Best Time To Visit Nepal

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Best Time To Visit Nepal 

Nepal is a country located in South Asia famously known as The Land Of Himalayas. People from all around the world visit Nepal at every time of the year. But, the best time to visit Nepal is still a mystery for the majority of travelers.

There are four main seasons of Nepal- summer, monsoon, autumn, and winter. The best time to visit Nepal is in fact during the autumn season. The autumn season covers the months such as September, October, and November. You get to see the exquisite view of the Himalayas with no chance of obstruction in the sightseeing. The temperature is moderate. It allows you the chance of exploring the outskirts of Nepal on a mountain bike.

Is Monsoon the best time to visit Nepal?

As far as the name suggests, monsoon means rain and only rain. There is a high chance of hailstorm along with heavy rainfall. It is not a good sign if you are on to trek Nepal. Monsoon generally starts in June. Apparently, June is definitely not the best time to visit Nepal. The trekking trails become slippery. Landslides in the Hilly Region and Floods in the Terai Region can be the major problems. The afternoon clouds and rain showers cause more stomach upsets. All and all, Monsoon is not the best time to visit Nepal.


Best Time To Visit Kathmandu and Pokhara

Kathmandu and Pokhara are two major cities in Nepal. People who come to visit Nepal first have to come to Kathmandu. So, there are many questions about which is the best time to visit Pokhara and Kathmandu. 


Best Time To Visit Pokhara

Pokhara is the queen of the cities of Nepal. There is no such time as the best time to visit Pokhara. About 75% of the tourists who visit Nepal visit Pokhara. Pokhara has everything you want to do to make your trip memorable. Be it visiting awesome lakes such as Lake Fewa or Lake Begnas or seeing the sunrise from Sarangkot, everything about Pokhara is serene. Being the major transit hub for trekking, Pokhara is truly a city to reckon with.


The perfect time to visit Pokhara is during the months of September and October. Pokhara is called the Cherrapunji of Nepal because it receives the maximum rainfall. Pokhara offers cool and average weather. However, rain in Pokhara can happen at any time. 


You can experience paragliding in Pokhara. The beautiful sunrise experienced from Sarangkot and the exquisite visit to the World Peace Pagoda make your trip to Pokhara an experience of a lifetime.


The flow of tourists in the months of March to November is very high. So, the rates of food along with the accommodation can be comparatively higher than other times. Best time attracts maximum visitors right? 


Plan your trip to Pokhara- Queen of Cities and Enjoy.

Best Time To Visit Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. The home to Lord Pashupatinath, Kathmandu is the first destination of every visitor who comes to Nepal. Be it forcefully or not. The city of temples has everything you want your dream city to have which you can enjoy. Kathmandu is the place that has the most awesome climate all over Nepal. The winters are not as cold as in Himalayan Region whereas the summers are not as hot as in Terai Region. All and all, the climate in Kathmandu is best for everything.

You can visit Kathmandu at any time of the year. There is no particular time such as the best time to visit Kathmandu. Every time of the year has its own specialty. During the month of  February, you get to experience Maha Shivaratri in Pashupatinath Temple. Meanwhile, In winter season you can visit Phulchoki Danda to experience the alluring view of Kathmandu from the top and play on snow. Separating out on facts, October may be the best time to visit Nepal because people generally return to their villages in Dashain. There are fewer crowds and less pollution. So, if you want to get an experience like never before and enjoy to the fullest October can be your best time to visit Kathmandu.



If you are planning to go on a trip to Nepal, make sure you come with the proper arrangement for the best time possible. Welcome Nepal Treks are always on your service. Come, Enjoy and Live like there is no tomorrow.

Hari Khadka

Hari Khadka