Nepal Tour Guide Service

Make your Nepal Tour exciting with Nepal Tour Guide

Nepal is beautiful place to visit; tour to Nepal can be adventurous and exciting. While touring in Nepal, you can be in a remote area which is far from the main city and you can be away from the help if any problem occurs. However if you choose the right Nepal tour guide, there shall be no problem at all. So choose your guide carefully and don’t let you trip ruin due to a wrong choice.

Life is full of uncertainties and there can be any kind of last minute changes in your entire planning of the trip. There can be any sort of emergency, illness of any family member or any other natural calamitys. When anything goes wrong at the end moment the biggest thing to worry about is the amount that you’ve paid to the Nepal tour organizing companies that won’t be refunded. Luckily there are some companies and trip organizers which won’t cost you even a penny until you arrive in Nepal. Look for such companies. This will provide you peace of mind and freedom.

Nepal tour can be synonymous with adventure when you know exactly what all can be explored here. A good Nepal tour guide can help you explore all the adventures and exciting spots of Nepal. Mostly people visit Nepal for trekking; the snow packed Himalayas are exciting place to trek. The rivers running by the Himalayas are ideal for river rafting. Nepal has much more to offer than just trekking and rafting. The country’s lower region also offers wild life safaris, which are amazing but often missed by the tourist. The cultural tour of Nepal is equally amazing and is breath taking at some points. When you plan a tour to Nepal you are ask for these from your Nepal Tour guide or operator.

You might also find some tour operators in Nepal who are not having the permanent local staff of Nepal. They are operating from some other countries and hire people on ad hock basis who serve the tourists as guide. The tour packages offered by these companies are attractive but if you are planning your tour through them you should enquire thoroughly because your safety is in your hands.

When you are planning Nepal tour, find out what type of accommodations is being offered to you. There are all types of accommodations available in Nepal; from dirty low level accommodation to luxury five-star hotels. You should also enquire about food; which type of food is being offered and from where? The food should be fresh and good in taste. If there any kind of problem in food, it can spoil the entire trip.

Before paying even a penny you should discuss all the above points with your tour package operator and most importantly who is going to be your Nepal tour Guide. Don’t forget to check his past records.