Nepal Trekking Guide Service

Nepal trekking Guide Service- A brief journey

Nepal is a beautiful destination for those who are fond of trekking and its adventures. This small yet happening place has beautiful natural beauty all around its suburbs. All the best which nature can offer can be found in Nepal. The snow packed Himalayan Mountains, the rivers and the countryside are breathtaking. The beautiful Mt. Everest can also be seen here and can be an adventure to trek. However when you are trekking for the first time you should hire a renowned and reliable Nepal Trekking guide. A good trekking guide will not only reduce the risk of trekking alone but also he will give you ideas on what all you will be requiring during trekking. The best way to experience a wonderful trekking is to carry a guide along with you.

Although the trekking in Nepal goes all around the year but few months are ideal and few months can be risky for trekking. The best months of the year are October, November and from February to April. When you choose the ideal time to trek in Nepal, you can enjoy the most beautiful views. The risk is also minimized during these months. However if you still want to be on the safest side, you can hire a Nepal Trekking guide who will guide all the way long. When you are planning to visit Nepal for fun and adventure, you will certainly need place to halt for a while. There are accommodations available for staying for a while if you lack the props for camping. It is advice that camping on various places can make your trekking more happening.

Even if you are trekking for the first time, there shouldn’t be anything which you miss out and later because of that your entire trekking fun is spoiled. Don’t let such things happen. Carefully prepare a list of everything which you would need there. The temperature is low so you should take woolens, comfortable clothes, shoes (preferably long boots) and other accessories. There is no point of bringing unnecessary fashionable clothes here if you are dedicatedly coming for trekking. When you start your trekking the things which you should have with you includes: hat, sunscreen lotion, water supplies, first aid box, sunglasses, gloves, urination bottle and trekking poles. The other important things to take along can be discussed with the Nepal trekking guide.

Lastly if you are trekking, here are always chances of different kinds of risks. Hence it is advice that trekking should be done in groups.