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Balancing your Body and Mind every day with yoga and meditation at the lap of Nature!!!!

Nepal Yoga Tour Package focuses solely on providing travelers with the healthy boost along with the treats of stunning Nepal. Welcome Nepal Treks is probably the only travel agency of Nepal which operates standard Yoga Tour in Nepal along with Meditation in Nepal. The company has highly regarded and experienced Yoga instructors as well as Meditation Gurus for the assistance of the guest. Get the rewarding feature of ancient art of exercising amalgamated with the tour of Nepal’s architectural palaces and naturally beautiful cities.

Yoga generally refers to the physical, mental and spiritual practices for the healthy body. This practice has become popular in contemporary world. Most of the people are getting so much of health conscious these days. Therefore, we knitted the itinerary of Nepal tour adding the sessions of Yoga and Meditations. We take our clients to serene natural places as well as spiritual monasteries during Nepal Yoga Tour Package tours in Nepal. Performing Yoga and Meditation requires tranquil place. Therefore, we have placed Nepal’s most splendid places having wonders of Mother Nature and grandeurs of cultural and religious landmarks.

Places like Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Nagarkot and Kathmandu are few selected for the Nepal Yoga Tour Package trips. These places hold special attractions. Pokhara is naturally beautiful. Lakes, caves, waterfalls, sunrise sunset viewpoint places make it stunning. Chitwan is the best flatland place of Nepal having UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site listed national park. Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Performing meditation on the holy ground where Lord Buddha was born is really special activity to do once in your lifetime. Nagarkot is tranquil hill station nearby Kathmandu. The capital city is full of hustle and bustle but lots of monasteries and sanctuaries are best place for the yoga and meditation.

Book Nepal Yoga Tour Package and travel Nepal in different way. Let your spiritual, mental and physical side of your body flourish with the world class Yoga and Meditation sessions in Nepal.