Nepal Tour Packages

Nepal Tour Packages With Itinerary, Best Prices For 2022,2023

Is it accurate to say that you are making arrangements for occasion comprises of sorted out visit for enterprise, culture, relaxation, nature and wild? Welcome Nepal Treks has it all Nepal tour package. Welcome Nepal Treks is satisfied to declare that we have boundless bundles to serve you as per your prerequisites for Nepal Tour. Nepal Tour Package is the best and diversified holiday package which includes architectural landmarks, ancient palaces and temples. Moreover, tour package will take tourists to iconic place like birth place of Lord Buddha. The choices of Nepal tour are varied. Themes of traveling in Nepal are based in adventure tours package, heritage tour package, pilgrimage tour package, family tour package, honeymoon tour package, meditation & yoga tour package, leisure tours and educational tour package, Special Nepal trekking tour package. Welcome Nepal Treks always strives to provide sumptuous and hassle free touring packages at the most competitive price range.

Nepal is regularly mixed up as the Trekking and Expedition heaven. In any case, there are various visiting goals in Nepal. The broadened attractions in Nepal involving the Natural assets and the Cultural legacies make Nepal the best occasion goal. Nepal Tour should be possible alone, with loved ones. The multi ethnic, multi refined and normally Nepal would give you the alternate point of view in carrying on with the life. Aside from the standard trekking and climbing along the mountain ranges, Nepal comprises of delightful urban areas with differed significance. In some city of Nepal the entire city includes the sanctuaries and royal residences while some other city involves the Jungles and Lakes. The uproar of the urban culture can be felt while the touch of country home stay can likewise be relished. Whichever the explanation for your voyaging Nepal Tour Package will satisfies all.  

The major visiting exercises round the globe which are well known are Paragliding, Historical Heritage destinations strolling, Temples, and Pagodas, Deepest Gorge, Lakes, Forests, Rafting, Bungy Jumping, Zip Flying, Ultra Flight, Sunrise Sunset perspectives, Volunteering, buckle investigation, waterfalls, Home Stay, Meditation, Authentic Cultural Shows and Educational Research locales. These exercises can be done via Nepal Tour Package. From Casino to the primitive remote zones, from noise of Thamel to the quietness of Ghale Gaun and from Trishuli River Rafting to Sarangkot Paragliding, Nepal has what it takes to be the best visiting goal. Moreover, Nepal visit can be accessible in the focused costs too. In the distinction of hours of voyaging you could witness the climatic and land changes. These amazing components are sitting tight for you.

Appreciate the snapshot of your life and book with us for Nepal Tour Package consisting of legacy visit, recorded visit, home stay visit, enterprise visit or instructive visit. Welcome Nepal Treks serves you with the best moderate bundles at competitive price. 

Highlights Of Nepal Tour Packages With Itinerary, Best Prices For 2022,2023  

  • Sightseeing tour of Kathmandu Valley
  • Visiting the birthplace of Gautam Buddha- Lumbini
  • Exploring the lovely Pokhara City
  • Passing through the lush forests
  • Experiencing the wonderful wildlife of Nepal
  • Facing the wonderful dreamy beauty of mountains

Best Season for Nepal Tour Packages | Best Time for Nepal Tour

The foremost question every traveler has before going on a trip to Nepal is that “When is the best time for a Nepal Tour?” With every traveler having different likings, the tours are also on different routes and places. So, every tour has a different time when they can have the best time.

Looking at a broader picture, the best time for most of the Nepal Tours are during the months of September, October, and November. It is the time when the climate is stable and the temperature is moderate. The monsoon bids farewell already and there is no snowfall during this time. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t visit Nepal during other months. It’s just that the climate is very pleasant during this time, and you can enjoy your time to the fullest. Another great time for a trekking tour in Nepal is during April-May i.e. spring season. You don’t have to deal with extreme temperature and slippery trails giving you the best opportunity for making your tour memorable and amazing.

Not only this, a famous pilgrim tour in Nepal is Lumbini Tour Package. Even though it is around the Terai region it is very hot and humid. The best time for a Lumbini Tour is during May-June. It is the time when Buddha Jayanti is celebrated. Buddha Jayanti is a big festival among Buddhists as it is the birthday of Gautam Buddha- the Messenger of Peace and the Light of Asia. Most travelers avoid traveling to Nepal during the monsoon season. However, there are some travelers who like traveling during monsoon season as it gives them that extra adventurous vibe.

Best Nepal tour packages | Best Selling Nepal Family Holiday Tour Packages

Nepal Tour Packages are the most popular tour packages around the world. With Nepal being a trekkers’ paradise and a lovely historical and cultural heritage, it is popular all over the world as a must visit place. You get a variety of tour packages to choose from with a different specialty. For instance, Kathmandu Valley Tour is all about exploring the culture, history, and lifestyle of Kathmandu and its people. Meanwhile, Lumbini Tour is about exploring the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, his childhood, and famous monuments that have a big importance in Buddhism.

All the best-selling Nepal Tour Packages are too amazing and you must come to at least one tour package and have a time of your life. Following are the best Nepal tour packages that are also popular as Nepal Tour Package for Couples and Families.

  • Kathmandu Tour Package
  • Pokhara Chitwan Tour
  • Lumbini Tour Package
  • Nagarkot Tour Package
  • Nepal Adventure Tour Package
  • Nepal Honeymoon Tour Package
  • Muktinath Tour Package
  • Kathmandu-Pokhara-Chitwan Tour Package

For some travelers who are time-bound and want to complete the Nepal tour on a limited budget, there are various options of Nepal Budget Tour Packages and 3 days, 4 days tour packages. All the tour packages are great and are worth your time and money. Some of the popular budget tour packages and time-bound tour packages that are popular and worth it are as follows:-

  • 3 Nights 4 Days Nepal Tour Package
  • 4 Nights 5 Days Nepal Tour Package
  • Nepal Budget Tour Package
  • 3 Nights 4 Days Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour
  • Bandipur Tour Package
  • 4 Days Nepal Culture Tour

Nepal Tour Package for Couple and Family

As Nepal Tour Packages are all about exploring the wonderful places of Nepal that have a lot to showcase to you. You will experience the amazing wildlife, mountains, culture, and history of Nepal. The tours are easily accessible and do not demand a high-level physical ability. So, a person can complete the trip with his family members and have ultimate fun too. With jungle safari trips being so popular, children will also love the experience. That’s why Nepal Tour Packages are popular for family trips. Not only are this, couples love an amazing together time after the marriage, and Nepal Tour Packages the best for couple trips too. Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour, Bardiya National Park Tour, and Lumbini Tour Packages are the best family Nepal Tour Packages. Pokhara Trip and Kathmandu Valley Trip are popular couple tour packages in Nepal.

Accommodation during Nepal Tour Package

During tours in Nepal, the travelers will stay in 3-star hotels as booked by the travel agency. You will get the best accommodation and have amazing food coming out from different cuisines in the world. The hotel you are staying in depends on which tour you are going to. There will be a difference in the hotel facilities in different cities. The hotels you will be staying in in Pokhara and Kathmandu will have a diverse and broader range of facilities than the hotels in Bardiya. There will be cozy accommodation, 24 hours water facility, Wifi, and a great atmosphere.

Food on Nepal Tour Packages

About the food in the Nepal Tours, you will have some amazing dishes from different cuisines. The most popular food you will have on any Nepal Tour will be Dal-Bhat (a famous Nepali dish). You will have other options too. For breakfast, most hotels serve bread, eggs, sausages, mushroom, noodles, and tea. You can order the dish as per your wish. The time you have having different food items staying at some of the best hotels in Nepal will be great by all means.

Drinking-Water during Nepal Tour Package

During Nepal Tours, the drinking water you will have will mostly be packaged bottled drinking water. You can buy sealed plastic drinking water bottles. These are the best options for drinking water when you are traveling. When you are in hotels, you can ask them for boiled drinking water too. If you only have hot water, then you can carry hot water in a thermos during traveling as well.

Packing List for Nepal Tour Package| What to take on Nepal Tour?

Nepal Tour Packages are one of the best ways to have a memorable time and a lifetime experience. To make your time memorable for all the good reasons, there are certain things you should have on your tour package list. So, what to really take with you on Nepal Tour? The Nepal Tour Package Packing List is as follows:-

  • Sunscreen cream and Sunglasses
  • Backpack
  • T-shirts
  • Socks
  • Batteries and Powerbanks
  • Cameras and Mobile phones
  • Comfortable shoes
  • 3-4 pairs of socks
  • Jackets
  • Water purifying tablets

Laundry Services during Nepal Tours

During Nepal Tours, you are most likely to stay in hotels for the most part of your trip. So, the laundry services will be provided to you via the hotels. You can give your dirty clothes to the hotel staff and they will do the laundry for you. It is not a big task to worry about. You can also instruct the hotel staff on how to wash some clothes that can’t be washed together with other clothes.

Nepal Tour Package Cost | Nepal Tour Price for Nepali

The best traveling packages come at a cost. And most travelers want to travel to Nepal on a limited budget. It’s because they want to use the saved money for other purposes too. “What is the price of a Nepal Tour?” is one of the most trending questions in the traveling paradigm.

The Nepal Tour Package Cost depends on the place you are traveling to and also the itinerary including the hotels you are staying in. A tour in Nepal normally costs around US$ 200- US$ 1000. The Nepal Tour Price for Nepali is also the same. The only difference comes while you are paying for any travel permits or entry permits that demand a higher sum of money for foreigners as compared to Nepalese people.

Some of the best Nepal Tour Packages along with their cost and days of travel are as follows:-

Name of Tour Package                               Days of traveling                    Tour Cost (US$)

  1. Pokhara Chitwan Tour                            8                                              650
  2. Kathmandu Pokhara Tour                      6                                               550 
  3. Nepal Culture Tour                                 4                                               320
  4. Nepal Honeymoon Tour                        10                                              800
  5. Nepal Adventure Tour                            9                                               750
  6. Kathmandu Chitwan Tour                      6                                                550
  7. Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour                    4                                                250
  8. Kathmandu Tour Package                     4                                                 200
  9. Chitwan Tour Package                           3                                                170
  10. Mountain Flight in Nepal                        1                                                120
  11. Lumbini Tour Package                           3                                                 250
  12. Bardiya Jungle Safari Tour                    4                                                  700
  13. Muktinath Tour Package                        6                                                  150
  14. Pokhara Tour Package                          3                                                  100

Personal Expenses in Nepal Tour Packages

The tour cost mentioned above is an estimated tour price you have to pay to the travel agency. There are also group discounts and loyalty discounts for travelers. However, about the personal expenses in the Nepal Tour Packages, it depends from person to person. You can put around $100 for the personal expenses. You may do shopping or need some money to give as a tip. The least you can take is around $100 with a maximum as per your wish and capacity.

How to prepare for Nepal Tours?

Tours in Nepal are not hard like the treks in Nepal. So, preparing for Nepal Tours is not a big deal. You can get prepared for your next tour in Nepal. The first thing you can do is to research about the places you will be visiting. You can choose your outfits according to the location and weather. Another next thing to always care about the tour is to find out the best eating places in that place. So, when you are there you can have a great meal out there. Other things include making the packing list for the tour so that you don’t miss any important equipments in the tour.

Where to book your next Nepal Tour Package?

Nepal Tour Packages are some of the best tour packages in the world. You will get a diverse range of activities and places to visit. There are various agencies from where you can book your next trip to Nepal. Out of all those agencies, Welcome Nepal Treks is the #1 choice. You get so many amazing facilities and offers from the very experienced tour planners.

Having been in the travel industry for so long, they know the customers inside out and make the itinerary that is the best for the travelers. You don’t want your travel experience to Nepal becomes lame, Right? The only way you can avoid that is by booking your next Nepal Tour Package through Welcome Nepal Treks. 

Why Nepal Tour Packages?

Nepal is the cloud nine of nature, history, and culture all embedded into one country. The best experience in Nepal comes form the best tour packages in Nepal. So, why Nepal Tour Packages? Let’s dive deep into the reasons why tour packages in Nepal are popular and well-suited for every traveler.

Nepal is a home to eight of the fourteen eight-thousander mountains.

Nepal is a hub of the tours and treks that are best for every traveler who have or don’t have a previous tour experience.

Not only about tours in cities, you are also open for trekking in two of the best trekking trails in the world- Annapurna Trek and Everest Base Camp Trek.

Being the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, every Buddhist pilgrim has a dream to visit this holy place at least once in life. It is possible via the Lumbini Tour Package.

Nepal Tour Packages are also popular as tour packages for couple, family and children.

Nepal Tour Package FAQs

What should I avoid doing in Nepal?

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in the world. The experience of traveling in Nepal teaches you so many things in life. You won’t forget the time you had in Nepal for a lifetime. There are various do’s and don’ts in Nepal that you should follow. Following are the things you should always avoid doing in Nepal.

  • Do not walk inside temples wearing shoes
  • Avoid eating street food
  • Don’t drink water from everywhere
  • Always have a phone with yourself
  • Don’t give your full details to everyone you meet
  • Do not carry equipment with no labels
  • Avoid people coming at you continuously while you are in public places

What should I wear in Nepal?

Nepal is a country with moderate climate. In most parts of Nepal during summer and spring, you can just wear normal shorts and T-shirts, you are good to go. However, while trekking, you should wear top-quality trekking shorts, t-shirts, and comfortable shoes. When you are in Terai, you need to wear sunglasses and also put sunscreen cream.

How safe is Nepal?

Nepal is a very safe country to visit. There is a very low rate of serious crimes like terrorism and gunfights. However, you need to take proper care of pick-pockets and bag-snatchers while you are walking on the streets especially in Thamel and Ason. Other than that, Nepal is a safe country with friendly people. You will always remember your time in Nepal even after ages.

What is the best currency to spend in Nepal?

Nepal accepts all sorts of currency. You can spend your native currency here in Nepal. But, Nepalese Rupees is the best currency choice to spend in Nepal. As you need to calculate the exchange rate and cost at every shop which becomes a very tedious job. So, it is the best to exchange currency at money-exchanges.

Are there money exchanges everywhere in Nepal?

Exhaging foreign currency is very important while spending here in Nepal. About the money-exchanges in Nepal, you don’t get money-exchanges everywhere. They are mostly located at main cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and other cities. You can’t expect a money-exchange while you are walking on a trekking trail.

Do I need to have travel medical  insurance while traveling to Nepal?

Travel medical insurance is not mandatory while you are traveling to Nepal. However, getting an insurance is always better. It gives you the secured feeling and you can travel Nepal with a happy mind.

Is tipping mandatory during a tour in Nepal?

Tipping is basically rewarding other person’s good deed with gifts or money. While traveling in Nepal, you will get to eat in various restaurants, travel on various vehicles, and meet many new people. Tipping is not mandatory in Nepal. But, rewarding other person’s great service or deed is always a positive thing. You can tip them any amount of money or with a gift. It wil motivate them even more to give the best service to the guests who are visiting Nepal so that they will always come to visit the beautiful country of Everest.

All in all, Nepal Tour Packages are the ways you can have fun to the fullest and have an amazing time. Life is all about balancing the work and fun. What’s better than giving your life a spice of fun and joy via the Nepal Tour Package that too with Welcome Nepal Treks? You need to make your life full of colors and your next tour to Nepal adds a drop of color to your life and you will always remember it for the rest of your life