Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour With Landing Best Price

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Trip Information
  • Trip Duration 1 Days
  • Trip Grade Moderate
  • Destination Nepal
  • Max. Altitude 5,644.5 m
  • Trip Type Tour
  • Transport Car + Helicopter
  • Best Season Sep to Dec, Mar- May

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour With Landing Best Price  

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour With Landing Best Price is an unforgettable journey to the world’s tallest mountain Mount Everest gratified by the amazing mountain vistas that repeatedly tell you the incredible tales of nature. Perfect for travelers who are time-bound and can’t engage themselves in the long hiking journey of weeks, EBC Camp Heli Tour is one of the best options to embrace the ultimate beauty of the Everest Region.

Most trekkers have a wish to go on a long Everest Trek or summit the Everest. But, not everyone can complete that incredible feat. The hike takes around 2-3 weeks. Meanwhile, the summiting takes around months. Also, the summiting is very expensive and is not feasible for economically weak people. The trek to Everest requires you to have a great physicality and trekking experience so that your trek experience is worth remembering for all the great reasons. Everest Group Heli Tour is one of the most feasible Nepal trips for older people, which is a perfect family-tour option. Three generations can come together in a single trip, and they make the memory of a lifetime. The epitome of the magnificence of the helicopter ride to the Himalayas is perfectly symbolized by the helicopter trip to the Everest Region.


Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is one of the most loved helicopter tour packages to try. It gives you an experience of a lifetime which you will never ever forget. Having said that, Welcome Nepal Treks welcomes you to the land of the Himalayas where you will fall in love with nature all over again. The best way to fall in love with nature would be via the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. Come over to the Himalayan kingdom and give your holidays a striking touch of nature combined with a comforting helicopter trip. Book the 2022/23 Everest Base Camp Tour with Welcome Nepal Treks and make sure your vacation is brilliant in every sense.

Major Highlights

  • Gorgeous flight from Kathmandu to Lukla
  • Interaction with the Sherpas
  • Exploring the ancient monasteries of the Himalayan Region
  • Incredible Khumbu Glacier
  • 360 degrees mountain vistas of the Himalayas
  • Aerial view of the grasslands, settlements, and nature
  • Breakfast looking at the view of the Everest

Itinerary about the Everest Base Camp Group Joining Helicopter Tour

Everest Base Camp Group Joining Helicopter Tour is one of the most popular helicopter tours to the Everest Region that provides you a golden chance to explore the Himalayas in a whole different way. Talking about the EBC Group Helicopter Tour Itinerary, you get up before 6 am. As you will be staying at a 5-star hotel in Kathmandu, our team will pick you up from the hotel at 6:30 am. In not more than 30 minutes, the check-in at the airport is completed followed by a 45 minutes flight to Lukla. The helicopter lands at Lukla and stops for around 10 minutes for refueling. The best part of the helicopter tour around the Everest Region is the 25 minutes flight to Kala Patthar where we land and stay there for around 10 minutes. It’s now time to enjoy the most exquisite scenery of the snow-capped Himalayas from Mount Everest to several other mountains like Everest (8,848m), Lhotse (8,511m), Nuptse (7,879m), and Pumo Ri (7165m). Not only this, you will click some of the best pictures of the Himalayas and make some really aesthetic travel content.

As most travelers say, the most aesthetic sight of Everest is seen from Kala Patthar and it is your time to find yourself checking that out. After spending around 10 minutes in Kala Patthar, we fly to Everest View Hotel for a tasty breakfast with a 15 minutes flight. You spend 1-hour having breakfast looking at the most magnificent sight of nature in its purest form. Imagine having a cup of coffee and looking at the Himalayas which smile at your back. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore. The Everest Base Camp Group Joining Helicopter Tour is there to make your dreams come true. After having one of the most memorable breakfasts in the lap of the Himalayas, it’s now time to return back to the capital city via 1-hour flight. This time on the helicopter will be a little different as you would be carrying a bundle of joy and memories with you. Finally, at around 10:45 you will be transferred back to the hotel where you can take a rest and have fun preparing for the remaining days if you are traveling.

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Helicopter  departs from Tribhuvan International Airport and lands at Everest kalapatthar  where  you can rest for  an hour offers you beautiful views of snowy peaks such as Everest (8,848m), Lhotse (8,511m), Nuptse (7,879m), Pumo Ri (7165m). Khmbu Glacier, and to see Everest base camp, and back to same Helicopter to Kathmandu airport. Overnight at 5 star Hotel in Kathmandu.

6:30 AM: Pick up from the hotel in Kathmandu and transfer to the airport

7:00 AM: Check-in at the airport and fly to Lukla: 45 minutes flight

7:45 AM: Landing at Lukla - fueling for 10 minutes then Helicopter tour to Kalapattar via Everest Base Camp: 25 minutes flight

8:20 AM: Landing at the Kalapattar for 10 minutes. Free time to enjoy the Himalayan scenery with the views of Mount Everest and several other mountains

8:30 AM: Fly to Everet View Hotel for breakfast: 15 minutes flight then Enjoy breakfast with Himalayan scenery: 1 Hour

9:45 AM: Fly to Kathmandu via Lukla: 1-hour flight

10:45 AM: Transfer back to your hotel

    Trip Map
    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour With Landing Best Price map
    What's Included
    • Helicopter-tour to Everest Base Camp
    • Domestic airport departure tax.
    • Hotel to Airport Pick up and Airport to Hotel Drop.
    • All government taxes, VAT and office service charge.
    What's not Included
    • Optional - Breakfast USD 40 per person
    • Everest National park fees USD 25 (NPR 3000) per person- must be in Cash - pay locally in the Mountain
    • Food and drinks, unless specified
    • Personal equipments and clothing
    • Your insurance
    Useful Information

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour With Landing Best Price 

    The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour starts from the domestic terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport, then circles the capital city, and finally to Lukla - The Gateway to the Everest Region. The trip has a lot to offer to all the travel enthusiasts, which you will know once you reach Kala Patthar, from where the view of Everest is supreme. The 360 degrees view of the mountains in the Everest Region with the wonderful natural riches and green grasslands from the altitude of 5,450 m from Kala Patthar is a memory that will be engraved in your heart and mind forever. That’s why the Everest Heli Tour is called Kala Patthar Helicopter Ride. You can take amazing pictures and videos during your time at Kala Patthar. That’s the place for your dreams that boosts the magnificence of a picture.

    The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour gives you the exploration of incredible nature and brings out the exotic Himalayan natural supremacy alive. The luxury tour around the Himalayas on a helicopter for a few hours is about exploring the Himalayan wilderness from an aerial perspective. Especially suitable for family tours and people who find difficulty hiking for weeks, the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is one of the easiest tours in Nepal for beginners. Here is everything you need to know about the Everest Heli Group Joining Tour.

    Why Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour ?

    Everest Region is one of the popular regions of Nepal where travelers dream to travel and explore. However, not all travelers have the time and physicality to come on the Everest Base Camp Trek where you have to walk for around 5-6 hours every day for multiple days. Similarly, sometimes the weather can turn up on you while you are traveling through the rugged trekking trails in the Himalayas. In addition to this, not all your family members can come on the Everest Base Camp Trek because of time-boundness and physicality differences. So, what can be the best option for a family to explore Everest Region without having to spend 7-8 days trekking?

    Well,Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is the perfect family tour package. It is the least difficult tour and is suitable for people of all age groups. You can go on the Everest Base Camp Group Heli Tour with all your family members as it is one of the easiest tours to do in Nepal. Also, the Everest Heli Group Tour is completed in 4-5 hours. So, you don’t even have to segregate multiple days of traveling giving you the flexibility to go on the tour on weekends too. And with Welcome Nepal Treks, your Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour gets wings that help you fly over the Everest Region having the best time of your life.

    Transportation on Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

    About the mode of transportation, you would be using on the EBC Group Helicopter Tour, you would be using a private car while going to the airport from the hotel and returning back from the airport to the hotel. You would be flying on a helicopter on the EBC Group Heli Tour. It is made sure the helicopter you are flying on is in good condition and safe. Every safety precaution is followed properly so that there are no complications during the helicopter tour around the Everest Region. While you are on the EBC Group Helicopter Tour, you would be traveling in a private car and helicopter making it EBC Group Luxury Helicopter Tour.

    Weather and Climate during the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

    Everest Base Camp is situated in one of the coldest areas of Nepal. No matter what the temperature of the region is, the fun you have while exploring Everest Regino is unexplainable. About the weather during the Everest Base Camp Group Helicopter Tour, you would be flying only if the weather is clear. If there are chances of rainfall or hailstorm, the helicopter wouldn’t even fly.

    The temperature during the Everest Base Camp Tour is over 6,500-13,000 feet is between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius during the daytime. Meanwhile, the nighttime temperature in the Everest Base Camp would be 0 to 15 degrees Celsius. As you would be flying on the helicopter during the daytime, you don’t even have to worry about the temperature of the Everest Base Camp during the nighttime. You don’t need to worry about the weather in the EBC Heli Tour, as you would be flying on the helicopter only after checking all the weather possibilities. The weather condition is checked by consulting with the flight operators and also cross-checking with the locals in the Everest Region.

    Rescue Operations in the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

    Everest Base Camp Heli Ride is a wonderful thrilling ride to the EBC where you would explore the Himalayas in a very amazing way. While on the EBC Heli Tour, there can be some times when the traveler might get into some complications. However, you don’t have to worry about rescue operations. Welcome Nepal Treks makes sure none of the travelers would be deprived of rescue services in case they need it. If any traveler suffers from altitude sickness, he/she is transferred to a lower altitude and given first aid treatment if needed. It is suggested to have medical insurance if you are traveling to the alpine region for traveling.

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost and Price for Nepali

    The Everest Helicopter Ride takes you on an unforgettable journey to the mountains where you get to witness nature at its finest with the awe-striking view of the mountains like Everest (8,848m), Lhotse (8,511m), Nuptse (7,879m), and Pumo Ri (7165m). Being one of the most loved Nepal Helicopter Tour Packages, what is the cost of the Everest Base Camp Group Joining the Helicopter Tour? This question might be a trending topic for travelers who want to take a whole different experience in the Himalayas on a helicopter.

    Everest Base Camp Group Joining/sharing Helicopter Tour Cost for Nepali is around US$ 1100 per person. The more the number of people in the group, the less the cost will come out to be a single traveler. US$ 1100 is the all-inclusive price in the EBC Group Helicopter Tour that includes the Helicopter Tour Cost to Everest Base Camp, Domestic airport departure tax, Hotel to airport pickup, and Airport to hotel drop. The EBC Group Heli Tour Cost doesn’t include the Everest National Park Fees, Breakfast (Optional), and Food and Drinks charges unless they are specified.

    Everest Base Camp Group Tour Cost 2022/23

    No matter what the EBC Group Joining/sharing Heli Tour Cost is, the fun and adventure you have on the Everest Heli Trip with Welcome Nepal Treks will be unforgettable and you will remember it for the rest of your life. If you book the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Welcome Nepal Treks for 2022/23, you also get great discounts for being an early bird. The Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost is similar for international travelers just like it is for internal tourists. The only difference can be while paying in National Park and entry permits for some places which may be free for Nepalese people. Lukla to Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Price is not calculated separately under EBC Group Heli Tour from Kathmandu. However, looking at the prices around, the Lukla to Everest Base Camp Helicopter Price is around US$ 400. You will be getting on the helicopter flight from Kathmandu and will be landing at Lukla for refueling, you will complete the entire journey from Kathmandu to Lukla to Kala Patthar to Everest View Hotel and back to Kathmandu via Lukla.

    How to prepare for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

    Everest Base Camp Heli Tour is one of the easiest Nepal tour packages in terms of physicality, time, and weather. You will be in only for a time in the Himalayas so there is the least possibility that you will suffer from altitude sickness and other health complications caused by higher altitude. So, is preparation necessary for the Everest Group Heli Tour? There is no hard and fast rule regarding the EBC Group Heli Tour Preparation. However, preparing for any tour is always a good choice. The best way you can prepare for the Everest Base Camp Group Joining Helicopter Tour is to research the places where you would be touching down and exploring. You can also do yoga or any physical exercise to be in the best shape possible cutting down any chances of complications even though the chances are really low. You can also prepare yourself how to click the best pictures of the Himalayas so that you may come out with the best pictures and videos of the trip possible.

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Additional Visiting Places

    Everest Base Camp Group Heli Tour is a wonderful opportunity to explore the most aesthetic Himalayas in a totally different setting. You will visit Lukla and Kala Patthar which are two of the most awesome landmarks in the Everest Region. However, some travelers want more places to explore on the trip. About any additional places to be included on the helicopter trip to the EBC, you certainly can add some. Welcome Nepal Treks provides you the tour packages where you can customize your itinerary and can add places. Everest Base Camp Group Joining Helicopter Tour is not different. You can also add places of traveling on the EBC Heli Tour Itinerary but you have to pay some more money. The Everest Base Camp Heli Tour Cost would exceed a little bit depending on the number of places that have been added along with the distance to be traveled further. If you wish to visit any other places different than what is in the Helicopter EBC Tour Itinerary, you can talk with our team so that the tour can be customized properly and a great reasonable price would be negotiated.

    Money Exchanges or ATM Services on the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

    About the ATM services during the Everest Helicopter Tour, you will be touching down at the Everest View Hotel for breakfast. Unfortunately, you don’t find any ATM facilities in the hotel you are staying in. You need to carry money with you if you want to give tips or buy any other things. The breakfast charges would be on the tour package cost, but it is optional so you should check that before.

    Also about the money exchanges on the EBC Group Joining/sharing Helicopter Tour, you won’t find any money exchange facility at the landmarks where you get to land on the Everest Heli Tour. If you are looking to exchange money, you should do that while you are in Kathmandu. As you will be traveling in the early morning, the best time for exchanging money would be the day before the helicopter journey. Paying charges with Nepali currency is suggested rather than foreign currency. There will be no money exchanges or ATM services on the EBC Heli Tour once the journey starts. You can use those services while you are in Kathmandu before going on the helicopter tour itself.

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour- The Perfect Family Holiday Trip

    A helicopter ride is fit for children, adults, women, and older people. There will be no complications like in the trekking trails. If you are a beginner-level trekker, you don’t know how to cope with the conditions on the rugged trails. Similarly, your physical ability will also not be enough to complete a long trek of more than two weeks. In that case, EBC Heli Tour is a one-day trip that doesn’t require you to be the fittest of all. Even if you don’t have a great physique or trekking experience, you can easily complete the trip. Not only this, you will make memories of a lifetime. So, the Everest Group Heli Tour is the perfect option for a family vacation next time your family members ask you for a one-day trip.

    Best Time for a Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost

    Everest Heli Tour is all about embarking on a trip over the beautiful snow-limited mountain peaks on a copter. The rainfall is extremely changeable as Everest Region lies at a high altitude, the rainfall is extremely changeable. It's insolvable to go on a heli lift if it’s too foggy or raining. You can’t see any of the mountain views, and the lift is also not safe. Despite the stint being just many hours long, the rainfall isn't a thing you can’t fully overlook.

    The best time for a memorable stint in the Everest Region is during the spring and autumn. The rainfall is crystal clear, and it’s not too sticky. The chances of rain are veritably minimal. Meanwhile, rain might constantly do, and the climate is too sticky. And in the downtime season, the mountain is completely covered with snow. The temperature is extremely low.

    You don’t have to worry about which time is the most stylish for an Everest Heli Tour. Welcome Nepal Treks looks over all the rainfall vaticinations, and under the surveillance of experts, we organize our breakouts with full safety. The most pleasant service to a traveler is honesty and safety, the main aphorism of Welcome Nepal Treks.

    All in all, the best time for Everest Heli Ride is during the spring and autumn season. When there is no rainfall or fog, the heli ride is not disturbed by any of those climatic insecurities. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do the helicopter Everest trip in summer or winter. You just need to make sure that it is not raining or snowing. Otherwise, it will create a lot of complications in the tour. Welcome Nepal Treks organize the heli tour looking at the possible weather and the condition of the helicopters that are used in the ride.

    Itinerary of the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost

    As soon as you get on the helicopter ride to the Everest, you are all in for the best adventurous journey. So, what is the itinerary of the helicopter tour to the Everest Region?

    • Pickup from  the hotel and  arrival at the airport
    • Departure from the Tribhuvan International Airport
    • Fly to Lukla and Stop for refueling
    • Fly to Kala  Patthar
    • Fly back to Everest View Hotel for a tasty breakfast
    • Fly back to the capital city from Lukla
    • End of the Everest  Base Camp Group Joining Helicopter  Tour

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Price | Helicopter Ride Price in Nepal

    The 4-hours long Everest Helicopter Group Tour is an easy trip to the Himalayas that provides you car and flight type of transportation. The Everest Helicopter Ride Price in Nepal is about US$ 1100. The cost includes the domestic air departure price, hotel pickup and drop fare, and all government tax. Sagarmatha National Park Entry Fee which is US$25 needs to be paid in the counter on the trip.

    Packing List for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

    Even though you are just going to the helicopter tour for 4-hours and even during the 4-hours you won’t stay the full time inside the helicopter. You need to get out of hte hleicopter for clicking pictures, having food and snacks, and experience the joy of being in the Himalayas. There are various things you need to take with yourself so that your helicopter ride to the Everest becomes a great and memorable experience for all the good reasons. Here is a list of things that should be in your Everest Helicopter Ride Packing List for 2022/23.

    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen cream
    • Wind-proof jacket
    • Scarf
    • Cap
    • Full-cotton T-shirts
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Warm Trousers
    • Cameras and Mobile Phones
    • Powerbank with charging cable
    • Moisturizer
    • Water-bottle

    Which is better for Everest Base Camp Trek or Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

    Everest View Trek is a long trip of walking through the rugged trails of the Everest region, exploring the foliage, wildlife, and culture. You'll explore the riches of carnivals and traditions of people in the region. You'll have to walk around 6- 7 hours daily. It is a relatively harder trip as you have to walk steep and rugged trails. Meanwhile, Talking about the Everest Group Helicopter Ride is a trip to the Everest Region on a helicopter that is completed in a day. It is an easy trip for travelers of all age groups.

    The travelers who are time- bound and ca n’t walk hours in a day, Everest Heli Tour is the most stylish option out there. There's no difference  as which one is the better trip out of Everest Group/sharing Heli Tour or EBC Trek. It depends on your time, physical capability, and the days you want to give for the trip. Overall, both the ways of exploration are the ways to dive deep into the lovely Everest Region. It’s just that Everest View Trek gives you the in-depth exploration of the Everest Region, but can’t be completed by every traveler. Everest Heli Tour comes out as the savior for everyone who dream of being at the Everest, but can’t really do that because of various complications.

    Safety Tips for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

    When you are on a helicopter ride, there are many safety tips you need  to follow so the chances of an accident are always low. It also helps you to enjoy your trip to the fullest rather than worrying about what bad may happen.

    A list of safety tips and suggestions for the Everest Heli Ride is as follows. Make sure you follow all of these tips when you are on the heli ride.

    • Pay due attention to the brief give n by helicopter captain
    • Listen to the entry and exit procedure clearly
    • Only enter the door after the captain signals you to do so
    • Do not smoke within 100 feet around the helicopter
    • Don’t approach the aircraft from behind.
    • Take care of your personal belongings
    • Put your mobile phones on flight mode when you are flying

    Where to book your next Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour ?

    There are many travel agencies that book your trip to the Everest Region via a helicopter ride. Choosing a good travel agency is the base of all the fun you will have. So, where to book your next Everest Helicopter Tour Package for vacation? Well, the choices are immense and you need to choose one, Right?

    Welcome Nepal Treks is the best travel agency you will choose for the group heli tour Everest package. Having been in the travel industry for a very long time, we know what the customers and travelers like. We consult with the travelers to make any changes and customization in the itinerary. Putting customers’ wishlist and satisfaction on the top of our priority list and work for it is our main motive. And we are always keen to do so.

    The helicopter captains are experienced and know all the ins and outs of the Everest Region where we will be traveling. Not only this, all of them are trained for first aid and any sort of health complications. So, you don’t have to worry about anything on this part. Choosing Welcome Nepal Treks for your next Everest Helicopter Group Tour is the best decision you will ever make.

    Tipping in Everest Base Camp Group Helicopter Tour

    One of the best practices, whenever you get served, is tipping. It is a way by which you can award someone for their great service that motivates the people who are offering service to always put their best foot forward in whatever they do. Some travelers do have a question regarding whether tipping is mandatory on Everest Base Camp Group Heli Tour. Well, about tipping in any of the tours, treks, or visits to any food places, tipping is not mandatory. Giving a tip or not totally depends on the traveler. If you feel the service is good and it deserves a tip, then you can definitely tip the other person who is serving you. Otherwise, no one will force you to give a tip. Similar is the case with tipping in the Everest Base Camp Group Joining Helicopter Tour. Tipping is not mandatory in the EBC Heli Tour. It totally depends on your wish.

    Why Welcome Nepal Treks for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

    24/7 Customer Service

    Welcome Nepal Treks is on your service all the time. No matter the time, if you have any queries regarding the tour, you can reach out to us. We will respond to any of your queries. You don’t have to wait for anything. You can check the Contact Us section and can connect with us.

    Guarantee of the Best Price

    None of the tours under Welcome Nepal Treks are overpriced. We have tailored the package in such a way that it becomes reasonable for the travelers as well as the hotel and restaurant owners. Nobody remains dissatisfied.

    No hidden charges

    Transparency is the #1 feature of Welcome Nepal Treks. What we say we are, we are the same. The price mentioned in the site is real. We don’t have any hidden charges. The price you are mentioned will not be changed by any means.

    Refund Policy

    Welcome Nepal Treks provides a refund policy for the travelers, but you need to tell about the cancelation before a specified date. For more information, look at the terms and conditions page.

    Customizable Package

    The travelers can consult with the tour planners to customize anything on the trip. It can be any new activity added or any activity eliminated for the itinerary of the tour.  However, if you add any destination there can be some additional charges to the overall tour pricing.

    For Quick Contact:

    Ask Questions, We’re at your service
    Whatsapp/Viber: +977 9841767236 (Hari) 


    • Q1. Is Everest Base Camp Group Joining Helicopter Tour Safe In Nepal?

      Inspection of the flight’s condition and the weather and climate is done every day. The hourly forecast is done for the weather. The flights are maintained well and they go through repeated maintenance in the required duration. Safety is the primary concern in the Welcome Nepal Treks. In addition to this, you are briefed about the heli tour. So, there is a very minimum chance of any mishap. So, as for the question Everest Group Heli Tour is totally safe in Nepal. However, you also need to follow the safety tips and suggestions properly.

    • The Group Everest Heli Tour takes 4 hours. However, you don’t have to be in the copter for the full 4 hours. There are breaks for breakfast, stopping, and refueling. It flies for around 2 hours maximum.

    • Kala Patthar is the place where we usually do our landing and stop to click pictures and make great memories. We do not land at the Everest Base Camp because Kala Pathhar is the highest point of the tour and from there the Everest view is magnificent from all angles.

      That’s why Everest Heli Tour is also called as Kala Patthar Heli Ride. The highest altitude we hit in the Everest Group Helicopter Ride is 5,545 m.

    • Everest Heli Ride is the most sought-after tours in Nepal.  It is an easy trip and can be completed by people of all age groups. You don’t need to be physically supreme to complete. Children and older people can come on the Everest Heli Ride and they will make the most out of it.

    • There will be a time separated for breakfast and snacks. We land at the hotel for breakfast and will stay there for 30-45 minutes, depending on the situation too. If the travelers ask to stay for more, then we will surely stay there for a longer time.

    • There is a refund policy for travelers but you should cancel the trip before a specified time and date. You will be charged a certain amount and get a refund. You should look onto the terms and conditions section.

    • There is a permit you need for Everest Heli Tour which is the Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit which costs US$ 30.

    • Your chances of suffering from Altitude Sickness on the Everest Heli Tour are very low. In case, you suffer from that, you will be given first aid treatment and transferred to a lower altitude location and a hospital if any serious case arise. There are also the facilities of oxygen tanks too if you feel shortness of breath.

    • Unfortunately, there are no ATM facilities in the hotels where you have brunch and breakfast.  You need to carry money with you. As the food charges will be all covered in the package. But, if you want to give a tip, then you will need money for that.

    • Welcome Nepal Treks provide you the tour packages on which you can customize your itinerary. Similarly, even in the Everest Group Heli Tour, you can add places. But, you should pay some more money. You can contact us if you wish to visit other places on the Heli Tour before so that the tour can be customized well and the price should also be negotiated to a reasonable value.


    • Welcome Nepal Treks provides many awesome benefits if you book with us. Some of the reasons behind Welcome Nepal Treks being your #1 have already been mentioned. Here are some other reasons choosing Welcome Nepal Treks for your next Everest Base Camp Private Helicopter Tour will not backfire by any means.

      • Free pickup and drop off from and to the airport
      • Native language speaking guide
      • Well-maintained helicopters and flights
      • Experienced captains
      • Loyalty Discounts for Old Customers
      • Refund Policy with very less cancelation charges

      Welcome Nepal Treks is a travel agency that has been working day and night for the travelers for a very long time. They know the needs and wishes of travelers very well. So, they tailor a travel package looking at all types of travelers at a very reasonable cost. It helps every traveler to choose the package. Everest Base Camp Group Joining Helicopter Tour is one of the most sought-after and popular tour packages brought to you by Welcome Nepal Treks. However, there are other tour packages and trek packages too. Some of the most famous trekking packages are Ghorepani PoonHill Trek, EBC Trek, ABC Trek, and many more.  Life is a box of chocolates, and you never really know what you are going to get. But, with Welcome Nepal Treks your life will be that box of chocolates from where you only get the chocolates that best suits your taste. Travel, Enjoy Life and make it the best experience.

    • Most people think Everest Base Camp Heli Tour is about flying over the top of Everest and landing at the top of Everest. However, it is not like that. During the EBC Heli Tour, you would be flying through the mountains on a fixed route and altitude. The helicopter doesn’t fly over the top of Everest because of safety reasons. Similarly, landing at the top of Everest is a risky move that is not allowed. 


    • How cold it gets at Everest Base Camp depends on the weather and the time when you will be traveling there. If you go at night the EBC temperature can go as low as -15 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the temperature of the Everest Base Camp in the winter season, the temperature can go as low as -5 degrees Celsius during the day whereas Camp during the summer the day is around 20-22 degrees Celsius and at night it is 4 degrees Celsius.

    • The major factor that makes it hard for a helicopter to fly over Everest is air density. The air is just too thin. It makes it impossible for the helicopters to generate enough lift to remain in the air. That’s why it is not advised to fly over Mount Everest. Safety should be the major concern no matter where you are traveling to.

    • Everest Base Camp Group Joining Helicopter Tour is the type of helicopter tour package where you would be put in a group with other travelers on a fixed date. It is one of the shared group tours in which a solo traveler would get into a group with fellow travelers. Everest Base Camp Private Heli Tour is a perfect tour package for a family. All in all, both the EBC Group Heli Tour and EBC Private Heli Tour are wonderful helicopter tour packages that bring you joy and fun in traveling and enjoying life at its best.

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      The best trip I’ve ever went to. The views of the Himalayas were so amazing. The local tour agency is very awesome and provided us with the best tour services I have ever gotten. I recommend this Everest Helicopter to everyone who is planning to go on a tour in Nepal. And also Welcome Nepal Treks with whom I had one of the best experiences of my life.

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      Cezary BestBahamas Sep 07, 2022

      Unforgettable Experience

      The entire Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour was a stuff of dreams. We booked the EBC Helicopter Tour with Welcome Nepal Treks and what an awesome experience it was. Everything was well-managed from private car to the helicopter on which we were flying. If you are planning for a Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, I definitely recommend you Welcome Nepal Treks who will manage everything for you.