Key Aspects to Perform Trekking in Nepal in March

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  • Last Updated on Jun 25, 2023

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Key Aspects to Perform Trekking in Nepal in March

March constitutes the beginning of spring season in Nepal and during this time, the entire country witness transition from cold months to warm spring season with pleasant showers. Nepal has five different seasons and the month of March falls rightly during the beginning of the spring season. This may be the beginning of second popular trek season in Nepal. If your trek operates from the later weeks of February to up to March, you will likely expect to get entirely rain free hot days and cold nights with stunning and clear views. Early rains are of usually light ones, which start whenever the spring blooms.

Weather in Nepal during March/Spring Season

Spring season is somewhat quick to visit in Nepal, as the temperature fails to freeze during this time with ease at various high altitudes. However, the temperature reduces on different treks and thereby, makes the weather mild. Even March in Nepal involves occasional hail showers, rain and thunderstorms. Both weather conditions and the temperature undergo changes while you move ahead in high altitude or follow descend. In the same way, you will find variations based solely on any specific trek. However, you always expect mountain passes and base camps to deal with extreme conditions.

Preferable Nepal Treks during the Month of March

  • The month of March i.e. beginning of the spring season favors for a few longer treks i.e. trek to the Mount Everest region or Annapurna Circuit region.
  • March is the best month to visit the Upper Mustang region.
  • If the season involves beginning of light rains, Annapurna region becomes an excellent trekking region during the month of March or spring season in Nepal.
  • Travelers may expect to pass through green and lush valleys with flower blossoms of early spring.
  • Individuals may easily complete with various short mountain hikes, including the hike to Dhulikhel and Nagarkot Mountains.

Necessary Trekking Clothes at the time of spring (March) in Nepal

Experienced travel companies and their professionals always recommend individual trekkers to dress up in layers during March because of a late winter. In addition, in order to cope up with rains, one should make sure to wear strong trek boots in combination with ankle support. Moreover, individuals require rain and windproof jackets with backpack covers of rainproof type, along with trekking pants, trekking shirts and fleeces to wear during the evening time.

You should always remember that trekking during the daytime in March might result in hot, wet and sunny weather. Hence, it is essential to dress up in layers, as you may easily peel off them. Meanwhile, during the evening time, you may feel cold weather, because of which you will find fleece as helpful to keep warm. Furthermore, blankets remain available easily in guest houses in combination with trekking routes, but a lightweight sleep bag constitutes an excellent addition to your backpack.For more info about Nepal trekking tour package contact us

Hari Khadka

Hari Khadka