How difficult is Everest Base Camp Trek

How difficult is Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek gives individuals with the opportunity to view the scenic beauties of mountain peaks present in the Himalayan region, along with the excellent views of the almighty Mount Everest. The best thing about EBC trek is that it does not require any technical climbing skill and is of huge significance to experience long hike. Hence, we strongly believe that almost every individual with strong determination and a basic level of fitness may go for this trek route and achieve success in it.

Until now, almost every individual, whether he is underweight, overweight, young or old may be able to experience this trek and gain enjoyment from it thoroughly. Only individuals have to consider a few crucial factors before choosing a trekking route to the Everest Base Camp. These include training of individuals, altitude and length, all of which help in determining whether EBC trek is the right option for you or not.

Training to Perform the Trek

Since the trek involves passing through a hilly region at high altitude, we solely believe that with some basic training, almost every weekend mat tackle the trek to Mount Everest Base Camp. You will find a few days relatively easy to perform trek, but you have to be prepare fully to deal with the tough ones. This means, you should essentially setup a training plan at least before 6 weeks of beginning your trek.

Training to perform mountain trek will make you physically strong and create your strength before you should move ahead to make your trek an enjoyable one. Training plan in this case should essentially include long walks in a week, strength training in any fitness center or a gym, some sort of aerobic exercises and similar others directed towards creating your body fitness to travel long distance.

Length of the Trek

Once you make your journey via local flight to Lukla, you may start with your trek to the Everest Base Camp by following a round trip of 130km i.e. only trek of 65km. In general, 65km is not a difficult trek even for any novice trekker, particularly when an individual walks with an average speed equal to 5km/hour. The walking in this case becomes even easy when you opt to hire porters to carry out your large bags. Moreover, despite the trek does not appear as a lengthy one, terrain in this case may be of rocky, steep, slow moving and snowy and icy depending solely on any particular season.

Altitude of the Trek

Altitude is obviously a difficult aspect associated with EBC trek and it makes relatively easy trekking length. However, every individual wants to go for this trek should make sure to consider a serious health condition i.e. Acute Mountain Sickness. In fact, one should never underestimate or take this problem lightly, especially while trekking across high altitude as mentioned here.

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