Nepal Yoga Tour Package

Nepal Yoga Tour Package With Best Price, Cost For 2024/2025

Balancing your Body and Mind every day with yoga and meditation at the lap of Nature!!!!

Nepal Yoga Tour Package focuses solely on providing travelers with the healthy boost along with the treats of stunning Nepal. Welcome Nepal Treks is probably the only travel agency of Nepal which operates standard Yoga Tour in Nepal along with Meditation in Nepal. The company has highly regarded and experienced Yoga instructors as well as Meditation Gurus for the assistance of the guest. Get the rewarding feature of ancient art of exercising amalgamated with the tour of Nepal’s architectural palaces and naturally beautiful cities.

Yoga generally refers to the physical, mental and spiritual practices for the healthy body. This practice has become popular in contemporary world. Most of the people are getting so much of health conscious these days. Therefore, we knitted the itinerary of Nepal tour adding the sessions of Yoga and Meditations. We take our clients to serene natural places as well as spiritual monasteries during Nepal Yoga Tour Package tours in Nepal. Performing Yoga and Meditation requires tranquil place. Therefore, we have placed Nepal’s most splendid places having wonders of Mother Nature and grandeurs of cultural and religious landmarks.

Places like Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Nagarkot and Kathmandu are few selected for the Nepal Yoga Tour Package trips. These places hold special attractions. Pokhara is naturally beautiful. Lakes, caves, waterfalls, sunrise sunset viewpoint places make it stunning. Chitwan is the best flatland place of Nepal having UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site listed national park. Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Performing meditation on the holy ground where Lord Buddha was born is really special activity to do once in your lifetime. Nagarkot is tranquil hill station nearby Kathmandu. The capital city is full of hustle and bustle but lots of monasteries and sanctuaries are best place for the yoga and meditation.

Book Nepal Yoga Tour Package and travel Nepal in different way. Let your spiritual, mental and physical side of your body flourish with the world class Yoga and Meditation sessions in Nepal.

Best Part about Nepal Yoga Tour Package

Nepal Yoga Tour Packages are the best tour packages for travelers who want to enjoy and have fun while doing yoga helping them to stay fit and focused. The Yoga Tour Packages in Nepal are organized by Welcome Nepal Treks with the best yoga and meditation instructors. You will feel the souvenir of a healthy lifestyle even after the tour when you think about all the memories and experiences you had. Some of the best things about the Nepal Yoga Tour Packages are:

  • A perfect blend of fun, enjoyment, and health-boosting
  • Staying refreshed and pumped up for every day of travel
  • Escaping reality and getting transported to a whole new world of mental peace
  • You will get to know your inner self and how to control your mind, body, and soul
  • Breathing exercises in yoga help you to go deeper into yourself and be present in the exact moment
  • Explore the souvenirs of cultural, historical, and natural wonders

Best Time for a Yoga Trip in Nepal | Best Season for Nepal Yoga Tours

Nepal is a country that promotes healthy hiking boosted by meditation and yoga. With the immense popularity of yoga and meditation, yoga tours in Nepal have been trending among travelers. Most people do have the question regarding when the best time for a yoga trip in Nepal is. The best time for a yoga trip in Nepal can be any time of the year. It is not definite whether you need to go in the summer season or winter season. Yoga Trips in Nepal can be done at any time of the year. You can either come for a yoga tour in winter or in summer. However, it is usually not suggested to come to the yoga tours during the monsoon season. The possibility of looking at the picturesque mountains becomes very less when you are in the monsoon season. Apart from that, if you love traveling during the monsoon season, you can come in the monsoon too. All you need to do is take time out of your busy schedule and come to the land of the Himalayas.

Why Yoga Tours in Nepal | Why Nepal Yoga Tour Packages?

Nepal is a country that is popular all over the world as a land of the Himalayas and rich history. When you land in Nepal, you are likely to understand the ultimate beauty of Nepal. Nepal Yoga Tours are the best tour packages that promote the beauty of Nepal while still making you conscious about your health promoting to perform yoga and meditation. The things you can do during the Nepal Yoga Tours are immense. A person totally gets to feel a different kind of transition before and after joining in the yoga trip in Nepal.

Talk to nature with yoga and understand your inner self. Yoga and Meditation sessions are usually done in the morning and in the evening. Either you start your day off with yoga and then go on a hiking trip, or you can come off from hiking and end the day with a perfect evening yoga session. Having organized yoga trips for the longest time in Nepal, Welcome Nepal Treks provides you with the best instructors of yoga and meditation so that your experience of yoga and meditation becomes the lessons for a lifetime that you will follow every day. All these things directly help to achieve better health. A good health is the base of a good life. You can learn the ways of achieving it while still having fun via the Nepal Tour Package. Also, the Yoga Tour Package cost is quite reasonable. So, you should not think twice if you get this golden opportunity. That’s why, Nepal Yoga Tour Package should be on your travel bucket list for sure.

Best Nepal Yoga Tours for Yoga, Meditation, and Refreshment

Yoga Tours in Nepal have become immensely popular because people are focusing on maintaining their health condition. With the information about various diseases getting cured and controlled via yoga getting circulated on social media, it is no surprise that people are opting for yoga and meditation as a daily ritual. It is a really good thing. Some people actually don’t have the energy to start such a healthy lifestyle. For people who are into traveling and want to do yoga and meditation but can’t really take the first step, the yoga tours in Nepal can become the best way of kicking off your healthy journey in life.

Welcome Nepal Treks brings you a great range of healthy yoga tours that can become the best plan for your next vacation. With the best yoga and meditation instructors, you are all in for an awesome and life-changing experience. Not only yoga and meditation, you also can have a perfect relaxation session in the spa. The things you learn on the trip will be beneficial for you for the rest of your life. Some of the best and most loved yoga tour packages in Nepal are:’

  • 13 Days Special Nepal Yoga and Meditation with wellness and spa
  • 4 Days Nepal Yoga Tour Package
  • 5 Days Nepal Yoga Tour Package
  • 6 Days Nepal Yoga Tour Package
  • 7 Days Nepal Yoga Tour Package
  • 8 Days Nepal Yoga Tour Package
  • 10 Days Nepal Yoga Tour Package

Nepal Yoga Tour Package Price and Cost

The Yoga Tour Packages in Nepal are some of the best tour packages in Nepal that promote traveling along with yoga and meditation. You will be doing yoga and meditation while staying at some of the best hotels. The cost of the Yoga Tour Package also depends on the number of people in the group and also the choice of the services. The average cost of a yoga tour in Nepal generally costs around US$ 400- US$ 800. This cost totally depends on the travel agency and the package you choose. Welcome Nepal Treks provides you a 4 Days Nepal Yoga Tour Package at US$ 400, and 5 Days Nepal Yoga Tour Package at US$ 500. 13 days of Special Nepal Yoga and Meditation with wellness & Spa under Welcome Nepal Treks comes at a price of around US$ 1290. No matter the cost, the fun and the lessons you will learn from the yoga trip will be essential in the journey called life.

All the Nepal Yoga Tour Packages can be the best travel plan for your next vacation. The yoga and meditation practices you have on the trip will be important. You will dive deep into a different world where body, mind, and soul are working together which you can feel with your senses.