Female Traveling Alone in Nepal

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  • Last Updated on Jun 27, 2023

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Female Traveling Alone in Nepal

What Should Do to Stay Safe

If you have moved ahead to trek for the first time in any other country, such as Nepal, it is very much essential to avoid lull yourself into false security sense in Nepal. Instead, we will advise you to take help from a professional guide to for your first trek. Especially, this is very much essential if you belong to the female fraternity.

If you are trekking in any mountain region of Nepal, it is very much essential to consider the fact that almost every year, a few solo trekkers usually go missing. Furthermore, a few solo travelers suffer attacks as well as murders in the country. However, the positive thing in this case is that one can reduce the chances of aforementioned potential dangers by choosing a reliable trekking company and a professional trek guide.

Selection of a Guide/Trek Agency

Hence, if you are a solo female traveler, you should essentially interact with large number of professional guides and many trek agencies before you should choose anyone, with whom you feel 100% comfortable. You should never hesitate to ask the background and references of professional guides and make sure to get their contact points. In this way, you will be able to select a reliable guide for your tour/trek in Nepal.

Interact with Trek/Tour Guide

Here, you should follow a good tip i.e. click a photograph of your professional guide, his operating license and inform them that you send the details of such professionals to your friend staying in Nepal and/or your family members. You do not have to be harsh while doing all these activities; instead, you should do everything by following a friendly conversation. However, you should make sure to do everything mentioned here to give an understanding to you and your chosen professional guide that most of the people know, with whom you are and where you go during your trip.

Travel Insurance Clauses

Once you complete with your work in the selection and interaction with a professional trek/tour guide, you should make sure to get right trek travel insurance. In this case, you have to dedicate your time to know each important clause associated with travel insurance.

Accommodation Facilities Available

Accommodation facilities available for worldwide tourists visiting in Nepal are of fairly centralized to the transportation hubs and tourist districts. When you arrive for the first time in Nepal, you will get safety feelings by choosing to book any mid-range or higher recommend hotel. Only you have to read online reviews and stay comfortable with the respective location. Most of the hotels even provide airport pickups. Particularly, if you are a solo woman traveler, you may opt to find accommodation facility in any of the areas belonging to Kathmandu City named Freak Street, Paknajol and Thamel. About Trekking tour package more information visit : http://www.welcomenepaltreks.com

Hari Khadka

Hari Khadka