Everest Base Camp Trek in December

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Everest Base Camp Trek in December: Travel Tips, Weather, Highlights, Trek Routes, Packing List

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the very few treks in the world that people dream to go on at least once in their life. December is the last month of the year that is extremely cold and receives frequent snowfall. Everest Base Camp Trek in December is a kind of confusing topic regarding “Is Everest Base Camp Trek possible in December?”

Well, the answer is a big yes. It is possible to trek to EBC in December. The trails are less crowded and it is easy to get accommodation. What you need to take care of the most will be the weather, as it is pretty unpredictable and extremely cold.

The weather in the EBC in December is extremely cold with the sudden occurrence of icy strong winds, snowfall, and the temperature dropping down to minus degrees in a quick swoop. Winter during December in EBC is a perfect time for trekkers who want to trek freely in peace. Before embarking on the EBC journey, you need to know about many things which help you prepare for the trip in a better way.

Why Everest Base Camp Trek in December is a great decision?

Travelers from all around the world come to Nepal for an incredible visit and exploration. Every month has its own specialty and highlight. December indeed has unique features that attract travelers to explore the Everest Region like never before.

No Rainfall

When you are trekking to Everest during the summer/monsoon, you are likely to experience rainfall which causes a lot of complications. The weather is really unpredictable. However, in December you kind of get predictable weather with no rainfall. However, you may expect snowfall instead of rainfall.

Breathtaking mountain views

The lower region of the Everest Region gets fully foggy with clouds gathering. However, the higher region gets incredibly clear resulting in an incredibly aesthetic mountain sight. About the question regarding “Do we see mountains during EBC Trek in December?” Well, You do see mountains, and to add to that statement, the mountain view is indeed the finest you've ever seen.

Tranquil trekking trails

December is not the peak season for trekking. So, there are very less travelers coming for the EBC Trek. It makes it possible for you to trek in the calmest atmosphere with no disturbance. If you are a trekker who wants to go on the expedition in peace, EBC Trek in December can be your next travel destination.

Best Accommodation

Not being the peak season of traveling, the Everest Region receives very less travelers. The hotels and lodges in the Khumbu Region are not fully packed. So, you get to choose from a long list of hotels and lodges at a very reasonable rate which is not the case in the peak season.

The EBC Trek in December is a top travel plan you can execute and trek in the most peaceful atmosphere possible. You will enjoy a lot. However, there are certain things you need to know about the December EBC Trekking.

Things to know about Everest Base Camp Trek in December

EBC Trek Weather and Climate in December

There are four seasons in Nepal- Spring, Summer/Monsoon, autumn, and winter. Monsoon comes along with summer. The spring and autumn seasons are quite clear providing you with the most aesthetic views of the mountains. Winter starts in late November and ends in early February. December is the coldest month in the Everest Base Camp Trek.

The EBC weather during December is very much unpredictable. It can go from moderate to extreme. There are sudden strong winds, icy weather, and also snowfall. The higher altitude places are quite colder than the lower altitude places like Lukla, Phakding, Namche, and Tengboche. The weather is pretty much warmer during the daytime in the lower altitude places and gets moderately colder in the nighttime. Nights can go freezing cold in higher altitude places like Dingboche, Lobuche, and Everest Base Camp.

If you are a traveler who can bear extreme cold and have no problem walking in snowfall, EBC Trek in December will be one of the most mesmerizing experiences you will ever be in.

The minimum temperature at Dingboche, Lobuche, and Gorakshep in December are -13°C,-16C°, and -17°C while the maximum temperatures are 4°C, 1°C, and 0°C respectively. As you move towards the higher altitude, the temperature keeps on decreasing.

Accommodation in EBC Trek in December

December in EBC Trek is extremely cold and may receive high snowfall. So, most travelers don’t like going on the Everest Trek in December. However, that’s not the case. If you are looking to trek in EBC in the most peaceful atmosphere, the December EBC Trek should be your #1 choice.

About the accommodation in December in the Khumbu Region, you will get plenty of teahouses, lodges, and hotels to choose from. Most of the lodges and teahouses are empty or have very low visitors as compared to the peak season when it is extremely hard to get rooms. You will get well-facilitated rooms at a very reasonable rate when you trek to EBC in December.

Highlights of the Everest Base Camp Trek in December

  • Once in a lifetime experience
  • Gorgeous mountain views from the trekking trail
  • The finest view of the highest peak from Kala Patthar
  • Delightful villages of Tengboche, Lobuche, and Gorakshep
  • Amazing time at the tourist hub of the Himalayas- Namche Bazar
  • Explore through the trails with prayer flags, mani stones, wheels, and monasteries
  • The most scintillating off-beaten-snowy trails

Guides and Porters in Everest Base Camp Trek

It is really important to take a guide with you to the EBC Trek in December. No matter how experienced in trekking you are, a guide would always be a plus point. Guides can take you to some really underexplored places and some unknown places too. If there is an emergency too, a guide can be your life savior. And about hiring porters for the EBC Trek in December, you need to have a porter for the trek for carrying heavy bags. Not only does it help you in the trek, but it also gives job opportunities for local people.

Best Everest Trekking Packages in December

Everest Region in December is a unique and fun experience to have. So, on which Everest Trek to go? Well, there are some amazing trekking routes in Everest you can have a lot of fun in.

Everest Panorama View Trek

Everest Panorama View Trek is a very special trek to the Everest Region where you get to explore the best sight of Everest while also exploring the Sherpa villages along the journey.

Everest Rolwaling Trek

One of the best treks to do in Everest in December, the Everest Rolwalking Trek is the perfect opportunity to explore the valley with abundant lakes, glaciers, waterfalls, pastures, and many more.

Short Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Short Trek is another amazing trekking package that allows you to explore the natural beauty of Everest in a shorter itinerary. You will not only get to see the breathtaking view of the mountains but also get to meet the local people to understand more about their culture and lifestyle.

Sherpa Village Trek

Sherpa Village Trek is one of the most popular trekking trails in the Everest Region. It is a classical teahouse trek that passes through the high mountain villages giving you the perfect representation of the Himalayan lifestyle with a great influence of the Tibetan culture blended with Nepali culture.

Equipment List for Everest Base Camp Trek in December | Requirements for EBC Trek

EBC Trek in December is a trekking adventure that takes your level of adventure to a greater level indeed. As the weather is pretty much unpredictable requiring you have to have great preparation beforehand. One of the important steps for preparation is to make an equipment list for the trek to EBC in December.

  • Packing List for the December Everest Trekking
  • Trekking Backpack with cover
  • Hiking T-shirts and pants
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Thick woolen socks with some thin socks
  • Comfortable hiking boots
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Trekking poles
  • Sunhat and sunglasses
  • Scarf

These are some of the most important stuff you need to have in your backpack on the trek to the EBC, especially in December. Being a winter trek, you need to take extra care while selecting the things to take on the trekking journey.

Trekking Preparation for Everest Base Camp in December

Before you decide to go on the EBC Trek in December, there are a few things you need to have an idea about and prepare beforehand so that your Everest Trip becomes a trip full of good memories.

  • The tips for EBC Trek preparation in December are:
  • Doing physical exercise
  • Staying properly hydrated and having balanced meals
  • Involving in yoga sessions
  • Develop the habit of walking uphill and downhill
  • Researching really well about the Everest Trekking Route
  • Learn how to take amazing photographs and shoot some great videos
  • Knowing how to use the trekking equipment

Events in December in Everest Base Camp

December is the last month of the year. Bidding a farewell to the year, one of the most important events that fall in December is Christmas. Imagine celebrating Christmas in the best snowy trek you could possibly be. The stuff is indeed heavenly, to say the least. You will have a lot of fun in December at the Everest Trek.

FAQs about EBC Trek in December

Do I need a sleeping bag in EBC Trek?

EBC Trek in December is a trek when very less travelers go trekking resulting in surplus accommodation. You will get a heating system in the hotel’s dining room but not in the bedrooms. Despite the less number of travelers, it is always good to take a sleeping bag with you on the trip. The temperature can be really low, and the sleeping bag becomes the best savior. You can use a sleeping bag and a warm blanket.

Is EBC Trek accessible in winter?

Everest Trekking as most people think is not accessible in winter. However, it’s not the case. Winter is the time when you can do EBC Trek in a very peaceful way. The weather may be a little unpredictable, but with sheer determination, you can complete the trek. As for the question, the Everest Trek is indeed fully accessible in winter. You need to be well-prepared for it.

What are the trekking permits required for EBC Trek in December?

You would require trekking permits for the EBC Trek at all times of the year including December which is the Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Permit and Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit. All you need to have is your passport detail and entry charges to get the permits the permit charge for the Khumbu Municipality is NPR 2000 for the first four weeks for foreign nationals including SAARC nations.

What’s so special about Everest Trek in December?

The best part about Everest Trekking in December would be the most aesthetic mountain views in the clear skies with no rainfall. You would get to explore the Everest Region in the cold times giving you a totally unique experience. In addition to this, you would get the best accommodation on the tranquil trekking trail.

Can a beginner complete the EBC Trek?

EBC Trek is not a beginner-friendly trek. It can become strenuous and going for the trek in the cold months is even more strenuous. You need to have a little trekking experience before you go on the EBC Trek. Not only that, you need to prepare really well for the trip to the mountains. For beginners, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek and ABC Trek can become the better trek options.

Everest Trekking is one of the best things to do in Nepal. December is a cold month and is often disregarded as the time to trek to the Everest Base Camp. However, it is not the case. EBC Trek in December is one of the most unique travel experiences you can have which only a handful of people are blessed to have. Welcome Nepal Treks welcomes you to the best Everest Trekking Packages in December 2022/23 where you can totally be yourself and dive deep into the ocean of traveling.

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