Nepal Yoga Trekking Packages

Nepal Yoga Trekking Packages Itinerary and Cost 2024/2025

Nepal Yoga Trekking Packages put forwarded by Welcome Nepal Treks is probably the first guided trek in Himalayas with Yoga sessions. Primitive art of focusing on keeping concentration and finding inner peace; yoga endows amazing revitalization of mind and soul. Walking in the most alluring trails provides physical fitness and yoga provides mental fitness. Savoring breathtaking scenery of splendid nature’s creations and quaint mountains while performing spiritual Yoga sessions is really a unique holiday in Nepal. Certified Yoga Guru will accompany the group which will be led by highly experienced trekking guide. Overall the trip will be hassle free and oriented towards providing standard meditative yoga sessions.

Yoga and Meditation in itself increases the sense of control and creates best functioning of all body organs. Nepal Yoga Trekking Packages are meticulously knitted to meet global Yoga standards. It is tough challenge for us to create sumptuous travel as well as organized yoga classes simultaneously. However, after years of research and hardships we are now officially one of the experienced trekking agency of Nepal which serves Yoga too. Apart from guided yoga sessions the splendors of nature and grandeurs of Himalayas are added bonus during walking holiday in Nepal. Welcome Nepal Treks will take you to some of the best trekking regions of Nepal. Write your name in unique travel tale where you will be doing Yoga in front of gigantic Mt. Everest (8848 m). Performing Yoga at the foothills of world’s superlative mountains is not an ordinary travel moment. Annapurna region, Langtang region, short hiking routes around Kathmandu and Pokhara are best place for Yoga Trekking in Nepal. Professional Yoga Guru and Meditation expert will lead your journey. Choose Welcome Nepal Treks for amazing yoga trekking packages in Nepal.

Join us and experience heavenly moments by revitalizing your soul. Raise the spirit of traveling and mental fitness with Nepal Yoga Trekking packages of Welcome Nepal Treks. It is presented for all backgrounds of people by quoting the most competitive price ever. 

Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Nepal is one of the most popular countries right now that has perfectly embodied the magnificence of yoga and traveling together. Yoga Retreat in Nepal is a group of people gathered to practice yoga in a group setting. Doing yoga in a group setting promotes everyone to try their level best to perform yoga and boost their health condition. Most yoga retreat trips are multiple-day trips where you start your day with yoga and then go on long trekking or hiking.

Nepal Yoga Trekking Package

Yoga Trekking in Nepal is all about exploring two of the best elements of Nepal including yoga and trekking. Nepal is a trekkers’ paradise. People from all around the world come to Nepal to trek the gorgeous mountain trails in the backdrop of the snow-capped mountain peaks. Walking 5-6 hours every day is a mammoth task for everyone. However, starting your day with yoga strengthens your physicality and mentality giving you the inner energy to carry forward the trekking journey.

Yoga Trekking in Nepal teaches you a healthy approach to life and you will never forget the memory of doing yoga in the backdrop of lovely mountains in front of yourself. You start your beautiful day with a yoga and meditation session with a view of the picturesque mountains. The group yoga motivates you, even more, to try doing meditation and yoga, and you just can’t help yourself to try yoga for the rest of your life.

Yoga in Pokhara | Yoga Classes in Pokhara

Pokhara is the tourist hub of Nepal. Most trekking packages popular in Nepal have a day of visit for Pokhara as it is the gateway for almost every trekking journey. One of the very popular Yoga Trekking packages brought to you by Welcome Nepal Treks is the 7 Days Ghorepani PoonHill Yoga Trek. The journey starts from Kathmandu, and the best part is that you get to start your journey with a yoga session with your group members. Doing yoga in a city where you are surrounded by the magnificent backdrop of snow-capped mountain peaks is a dream for most travelers. The 7 Days PoonHill Yoga Trek provides you the perfect opportunity to do yoga in Pokhara and also take yoga classes in Pokhara.

While you are on a yoga trekking journey to any part of Nepal, the first thing to do in the morning is to freshen up and do an amazing yoga session. Then, you can follow the itinerary to travel to places you always dreamt to travel on your journey to Nepal.

Nepal Yoga Trekking Packages for Beginners

For everyone who has enthusiasm for traveling and exploring, trekking is the best for all of them. However, at some stage of the trek, beginner-level trekkers may find it a little hard to continue trekking. Yoga Trekking Packages in Nepal for beginners are the best trekking packages for a beginner to get into trekking that too with a healthy habit which is yoga. Once you go on any yoga trekking, you will get to know about yoga and its advantages in depth. It will eventually motivate you to always perform yoga sessions even after the trekking journey.

Some of the best Nepal Yoga Trekking Packages for people with any level of trekking and yoga experience are:

  • 10 Days Yoga and Meditation Monastery Tour
  • Mount Everest View Yoga Trek
  • 15 Days Annapurna Base Camp Yoga Trek
  • 5 Days Sundarijal Chisapani Nepal Yoga Trekking
  • 7 Days Ghorepani PoonHill Trek
  • 6 Days Nepal Chisapani Nagarkot Yoga Trekking Package

Benefits of Nepal Yoga Trekking Package

  • The trek makes you physically and mentally sound.
  • You can escape from mental and physical anxiety.
  • Practicing Yoga in nature gives a whole surreal experience that motivates you to try yoga as a daily ritual.
  • Wellness vacation- A Peaceful Healing Experience

Some Important Information Regarding Yoga Trekking in Nepal

  • The Nepal Yoga Trek is a unique opportunity for people of all age groups. You can just go to yoga trekking with your family and have a wonderful time of your life.
  • More than half a million people from all over the world come to look out the picturesque mountains. Their experience is made even surreal via the daily yoga sessions that happen every day.
  • The yoga sessions you happen to join in during the Yoga Trekking in Nepal are instructed by certified yoga instructors that have been practicing yoga for a very long time.
  • The yoga sessions are mostly managed either in the morning or in the evening.

All in all, the yoga trekking in Nepal is the best combination of exploring the gorgeous nature with a cool and peaceful mind, while still being grounded to reality. You not only explore the naturally gorgeous places, but also explore your inner self. The Nepal Yoga Trekking Packages are the embodiment of nature, peace, sureness, and tranquility all bundled in one single bag of joy.