The tipping is not compulsory for but is expected by the guides after providing you the best services throughout the tour. So, if you find their services good then you can tip them at the last day of the tour which will make them happy. It will also encourage them to work even better. It is also a way to show that you are thankful for their hard work and services. Overall, tipping to the guides and drivers during 5 nights 6 days Tibet tour completely depends on your wish/ choice.